FP Stride-to-Ride Puppy only $14.99 with Price Match

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UPDATE: Well it looks like we lost our manufacturer’s coupons now plus the price has gone back up on Amazon. 🙁 Hopefully some of you were able to grab this deal while it lasted.

If you have not been able to grab a deal yet on the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Stride-to-Ride Puppy Ride-On toy that regularly sells for $44.99 at Target, you can grab it for just $14.99 after Price Match. Right now Amazon.com has it listed for $24.99, and you can price match it at Target and use a $10/1 Stride-to-Ride Puppy manufacturer’s coupon to get it for just $14.99 after coupon and price match.

To price match, bring your item & coupon up to Guest Services and show them the price on your phone, however they will likely verify on their own device. If you have any trouble their complete policy can be found HERE which clearly states that you can use a manufacturer’s coupon when Price Matching.

A NOTE REGARDING PRICE MATCHING & TARGET COUPONS: There seems to be some confusion lately regarding the Target Corporate Low Price Promise policy which can be found HERE, specifically the use of Target Coupons. I am the first one to agree that the way the policy is written regarding using Target coupons on a price match is horrible- and should simply say No Target Coupons on a price match. But instead, the policy states that Target Coupons are to be used BEFORE a price match is made, not after. While the wording may be a little confusing, it is essentially saying the same thing.

It means the same thing no matter how you slice it- no Target coupons on a price match. No matter how they try and dress up that no, it is still a no, and it is published for all to see. So in keeping with their policy, please understand that is why all deals posted on TT will follow these terms.

-Thanks for the heads up on the Amazon price to Janae of Keeping Cents!

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  1. Just price matched target.com price of $39.10 and used the manuf and target coupon to get it for $19.10.

  2. Tell me about it Debbie. I was just planning my trip to target. Kmart.com has it for 24.99 but I’m in DFW and we do not have a Kmart near by so Target will not price match. Boo!

  3. For those of you having problems with the invalid screen popping up…The cashier needs to cover the short barcode and scan the long barcode only…It will go through without any issues. Same thing happens all the time with FP coupons. HTH.

  4. I had an issue with my local target with the table coupons and the dog coupons because they said my manufacturer coupons were invalid, so I looked them up on verifi.com and showed them they were valid but they still wouldnt take them.

  5. Thank you for letting me know about this awesome deal! Lucky I saved the coupon and got one tonight for $17 including tax!!!

  6. Kerry – I just want to thank you for your integrity in making sure we readers know what the policy says- I get perturbed when employees don’t know TQ policy and I have to defend myself. So it’s nice to know the facts and feel confident that what I am doing is ethical and in line with what is published!

  7. I called my local Target and they have one. I spoke to guest services and they say you can use a manufacturer and Target coupon on top if the price match. He said he has already done this deal a few times already. Yay tomorrow a 4.99 stride to ride puppy!!! Sure hope it is the same price on Amazon tomorrow.

  8. I clicked on the link and it takes me to Fisher-Price savings page but once I click on “get coupons now” there are not coupons shown 🙁

  9. My store was out of the dogs but I did get a Ben 10 watch for 6.99 instead of 24.99 because someone put them in the wrong place.

  10. I tried this morning and the manufacturer coupon gave a weird error that they couldn’t override…Something about it being an invalid type, so I printed a new one and am going to try a different Target. They showed me the screen and I had never seen it like that before. Maybe they just didn’t know how to send it through, I hope!

  11. Kerry,

    Can you use the 10.00 manuf coupon AND the 10.00 target coupon and only pay 4.99? just wondering

  12. I’m not seeing this coupon. Is it out of prints or listed under a certain zip code?

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