Cabbage Patch Cuties Just $6 at Target Starts 3/24

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cabbage-patch-cutiesIf you missed my post the other day- there is a $2.00 off any ONE Cabbage Patch Kids Cuties coupon now available to print. Starting on 3/24 – Target will have Cabbage Patch Cuties on sale for $8 each, so grab your $2/1 coupon to make them just $6 each, regularly $9.99! They come in quite a few different super-cute outfits too.

You can check out the rest of the Sneak Peek of the Target Ad with coupon matchups on my post HERE!

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  1. Sarah, I have never had a problem with price adjustments at Target even when I’ve used a coupon of any sort on that purchase, I’ve even gone in for the gift card offered in the new ad and received it. Make friends with your store manager and a few of the checkers, (I have my fave day, night and weekend ones), it really helps when you have that established familiarity. KNOW their policy by heart, many of the employees don’t, they guess. (My cousin told me that, she’s worked in HR at Target for years.) If in doubt ask to see it posted or in writing, better yet print it out from Kerry’s link above and carry it with you.

  2. Lindsay the FP coupons will do that and come up as invalid. You have to have them cover one or the other of the barcodes COMPLETELY and then scan it. It worked for me the last time these were out, and the coupons DID scan that way (but when they just scanned it normally without covering one of the barcodes, it did say it was invalid). I hope that will work this time, it’s worth a try anyway!

  3. Kerry do you think there is a chance that these will be clearanced down after Easter with other “holiday” toys?

  4. My target was so nice on a price adjustment on an X-Box I bought before a sale and $20.00 gift card. The gave me the difference and the gift card , No Hassle at all

  5. Does eBay or any coupon sites ever sell printed coupons? My printer is broken, and I have not been able to fix it or buy a new one yet.

  6. I was tempted to do the deal this week but thought that since I’m on a tight budget, I couldn’t. I’m super ecstatic that it’s going to be on sale this weekend. They’re super cute and would make a great addition to the Shoebox Operations I’ve been preparing since this year.

  7. I have bought stuff with coupons and returned…. Buying another one with better coupons or at a better price….. Just to avoid the price match trouble. I hate having to explain myself…. Coupons are offered and I want the best deal— duh! Lol

  8. oh my gosh Lindsay- it sounds like he just makes up stuff as he goes along. If there is another Team lead you can talk to about your issues I would try.

  9. I always have problems at Target with price adjustments/price matching and using coupons. It almost isn’t worth the hassle in my opinion. I even pull out their policy and one of the managers told me that is completely separate from them and they have their own policies. I was trying to use the stride to ride puppy toy coupon and price match to, they finally agreed to accept it and scanned the coupon and it came up invalid. The manager told me that had flagged it as invalid since so many people had used the coupon. They said that does that a lot, even though they let you print the coupon they will inactivate it if too many people have used it. Has anyone else heard this?

  10. Hey Sarah- it is an issue if it’s a Target coupon.
    But an MQ, which is what this is, should be a non-issue. It is a form of payment.

  11. Yay, I had one in my hand today, but put it back. I will have to go back on Sunday for a few now.
    I have tried to do a price adjustment on an item before (like from Sat to new Sun ad) and since I used a coupon on it, they say they can’t do adjustment. Anyone else have that problem?

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