Stouffer’s Family Size Meals as Low as $2.40 at Target

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There’s a new unadvertised offer for a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 3 Select Stouffers Family Size Entrees thru 3/30. Prices on Stouffers vary quite a bit by region– I know many of you have these same meals priced in the $6 & $7 range, so please keep that in mind, but if you have the lower price, there  is a stack and some high-value coupons available for a nice deal…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 3 Stouffers Family Size Entrees 30-40 oz (PSA $5.99) =$17.97
-$1.25/1 Stouffer’s family-size frozen entrèe 30-oz./larger Target Coupon x4/1
-$4.50 (use three $1.50/1 Stouffer’s Family, Lg Family or Party Size 25-96oz 3-10 SS x5/31
= $12.22 – $5 Gift Card Back for buying 2 thru 3/30
= $7.22 for 3 or $2.40 each after coupons & Gift Card

*Note- There is also a –$1.50/1 Stouffer’s Multi Serve Entree 25-96 oz on Facebook that you can print twice. If you have already printed this coupon- please note it will not show up for you!

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  1. Lydia- How did you price match and use a TQ? I always get a big negatory as they consider their TQ their sale price. They all give me the same party line, so it’s a no go.

  2. I had an awesome shopping trip at Target yesterday – $5.46 for almost $42 worth of groceries! I paid $15.46 with a Target gift card I received with my Visa rewards and received $10 back in GC so $5.46.
    I wanted to get the John Freida Mousse, but my store only had one left.

    Price Coupon Target OOP

    Stouffer’s Lasagna (price match) 5.99 1.50 1.25 3.24 $5 GC
    Stouffer’s Lasagna (price match) 5.99 1.50 1.25 3.24
    Stouffer’s Mac & Cheese 5.44 1.50 1.25 2.69
    NeliMed Dry Noses 6.99 5.00 — 1.99 $5 GC
    NeliMed Dry Noses 6.99 5.00 — 1.99
    Lean Cuisine Salad Editions 2.39 1.00 1.00/2 .39
    Lean Cusine Salad Editions 2.39 1.00 — 1.39
    Fresh Express Salad (free wyb 2)* 2.99 .55 2.99* .55c
    Campbells Go Soup 2.49 1.00 1.00 .49
    —— —— —— ——
    41.66 – 18.05 – 8.74 = 14.87
    + .69 tax
    – .10 bags

  3. I went and did this deal yesterday. I used 3 Target coupons and 3 of the printable ones. They didnt even bat an eye at it and all the coupons scanned correctly. So after the gift card I only paid about $1.50 each! Thanks Totally Target!

  4. It is crazy to me that some Targets have these for under $5! I went and looked at this deal today and each meal was almost $8!

  5. @Cris I have a Super Target and a regular target about 1.5 miles apart that have DRASTICALLY different prices. I never even knew until last week. It makes me so mad. But now I know and get health and beauty items cheaper by 5-7% at the regular Target. Not surprisingly they often have stock/clearance when the Super Target is out of stock

  6. I have 2 free product coupons for stouffers. Can I use 2 free product coupons, $1.50/1, and (2) $1.25/1 target coupons? Or can I not combine the free product manu coupon and the target coupon?

  7. My prices will probably vary too Pam. Haven’t checked on this deal yet but when they had the free veggie offer they varied from 5.99-7.24 between stores 30 min apart. So wierd to me that stores that close can have such different prices.

  8. yup! 🙁 that’s why I am always sure to note it in the post. Actually bolded it this time too. It’s just one of those items that seems to have such a wide price range.

  9. I have never had a problem with my Target taking more than one of the same Target coupon. As long as I buy the same amount of items as the coupon they are fine with it, and they dont beep or anything. I will try it, the worst they could say is no. It makes me wonder if the wording is to mean only one Target coupon per item?

  10. Hey Elizabeth- all deal published on TT follow the wording on the terms of any coupon be it MQ or TQ. As you stated, the terms of this Target coupon are “one coupon or offer per guest” so that is how I laid out the deal. hth!

  11. The coupon IS still available on the Stouffer’s website if you have not printed it yet!

  12. My store doesn’t give me a hard time about using more than one Target coupon. Is that why it only says to use 1 of the $1.25 Target coupons? I know it is stated on the coupon “one coupon or offer per guest” but I guess my store may just be lenient?

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