Earn Gift Cards for Surveys With Valued Opinions

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If you enjoy doing surveys, Valued Opinions is currently seeking new members. For every survey you complete you’ll receive up to $5 and if you qualify for specialist surveys, you can earn up to $50 for each. I hear the average survey earns about $2 or $3 but that still can add up quick and it’s an easy way to earn!

The money you earn can be redeemed for rewards- which come in the form of lots of different Gift Cards you can cash in for. It’s a simple way to earn gift cards- just by giving your opinions. You will also be automatically entered into a sweepstakes to win a $500 Amazon Gift Card just for registering. You can sign up to become a member HERE.

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  1. I have been doing valued opinions for almost 3 years and I really like them. I don’t always meet the requirements, but I do for many – enough to keep me happy!

  2. i joined valu opinion awhile back, i never seem to qualify for a survey. today i filled one out and it was for 3.00 and would take 30 minutes . well i did the survey for 35 minutes then it said i DID NOT meet the requirements !! what is that about ??? i would NOT recomend this

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