Target: Clearance Hot Wheels 5-Packs as low as $1.49


I was hoping to see Easter drop to 90% Off today, but it didn’t happen for me, and all of the comments I have gotten this morning so far are also reporting being stuck at 70%. But there have been a few interesting comments about finding some items in the regualar aisles. I also got an e-mail today from Jaycee, who reported finding the special Target Exclusive Hot Wheels Easter Speedsters 5-packs in the regular aisle for 70% Off down to $1.49.

These are really easy to spot from the sides of the packages as they have Easter Eggs on the sides. These are the ones that should ring up as low as $1.49 if your store is at 70% Off. There has also been talk about finding Nordicware, Fisher Price rattles and some other things in the regular aisles- and you can check out the comments my post HERE.

-Thanks for the heads up on the Hot Wheels to Melissa & Jamie & also for the pictures to Jaycee!

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  1. the $2.99 bubble wands are also ringing up at $0.29. These are great not only do you get the bubble soap but you get the bubble wand/gun and a duracell battery YaY! Been trying to find a link to email a picture in but cant locate it. Finally gave up and posting it here. Oh FYI this are in the regular isles. In the bubble section by the toys.

  2. Thank you so much for the info, just because of this post decided to check the hot wheel toy section and found 11 hot wheels in the toy section for $0.49!!!!
    Ps. Candy is still 50% this is in oklahoma

  3. Some of the black dot items were still ringing up full price at my store in Houston, TX. Only 1 out of 4 items that I scanned came up as 70% off. I didn’t need the items that badly, so I didn’t try to fight for it. Just an FYI for people!

  4. Can someone please post the upc or sku or dpci so I can call my stores? They’re not that close for me to just drive there without knowing first…. Thank you!

  5. Black dot Dollar Spot stuff was 70% off at my Target yesterday, candy at 50%. Baskets and grass were 70% off, I was able to get my almost 12 year old nephew an entire basket of goodies (my sister hadn’t made him one and he kept asking when he’d get one) of full sized (individual sizes were pretty much sold out) Cadbury eggs, Cadbury mini-eggs, Nerds, carrot shaped bags of jelly beans, a Pez dispenser, Easter egg shaped glasses, chocolate dipped Peeps, more candy, the large basket, 2 bags of grass, all for under $10, and I’d forgotten my coupons!

  6. I went yesterday and there was tons of toys & candy in the Easter section. There were 50% off signs but toys & stuff was ringing up at 70% off. I got baby rattles for $1.19, toy cameras for $1.49, slinkies for $.30, and mini kites for $.44! Also used my wonka candy coupons to get jelly beans for $.24 each after stack. M&Ms were $.84 after target coupon. Black dot stuff in the dollar spot were marked 50% but rang up 70% off.

  7. I ran out to my store as soon as I saw the post and my store had 6! I only bought one – thanks so much for posting!!

  8. I wish! Hot Wheels were gone from my store long before Easter. I checked the aisles yesterday and things were pretty empty for Thomas and Hot Wheels

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