Target After-Easter Clearance – Now Up to 70% Off

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Many of you should now find Easter Clearance up to 70% Off today if your store has anything left. Honestly my store was PRETTY BARE- and my jaw just dropped when Kelley sent me these pictures from her Columbia, MD Dobbin store this morning. I just cannot even believe how much she has left!


If your store does not have 70% Off signs up yet- be sure and scan just in case. Not all stores go to 70% on the same schedule, but there is always the possibility the signs haven’t been switched, so it’s always worth a scan to check. If you are lucky like Kelley and have a lot left- it’s a good time to stock up on non-perishables for next year.


Even though most of Easter was 70% Off for her- she noticed that ALL the candy still seemed to be stuck at 30% Off at her store. But if you are stuck at 30% Off candy too – we do have some coupons to make for better deals. There is a $1.00 off when you buy any TWO (2) bags of WONKA® Candy (12oz) + HERE. And you may still have the $1/2 Wonka SweeTarts, Laffy Taffy, or Nerds Bumpy Jelly Bean Candy Target Coupon x4/6 that is no longer available, but still valid thru if you have it.


There are also the Snickers Peanut Butter Squared Minis in the package with 2 Easter Eggs on the front and we have a $1.00 off ONE SNICKERS Peanut Butter Square Miniatures 11.5 oz Bag to make them $1.23. If you have a lot of candy left- you can always print your coupons now and take your chances it will still be around when it hits 50% Off for an even better deal. There is also a $1.50/2 M&M’s chocolate candy 9.34 oz Easter Booklet x4/7 or Target Web Coupon x5/25 to get a break on the clearance M&M’s too. And also a $1.50 off any two Life Savers peg or laydown bags. 🙂


If you have any Basket stuffers left – watch for items you can use for next year or non-Easter items that would make great stocking stuffers or party favors. Also watch for Easter-themed Gold Fish Bags, and other every day snack foods.

Be sure to take a good look around the store as well for other possible goodies. Check home, and apparel and bakeware and there were quite a few comments on my post HERE when Easter first dropped to 50% Off that you may find helpful. And feel free to leave comments on this post letting us know what you found!

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  1. My daughter and I went to 5 Target stores this morning in MI. Three were 90/50 and two were 90/70.

  2. Checked in Utah candy is still 50%, even chocolate bunnies(past years the bunnies dropped to 70 and 90% with items & the bagged candy was 50%). Scanned a ton of items, nothing over 70% 🙁 This is the first year our store didn’t go 90% the sunday after easter.

  3. I called my store and gave an easter DCPI and it was a 90% off price. I think I’m gonna head out here in a few to confirm.

  4. Well…I’m west coast and I googled “target easter clearance 90” and a few people have stated that it’s at 90% today. Ahhhhh. And it’s POURING rain in my area too lol.

  5. I was just thinking of heading over im in central time….they open at 8am and I wont beable to head over for a few hours though…but wondering if anyone had luck yet at 90%?

  6. Anyone on the east coast headin to target this morning to see if it dropped to 90%? I might down there in a bit myself. 🙂

  7. Hi Kerry- I went back to my Target today to check if it was 90% off (It wasn’t). I found some more Nordic Ware items on sale. I got a flower petits fours baking pan for 70% off. I took some pics of all of the Nordic Ware & other baking items I got that I found in the housewares section so people would know what to look for , but I don’t know how to send them to you if you want them. These are by far the best deals I’ve gotten as the petits fours pan was normally $24 down to $7.

  8. Target in CF Iowa had a lot of stuff left, but not a lot of candy which was surprising since candy was only 50% off and also included shamrock cookies. Most stuff was 70% off including basket stuffers. I couldn’t find any seasonal bakeware and there was no hot wheels with Easter designs. For ten bucks I got 2 Sesame Street Elmo pacifiers, goodnight moon rattle, 2 Disney rattles, snickers pb eggs, wonka candy 2 bags, slinky, and a present tie on initial label.

  9. Hey I was just looking at the Target coupons and I think that the dora 20% off may work with some of the clearance as well as the 20% off infant items it does not say anything about excluding clearance. I wish you guys best of luck in your hunt!

  10. also, i will bring my bags of 70% purchases with me tomorrow and return if i get any of the same things at 90%!

  11. still 70% in Meriden, CT today, weird b/c valentines went 90% on the 6th day and on the 7th day when i went to the store it was all gone. I rushed out w/my two kids today thinking it would be 90%. oh well, maybe tomorrow!

  12. I got a few things that I was afraid didn’t make it but I’m holding out hoping that it will be 90% off tomorrow in Kalamazoo, MI…there was a whole aisle and a half and 2 end caps left so I am hopeful 🙂

  13. I can almost bet it will be 90 tomorrow. Looking back last year…Easter was Apr 8th and Target went to 90 on Apr 15th! So 1 week exact!

  14. In south Florida, 70% off on Easter toys, etc. and 50% on candy. A couple of my stores in the area were cleared out of most stock at 30% but another location had a whole aisle of candy still left at 50% and some good Easter non-perishable items at 70%. I found some toys ringing up at full price and not 70% off like others. I definitely remember these toys in the Easter aisle before Easter but the cashier insisted that some Easter toys are clearanced before others which didnt make any sense to me but I didnt want to argue so I left a handful of great toy finds behind.

  15. 70/50 in Ottumwa, ia and I was able to pick up the pb snickers for .59 a bag! gotta print more of those coupons and get more!

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