New B1G1 FREE Coffee-Mate Creamer Coupon!

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Hurry & grab a nice new coupon while it lasts for B1G1 FREE Nestlé® Coffee-Mate® Liquid Creamer, 16oz or larger up to $3.99.(Excludes Natural Bliss). Target sells the Coffee-Mate for around $1.99 regular price, so around $1 each after this coupon. But we do see sales & price cuts pretty often.

You may want to check your binders too- there was a recent $1/2 Nestle Coffee-mate Creamers Target Coupon that is no longer available to print, but should be valid thru 3/16 if you have it. You can Buy 4, use two B1G1 coupons, and a $1/2 Target coupon to pay $2.98 for 4 after coupons.

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  1. I was only able to get one print from coupon network, and now I am trying to get it to print from target and nothing it is saying I already printed it and I didnt. I can usually get two prints from coupon network, I dont know what is going on, but that stinks.

  2. Just did the coupon deal at Target and the creamers were priced at 1.99 each. Instead of taking 1.99 off the total they took 3.99 off, so this was a very good deal. Got both of them free!!!!

  3. Too different computers and two different locations. Can’t print anything with a Catalina printer involved which is coupon network and target. One locale which has dial up internet access just puts me in a loop saying I have already printed the maximum or there is a problem with the printer even though it says the catalina printer installed. The other on broadband says it detected a printer error … printer is low on toner – even though the printer doesn’t have that flagged. Now I can still print from just fine either place. I used to be able to print anything I wanted anyplace until the new catalina printer came up. Is there anywhere we can complain loudly about this?

  4. I have removed and reinstalled, tried Chrome, nothing works for me, I have posted on Target fb page, coupon network fb page and emailed coupon network. No help yet.

  5. I went to my local target and did this deal. The coupon says “up to 3.99”, and this might caused an issue with other coupons that I used in same transaction. I calculated every purchases and found that they deducted $1.99 but my receipt(at the bottom) said that deducted $3.99. Other 2 coupons ( which were $4 and $2 coupons) were not deducted, although my cashier took them all….. and they didn’t beep or rejected.
    What to do if I don’t get my coupons value? Has anyone experienced same issue?

  6. yes you can freeze the creamer, just put it in the fridge about a day or so before you will need it though… it tastes just fine after its been frozen. ive had like 12 of them frozen at once and am finally down to a few.

  7. This told me to redownload the coupon printer and now it’s crashing my browser. Suggestions?

  8. I thought I am the only one havig problems with thie printing of coupons on this site. I just don’t know where to ask this…Can somebody please help me to setup the printer for and These 2 sites are printing my coupons in color while other sites are in gray scale. By the way, my printer is already set to print in gray scale. These 2 sites uses catalina printers so I was just wondering if there’s like a setting that I’m missing. Is it just me or that’s the way it is?! Please help. I was just trying to save ink…Thank you!

  9. I checked coupon network site. Lots of complaints there on this issue. It worked yesterday for me after I installed the new program. This is terrible!

  10. Same here Im so mad I just wrote them. I have plenty of ink. these dang smart printers and computers, argghhhh.

  11. I can’t print any Catalina coupons, it tells me I am low on toner. Really pissing me off!!!

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