FREE John Frieda Frizz Ease Mousse with Coupon

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If you got that great new regional coupon for $3/2 Any John Frieda Products in your 02-10-13 SS (x4/10), the only exclusion on it is for items that are 1.5 oz or smaller. Emily let me know that she found the John Frieda Frizz Ease Mousse in the travel section at her Target store for $1.47, and it is a 2 oz size, which means if you go this coupon you can grab 2 for FREE! -Thanks Emily!

*NOTE- If you do not get this coupon in your SS insert- I do see quite a few auctions (at the moment anyway) for this Coupon when I did a search on ebay.

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  1. the other Renee…I agree…as soon as the news hits about the deals…everyone rushes out. I too have tried for two weeks now to get the bounce deal…stores are cleared out. There are pluses and minuses to the blog world I think.

  2. Different Renee 🙂 It seems like once these deals make it online people bust butt to run and wipe out the store. I’ve gone 4 times to 2 Targets this week for the Bounce deal and there have been NONE all week. So I looked for these and there was ONE lonely mousse sitting in the basket! Luckily one of my local grocery stores carries a ton of travel/trial items and had plenty of the hairspray and mousse this morning. I’m not complaining, just commenting on how when a deal makes something free it’s nearly impossible to find.

  3. My target would only let me use 4 of the coupons so I went to Walmart n grab the hairspray

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