Target After-Easter Clearance Up to 50% Off

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For those of you headed out to Target today- you should find lots of whatever Easter inventory your store has left up to 50% Off. While some specialty candy & food items will also be 50% Off, most of the Bagged candy will sit at 30% Off, and other select food items may sit at 30% Off too.

Easter clearance is a great time to pick up non-perishables for next year- like decorations, die kits, baskets, plush toys and more. Watch for some of the Easter Basket stuffer toys which would be great for stocking stuffers or party favors, or plastic utensils & other disposable table top items that can be used for birthday parties or other celebrations.

The Easter clearance usually does not drop down for another 3-5 days and stores will vary as far as when they drop to 70% Off- there is no definite set schedule. And what is left will vary greatly from store to store- but let us know if you found any goodies today!

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  1. Found bakeware at 70% off! Select Nordic Ware ringing up 70% off. Cookie sheets $2.99 (pkg shows little Easter basket cookies on it). Spring form pans tulip 3-pack @ $2.99. Petit four flower shaped pan @ $6.99. Soft Lips Chocolate & Vanilla 2-pack @ $0.89. Everything else I tried was still 30% – 50% off.

  2. I went 2 stores in Austin,TX and it marked down to 70% too! Candies and snacks are still 30%, though. There were still lots of stuff, and I luckily could get one Chima Lego and one EOS lip balm. I’m waiting for 90%!

  3. Easter Clearance at the Hanover, MA store was 70% today! A lot of the stuff I wanted was already nowhere to be found (like the EOS lip balms I had my eye on). Doesn’t look good for 90%, but I’m going to wait until then to buy anything else! If they do what they did with the valentines day clearance, it may be 90% by Friday.

  4. Thanks Sabina!!! Ill check it out tom then.. Hopefully the prices dropped further! 😉

  5. FYI Jessica, Amber and Gretch- I Went to my Target today in Harrisburg, PA and nothing has dropped further in price.

  6. For those looking for the EOS lip balms, here is a link to what they look like
    I’m not 100% sure, but from what I remember, thats what they look like. Anybody else feel free to confirm this. I found them on a back aisle mixed in with the candy and toys, there were quite a few left. I would suggest looking on the clearance end caps around the beauty and first aid section if you can’t find them in the Easter clearance. I would also go down the chapstick aisle to see if they are there also. Hope this helps everyone!

  7. I went looking for the EOS lib balms and couldn’t find them…I went to three targets. 🙁

  8. A.R. mine was in the Easter clearance section but I would check cosmetics too. Two balms in the package strawberry sorbet and passion fruit.

  9. Tarheel, dayna –
    were the eos lipbalm located in the easter clearance section? where exactly did u find them?.. thanks!!!!

  10. Everything at my store was still only at 30% today (4/2) except for stuff at the front dollar section which was 50% off. There was a ton of stuff left but nothing I want to make an extra trip for when they decide to drop to 50%. I think I have a kind of lousy Target as far as sales go.

  11. If you do a search for Lego Mia #30108, you should be able to see the set, Jessica.

  12. I hit up my Target in Houston, TX this morning and there was a decent amount of stuff, but I was expecting more. I thought the goldfish were going to be 50% off, but they were only 30%. I bought 2 creme eggs ( I bought waaaay too many last year and they ended up drying up and not tasting good), an EOS lip balm set for $2.50 (I’m hoping these will last until 70% or maybe even 90% so I can stock up to give to friends!!!) and a bag of coconut creme hershey kisses (love this kind!). I found some cute toys, including a slap on barbie watch, but they were ringing up full price. There were tons of egg dye kits, table cloths and kitchen towels left over. I’m thinking there won’t be much left once it hits 70% or 90%, but I’ll still go and check it out to see whats left!!

  13. I stopped by a Target in Beavercreek OH this afternoon after going to the movies and they had 30% signs up but everything non-candy was ringing up 50%. I bought Lipsmackers kits for $1.99, Hello Kitty nail kit for $2.49 and the last 2 little Barbies “Chelsea” for $2.99.

  14. I thought my store (Cary, NC) was cleared out until I went to housewares. There was a whole endcap full of Easter plates, carafes with turquoise or pink lid, bowls and egg cups. Also found plastic bright green silverware in b-day paper goods aisle for $1.75, they say Easter on tag. Also, found two pack of eos lip balm with tulips on package for $2.50.

  15. Some of the items in See Spot (aka the dollar section) are now at 50% off also!!!

  16. I went at 10 am and there wasn’t much I wanted. I was hoping to find the Easter Lego Friends on clearance, but I’m thinking they must have sold out of them before Easter because I couldn’t even find the bin they would have been in.

  17. Went to Target this morning and found lots of good deals! Found plastic eggs 3pk that said treat containers of hello kitty,spider man,mader, and elmo 1.25 playdoh stampers(looked like a easter bunny and chick)2.49 disney princess dolls(rapuzul and cinderella)2.49 lip smacker lip gloss(chapstick,lip gloss and nail polish all in pack)1.99 the package says spring time beauty lip and nail,hello kitty compact brush 1.50,slinky .50,kites.74,also toddler boys long sleeve clearance 2.70,mickey mouse,star wars,the avengers,lightning mcqeen they weren’t on clearance racks though they were folded on self also some toddler girl long sleeve for 1.80 hope this helps my computer time is very limited because I have four children! I also had to scan every thing! I had to let people go in front of me because they only had one thing and I had like 20!

  18. Melissa, it might help to glance around your local Target. Ours had plastic eggs hidden in other sections.

    But yes, I was surprised at where everything went. It seems as though it vanished overnight. 😉

  19. My target had 1 half of a row with mainly just easter candy left. I didnt find anything worth buying. I was wanting just plastic eggs for next year and they didnt even have those. Disappointed.

  20. I found fruit roll-ups 36ct for $2.49 (used $.50/2 coupons) Also Found Easter Memory Games for $2.49..used $3 printables from a few weeks back to get them for free.

  21. My store had candy at 30% off, and then everything else at 50% off (Including bakeware, toys, etc) I am in Columbia SC

  22. Elle, and others who are posting, could you please state where your “local Target” is that you’re finding these deals? Thanks!

  23. Hit my local Target first thing this morning. Food items were scanning at 30% – I scanned the Pink Lemonade cup/cake mix and the Spring cup/cake mix. One of them was full-price, the other was at 30%.

    1.3oz packs of Lindt Lindor were $0.70. This included the Spring ones (green package), and I also found a red package that scanned as well.

    Cadbury eggs – considering discount, it’s less expensive to get the 4-packs of eggs ($1.88) than it is to get 4 individual eggs ($0.49 IIRC).

    M&Ms – There is a Target coupon that can be used for $1.50/2. They scanned at $2.23 apiece for me.

    Softlips has a two-pack, vanilla + chocolate bunny with egg packaging. They scan at $1.49. (Very nice, I already used the chocolate bunny…)

    There is a clear carafe with a blue top that scans at $2.49 – I grabbed one for my backyard wedding reception this June.

    Mini kites are $0.74 apiece. I saw Dora, Spiderman, and Power Rangers.

    Mini packs of Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies are $0.70.

    LEGOS. Keep an eye out for these – Chima “Winzar’s Pack Patrol” (#30251) is Easter clearance. Lego Friends is unmarked with a set name, but it’s a Mia set #30108. I have both, if you need photos for comparison.

    Chicco rattles/toys were ringing up at 50%, as were the Goodnight, Moon toys. The multi-set of mini springform pans was ringing up full-price ($9.99) but the bakeware was 50%. Look for NordicWare with the spring wrapping. There is also a NordicWare cake pops set that is yellow in color – I found a pink one on V-Day clearance and got it for about $1. There are a few other nifty things that I found, but I’m going to keep an eye on clearance popping up elsewhere. There should be stuffed animals with the little “spring” egg tag on them, much like the “heart” tags that we found on V-Day. There are also finger puppets that are clearancing at 50%.

    Hope that this helps!

  24. All food items were only 30% off-this included cupcake wrappers, baking supplies, marshmallows and the like boo! Usually they go to 50% along with the other easter stuff. Hopefully by the end of the week.

  25. My store barely had anything left before easter so I can only imagine what’s left now 🙁

  26. thanks Kerry, I was waiting for this post :)…. also, can everyone pls mention the store location? It will be very useful for the rest of us.

  27. At my store, the easter picture frames and crafts did not drop to 50% off? Has anyone else had this at their store? Will it maybe drop later?

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