High-Value $3.50/1 Arm & Hammer Cat Litter & Deals

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arm-hammer-high-value-couponRight now, you can grab some nice high-value Arm & Hammer Cat Litter coupons on Facebook and they print with a nice long expiration date of 12/31/13!

You can either print the $1.50/1 coupon now or if you choose to share it with three friends, then the value is increased to $3.50/1! That is one BIG coupon! 🙂 We also have a -$1/1 Arm & Hammer cat litter Target Coupon x3/30 to stack with it too get up to $4.50 off any Arm & Hammer Cat Litter!

The Arm & Hammer Essentials 10.5 lb bags sell for $8.69 regular price, so  as low as $4.19 after this stack.

But keep an eye out at your stores for possible clearance on the 28 lb value size boxes of Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Litter. Emily found them for 15% Off at her store down to $9.34- so as low as $4.84 after a stack- or even better if you find a bigger discount to start with! Even if you don’t find them on clearance at your store, they are regularly $10.99, so only $6.49 after stack.

-Thanks fo rthe heads up on the coupon, stack & clearance and for the picture to Emily!

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  1. It’s only one print, but after you’ve printed the $3.50 you can go back and print the $1.50 off too. I know it’s not as much but it’s higher than the $1 off one that we usually see.

  2. i tried the installing, uninstalling, enable not enable java, nothing worked until i used firefox. It worked same thing for the high value alexia coupon!

  3. Hi all there is also a $4.00 rebate it you buy 2- 20lbs or larger at this site inmarrebates.com/ahlitter/ I had a peelie on my box so another 2.00 off per box makes it a very good deal!!

  4. Christine I don’t think it is valid for that, because the deodorizer isn’t litter. It’s something that you put IN litter. If it said ‘Arm & Hammer Cat Product’ or something like that then yes, but if it says ‘Arm & Hammer Litter’ then I would say that’s pretty specific to the actual litter itself. That’s not to say that it won’t go through or get pushed through, but IMHO that wouldn’t be a valid use of the coupon.

  5. OK… correct me if im wrong, but i think you can also use these coupons on arm and hammer cat litter deodorizer which is reg. priced at 2.14 each … I don’t it excluding it anywhere on the coupon. It says $3.50 on any arm and hammer cat litter! I’ll check it out tomorrow and will let everyone know about the results.

  6. Here are some tips that I have used to fix my SS and RP coupon printing issues in Windows (using Mozilla Firefox as my web browser).
    1. Make sure your Windows Operating System is up to date (go to your control panel and update, if necessary). You may need to restart your computer for the updates to install properly.
    2. Make sure your Java is up-to-date AND enabled in your web browser. Go to http://www.java.com and click on “Do I Have Java”. This will tell you what version you currently have installed and/or if you need an update.
    3. When you go to print the coupon, if you see a little red lego block to the left of the URL, then this plugin is currently disabled. Note: These plugins have to be activated in order for you to print from SS and RP coupons. To enable the plugin, you need to click on the red lego block and it bring up a window which notifies you that “some plugins have been deactivated for your safety”. To activate this plugin, click on the activate button (lower right hand corner) and select “Always activate plugins for this site”. It will then bring up the “normal steps” of a first installation for SS (or RP). Note: you will have to do this for each site you visit for SS and RP coupons.

    You can always try switching browsers…I personally prefer Firefox and once I performed these above steps, I have been able to print both SS and RP coupons without any issues. HTH!

  7. Alexia, I have issues with java on firefox so I went onto internet e and it works to print. You might want to try that.

  8. yes… try uninstalling and reinstalling java. I am now having issues printing Target coupons too… boo 🙁

  9. Is anyone has any issue with the smartsource coupon?? I have the logo appearing, and it tells me i have to enable java, but when i do what they say, my java is already enable!! Does anybody knows what to do?!!

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