Target After-Easter Clearance – Now Up to 70% Off

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Many of you should now find Easter Clearance up to 70% Off today if your store has anything left. Honestly my store was PRETTY BARE- and my jaw just dropped when Kelley sent me these pictures from her Columbia, MD Dobbin store this morning. I just cannot even believe how much she has left!


If your store does not have 70% Off signs up yet- be sure and scan just in case. Not all stores go to 70% on the same schedule, but there is always the possibility the signs haven’t been switched, so it’s always worth a scan to check. If you are lucky like Kelley and have a lot left- it’s a good time to stock up on non-perishables for next year.


Even though most of Easter was 70% Off for her- she noticed that ALL the candy still seemed to be stuck at 30% Off at her store. But if you are stuck at 30% Off candy too – we do have some coupons to make for better deals. There is a $1.00 off when you buy any TWO (2) bags of WONKA® Candy (12oz) + HERE. And you may still have the $1/2 Wonka SweeTarts, Laffy Taffy, or Nerds Bumpy Jelly Bean Candy Target Coupon x4/6 that is no longer available, but still valid thru if you have it.


There are also the Snickers Peanut Butter Squared Minis in the package with 2 Easter Eggs on the front and we have a $1.00 off ONE SNICKERS Peanut Butter Square Miniatures 11.5 oz Bag to make them $1.23. If you have a lot of candy left- you can always print your coupons now and take your chances it will still be around when it hits 50% Off for an even better deal. There is also a $1.50/2 M&M’s chocolate candy 9.34 oz Easter Booklet x4/7 or Target Web Coupon x5/25 to get a break on the clearance M&M’s too. And also a $1.50 off any two Life Savers peg or laydown bags. 🙂


If you have any Basket stuffers left – watch for items you can use for next year or non-Easter items that would make great stocking stuffers or party favors. Also watch for Easter-themed Gold Fish Bags, and other every day snack foods.

Be sure to take a good look around the store as well for other possible goodies. Check home, and apparel and bakeware and there were quite a few comments on my post HERE when Easter first dropped to 50% Off that you may find helpful. And feel free to leave comments on this post letting us know what you found!

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  1. im in central time haven’t went yet…but I would be surprised if they didn’t mark to 90% today….they would sell more

  2. I’m in WA and my store opens in about 45min! Sorry east-coasters!! I will let u ladies know ASAP.

  3. April I live in Ann Arbor MI…yes, I did see the Fisher price rattles at 70 % off, but I decided to wait until they go down to 90%…I hope there will be some left tomorrow! I found the Easter Hot Wheels in the toy section mixed with the regular ones…my store also had plenty of egg shaped chalks, no spill bubble containers and egg dyeing kit which were ringing at 70% . I will make a stop first thing Saturday to see if the markdowns are at 90 % off.

  4. At the Perinton NY store there is TONS of candy. There is Two whole isles filled with all types. Cant wait for it to hit 90% and use my coupons. They have Haribo gummies could be paired with the .30 coupons and Easter eggs with 3 packages of Orbit gum and coupons that I had worked great for that item too! Not much left as far as basket stuffers, toys, or decorations.. just candy and since it is not going to be on clearance again until the day after Halloween now is the time to buy. Happy shopping everyone!

  5. Melissa- I went to the Rogers, AR store, not a big city, but I hope it helps you!
    I actually went back today to look at end-caps and wanted to tell people on here to look out for Nordic Ware “Seasonally Sweet” baking items. I got a bundt pan and quiche pan both for 70% off. I also found a Nordic Ware “Color Shop” cake pops baking pan for 70% off, (plus the Wilton cake pop sticks were 70% off.) Nothing else in “Color Shop” line was discounted so I’m not sure why this one was (maybe the color- yellow?) All of these were in the baking aisle with no signs or anything indicating that they were marked down. Also, a Wilton spring-form tulip pan set was 70% off. There were also some Fisher Price shake & twist frog & ladybug rattles that were not Easter and in the baby section that were 70% off. They had the same exact thing with monkeys and those were full-price.

    My store is usually so weird about sales. A month after Christmas, I was finding Christmas stuff all over the store, still at full-price! Not sure why I lucked out this time.

  6. wow my store only had candy left at 30% and everything else was gone at 50% Tuesday never made it to 70%

  7. April- wow..congrats.. thats a lot of stuff.. Which location target store was this?? if it was somewhere near where I live, it will be great.. thanks!!

  8. My Target had some good stuff left today. I bought 4 packs of hot wheels easter rides( set of 5 cars) for $ 1.49 each and 3 Lego Chima polybag for $ 1.19 each. I bought some jumbo erasers, tin pails, glitter pencils and water color for 0.30 each from the dollar spot. I also grabbed some candies but plan to go back again on Saturday for bulk candy shopping and for any useful left over stuff .

  9. Just wanted to add, with all the stuff my store had, I didn’t see one bag of plastic Easter eggs, weird!

  10. I went Tues and my store said 30% off. I went today (Thurs) and they still said 30% off. I checked prices this time and everything was ringing up 70% off. There was so much stuff left and I think it’s b/c no one realized it’s 70% off. Things I got…
    non-Easter Mickey & Minnie rattles for $1.49, really nice Disney sippy cups $1.49, non-Easter themed Chicco rattles & teethies $1.19, non-Easter themed Disney princess hair accessory sets $1.50, foam sticker sets in a large take-out style box (spring & flower sets) $1.50, large craft sets of foam butterflies & eggs $1.50, Disney Easter Memory games $1.49, Wilton mini-cake pan $3.59, non-Easter Minnie blanket teethers $1.49, 2 different styles of “Goodnight Moon” rattles $1.49, chick & bunny sew kits $1.50, Spring banners $2.09, pastel yarn wreath $3.60, Big Bird & Elmo pacifiers $.30, dress-up bunny kit $1.50, flower straws $.90, large felt & foam flowers $1.05.
    I was shopping with my husband and didn’t have time to look elsewhere in the store. I’m going back tomorrow. My main score is all the non-Easter themed baby stuff as we constantly know someone who is expecting. I was so happy to find these deals!

  11. I stopped in after work with only 10min left before closing…I didn’t even have time to make it back to the seasonal area because I got side tracked by the huge display of 70% off dollar spot lol…but there was some good stuff, my favorites were leap frog activity learning books for kids…I think I got preschool math and language, kindergarten math, play money and a dry erase sharp board for the littlest! So excited as this is some quality stuff!

  12. I went to one target and got easter pails and tons of easter grass but I have to go to another target for the bags of multi eggs. Go figure. South nj.

  13. It usually sits at 70% for 2 days, sometimes 3. I am thinking that it will be 90% on Saturday though.

  14. I was able to find the lip smacker set, a really cute basket I am going to use for mothers day, and some of the dollar spot clearance at 70%. I really wish they had the softlips or EOS lipbalms but I was only able to find one softlips left when it was still at 50%. I am thinking I will hit up the other Target in My area tomorrow hopefully it will be 90% but Im guessing that will talk another day or two!

  15. I found a bubble blower fan/gun that was in the basket stuffer area but now back with the other bubble stuff in the toy section. It is still ringing up 70% off so I got one for .89!! My 12 mo old had a ball watching it blow bubbles…may have to go get more!

  16. My target had candy 50% off…2 full aisles left of stuff! Does anyone know when they’ll mark down to 90%??

  17. 70% off most stuff but not a lot left and somehow lucked out with 50% off candy already. Outside Dallas, TX.

  18. Thanks for the heads-up! We stopped by and got a great haul. There were some little Jake toy cameras at 70% off, which I grabbed to put in my gift bin. (I always have a harder time finding deals on boy toys). I also got a toy “claw” for my two-year-old and some Princess stuff for my 4-year-old for under a dollar. There were some awesome finds in the dollar spot as well. There were no signs up, so I’m glad I read this post first sharing about the black dot clearance. I got dozens of items for 30 cents each (ranging from packs of cute springtime pencils to baby board books to Jelly Belly chapstick), and there was plenty left. My gift box is stocked, and I have tons to ad to my “Operation Christmas Child” pile. Thanks again!!

  19. Watch out for some of the Disney items in the Easter clearance – there were about 40 of the Disney Princess wands but they rang up regular price, same with some of the stuffed animals (they MUST have the easter tag – it’s purple!) and even one of the small Barbie dolls rang up regular price – and it said Easter and she was dressed like a bunny! Hit up the scanner! 🙂

  20. I’m alway amazed at how much her target has left My store stuff gets wiped out the first day

  21. Waukesha WI east store didn’t have much left either–plenty of metal Easter buckets, bits of decor, some decorative grass. Plenty of candy at 30% off. The dollar spot had 70% off black dot (spring) items though.

  22. I also found Pillsbury Cars “Spring into Easter” cookie dough at 50% off marked $1.25, I got 2 & used the $1/2 MQ to get them for $.75 each. They also had some with a bunny & egg print on it.

  23. My store had TONS of the little basket stuffer toys left over yesterday (at 50%). I knew it would drop so I’m on the way over to check it out.

    Also, I saw Lifesavers laydown bags of spring colored candy in the easter clearanced candy. I still have my $1.50 off 2 Lifesavers peg bag or laydown bag coupon, doesn’t expire until the 18th. I’m hoping by Monday candy will hit 50% & I will stock up then! These are awesome for making candy pacifiers for baby showers since jelly beans are on clearance too!

  24. I went yesterday and my store didn’t have 1 item left! That’s crazy how much that store had.

  25. I’m not sure if anyone still has the fisher price $2 & $3 off coupons left but at my target (fredericksburg, va) they had fisher price eggs with disney themed characters inside including princess and jake and also fisher price baby rattles with a ladybug and frog on them (i think) that were all 70% off and the coupons worked on those. I was hoping the easter stuff goes to 90% and would have that stuff but since my coupons expired today I used them. Also if anyone is looking for legos and is in my area they had them at the central park store.

  26. My target didn’t have much left. The signs read 30% off but the Easter toys scanned at 70% off. I scored dunkin yoyos for .89, bubble guns .89, Disney Easter themed memory match game 1.49, and light up pinwheels for .89. The candy was still only 30% off.

  27. I went to my Target in Pittsburgh earlier this week, and the Easter section was a complete mess. The stuff that was marked 50% off was literally thrown into 6 shopping carts lining the aisle. It was all random stuff, and nothing I picked out of any of the carts was actually 50% off.

  28. Wow! This Target has so much left! I went yesterday and was really disappointed. My Target didn’t really have much left besides a ton of candy. I am going to a different one tomorrow in a bigger city and hoping it has more and has hit 70% off! What happened to all the good decorations? They always seem to disappear when the holiday is over.. and I couldn’t believe my Target didn’t have any plastic eggs! No way they sold out of them before Easter!

  29. I hope my Target in Houston, TX has hit 70% off. The other Target I went to didn’t have much leftover, so hopefully there will be some goodies tomorrow since I can’t make it out today.
    I agree with Kristin, a lot of the Disney toys in the Easter section were ringing up full price on April 1st, make sure to scan scan scan!

  30. I was able to find some cute things at 70% off in Irving, TX this morning. I found a cart of items that must have been returned because they were items that were the only one of that item. I was surprised that the food was still only 30% off too.

  31. Just came back from my local Target in Charlotte, NC. Easter 70% off, but candy still at 30%. Black dot items in the front of the store were at 70%. Found Disney Easter matching games at $1.74. Also, found a lot of Easter egg shaped Softlips packages with the regular lip balms. They were 89 cents.

  32. Last year a friend of mine was having a summer baby shower. Her mom wanted it to be a duck theme so we got 20-30 bags of the mini sweet tart ducks when they were 90% off and down all the way to 15 cents a bag! It was awesome! Before people complain about hoarding the candy… we put the candy in celophane bags, sealed it with a printed tag and gave them to people as the favors.

    If you’ve got a baby shower coming up! They make a great favor!!

  33. Be careful with the basket stuffers, a lot of the Disney toy items are ringing up full price! Scan your items to make sure they are really on clearance.

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