Target After-Easter Clearance Now Up to 90% Off

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Many of you should find Easter at 90% Off today. I can’t guarantee all stores will drop, but if you don’t see 90% Off Signs, be sure and Scan a few things just in case your signs are wrong. Kelley is actually visiting me here in Tampa now and she is at my store which was pitiful. All my candy is gone, all my decorations, and pretty much everything else. All that is left is a few lonely PAAS decorating kits, but I can’t complain- I usually have great luck with clearance- so maybe it’s someone else’s turn. 😉

So I will cross my fingers and hope some of you out there have some luck scoring some great after-Easter bargains. You may also want to check out the posts & comments HERE, HERE & HERE to see what you should be looking for. And here’s some candy coupons you may want to have on hand…

$1.00 off ONE SNICKERS Peanut Butter Square Miniatures 11.5 oz Bag
-$1.50/2 M&M’s chocolate candy 9.34 oz Target Web Coupon x5/25 
$1.00 off when you buy any TWO (2) bags of WONKA® Candy (12oz) + HERE
$1.50 off any two Life Savers peg or laydown bags.

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  1. Thanks to all of you for your useful posts.I went to 2 Targets yesterday and got almost everything I wanted ( disney MM bips, rattles, comfort blanket, chiccos jack & jill rattle, disney princess doll, hello kitty lip gloss set, princess lip gloss set with mini purse, hello kitty manicure set, candy, easter chalk, cars light up spin candy toy, and very luckily one more hot wheels) except for the eos and soft lips lip balm. After reading the posts,I revisited one of the Targets today and got 6 more battery operated bubble maker for 0.29 each, also got some lip smackers lip gloss-balm-nail polish set for 0.39 each and 2 fisher price froggy rattle for 0.49 . I’d like to mention that my Target is still 90% off today. If you plan to make another trip , do take a look at the Pillsbury confetti cake mix which is around 0.60 each, the Eric Carle bath toys (set of 3 with a little rubber duck and a green catterpillar) and Playtex easter themed inuslated sippy cups which are 0.49 each!!

  2. i’m glad i could help some of you out! i am so grateful for all the tips too! i scored a lot at valentines too thanks to your comments. i think they only do one day at 90% and then it’s gone. they “salvage” it. we need to find a way to post pictures, that would be a lot easier!

  3. Went to 2 targets yesterday (Sunday) where I got 3 Barbie earbuds at .49 each , Angry Bird plastic eggs for .25, 2 Lindt bunnies for .19 each . We did pick up some small bags of Annies cheddar bunnies for .30 each and 3 small bags of chocolate eggs for .30 each. The 2 Targets that are close to me are almost picked over.

  4. Wow, I spend about 100 dollars
    4 Nordicwear baking pans, 1 bunt pan, 3 spatulas, 2 whisks, 6 chicco baby toys, 12 goodnight moon and hungry caterpillar toys, 8 Minnie and Mickey toys, 6 Easter Barbies, about 30 bubble guns and jolly rancher sented bubbles, 5 Barbie Pom poms, 2 jake and the never land pirate cameras, 3 Disney sippy cups, 6 Easter sippy cups, 3 Disney hair accessories, 3 soft lips Chapstick, 8 frosting, 2 cake mix, 2 Dora play balls, 3 Dora jump ropes, 8 Sesame Street bottles and pacifiers for 30 cents, a huge stuffed bunny, 2 Easter baskets, serving plates, 8 toddler plates and bowls, i know I am missing a lot goldfish, marshmallows. I live in Los Angeles and there are 6 targets within 10 miles and I went to ALL of them. Saved about 900 dollars!!!!! My husband says I’m crazy, but I am going to use all the toys for bday gifts or for party favors at my daughters birthday. I wanted to take a picture but I literally have around 30 bags.

  5. i just called my target and they said that tonight is the last night for easter clearance. is that normal to only have 1 day of it? Or should i check tomorrow morning?

  6. Just got back from my local Target(Fargo ND). Spent 3.43 cents and saved 34.77. I was happy to see that much stuff left on the shelf. I got some good baby gifts and a really cute door décor for .60 cents. I also found one bubble gun for .29. Only downfall is one of the only items I didn’t scan a stuffed animal with an easter Egg tag came up full price (I will be returning that tomorrow). Candy was still at 50% with tons left I cant believe it hasn’t gone to at least 70%. I was so excited to find what I had found though. Dollar spot was only at 70% and very picked over so I passed that section.

  7. Thanks to all the totally target fans above for their wonderful comments , I was able to score 4 bubble guns ,jake cameras and rattles.i can’t thank enough all people for coming back and leaving ur comments .It helps everyone.

  8. My closest Target had a ton of Easter things (90off) and candy (50 off) left. They didn’t have a single basket left! I managed to pick up 2 deviled eggs plates for $1.79, lots of rattles, bubble guns, 5 photo holders, baby sleeper, baby hats, baby socks (2 pack), sippie cups, a spatula. Barbie toy combs, Hello Kitty brush/mirror compact, Hello Kitty lip gloss (4 pack), chick figurines, Mickey Easter board books, grass, M&Ms, Lindt bunny chocolate, peeps, goldfish, ring pops…..I know I got more, but this is just from the top of my head…I hope that helps!.

  9. My store was still at 50% on Fri. and there was NOTHING that I would want even if it went 90%. : (

  10. This is my first time posting on this, but I do appreciate all the comments, it really helps when Im out lookin for deals. At my Target in Texas, I found quite a bit of what most of what yall have found, Super excited, but I did also find some dish towels down the regular isle that were easter and ringing up .83 or something close to that. They are all multi colored stripped. The tag has a small egg in the corner. Happy Hunting everyone!!

  11. You are all so lucky to be at 70% and 90%! My store in San Jose, CA is still stuck at 50%!! I was so excited from all these great posts that I went to my store to try and score a few deals. Unfortunately, everything is still at 50% – I verified by scanning a few items. Hopefully it will drop soon. In the meantime, thank you for all the great ideas of where to look!

  12. The Lego Chima sets on clearance are the “Winzar’s Pack Patrol” small poly bag. My store in New York City had a lot of them left. Scored 5 at 39 cents each!! Found the Bubble guns for 29 cents too!! It says “BubblesGun” on it and makes 4 streams of bubbles at a time. It comes with a battery and a bottle of solution. Also saw the Dora mini kite for 14 cents and Ninja Turtles ear phones for 49 cents!! Bought some Star Wars treat containers 3-packs for 25 cents each too!! Still lot of stuff left at my store.

  13. My Target in Atlanta, GA (the N. Druid Hills store) still has a TON of candy left at 70% (I got my 20 cent m&ms bags), a decent amount of Goldfish crackers for 59 cents left (they’re in the front of the store – I got a bunch), and a lot of plastic eggs for 10 cents/bag (I scoured Pinterest for craft ideas for those). Also, thanks to all of you, I knew what to look for – and I noticed a single Softlips package (jellybean/raspberry) poking its head out of the dollar section (where someone abandoned it). I will neither confirm nor deny that I did a little dance. I wish I’d been able to find more of those, but I was happy to get just one. I got a few other things, but I suspect by tomorrow night the aisles will be empty. Again, thanks for all the tips!

  14. Couldn’t resist going back one last time and my store was at 90%. Spent $27.77 and saved $251.57!!!! I still couldn’t believe how much stuff was left at mine but signs have not been up-to-date any time I’ve been.

  15. I had a great day! I got an electric roaster for 50% off and a bunch of metal garbage can sized easter baskets for .80 a piece!

  16. my store in hawaii was 90/50. dollar spot 70 (does it go to 90?). passed on candy, all the good stuff gone at 30. picked up eggs, paas cups, grass, felt buckets, craft tins… all set for 2014! also picked up sippy cups, plate, jake cameras, rattles (goodnite moon, chicco, and disney), softlips, onesie pant set, bibs, purple dora balls (reg ball aisle). found a random lego friends. also easter bibs, onesie, socks, plush chick rattle in reg baby section. also scooped up the gun bubbles in reg bubble aisle…thanks ali for the great tip! how do you guys know what to scan? evrything was 90%…saved $215, my hubbie was proud lol. i also got a dora puzzle on clearance and used the 20% dora q. also a baby bather on sale and used the 20% infant q. it was an awesome morning at target. now where to store all this :))

  17. I have a chima lego the small bags im willing to trade for a lalaoopsy mini doll the one that was in the easter section.. if anyone interested email me.

  18. I was also able to find the bubble guns!! I was sooo excited about these because there were a ton! No where did it say that they were on clearance. I was skeptical that they would work very well so when I got home I took one out and used it and it is a blast! Definitely worth .29 cents! 🙂

  19. still 70/50 in Ottumwa, ia but they may have been marking stuff down or still getting stuff ready for the new ad. not sure. kinda bummed. they only had 42 packages of eggs left- mostly the 6 count, and they were .30 a package. I was hoping to get a ton of them because last year they had boxes and boxes of eggs left and I got them at 90% off. but the park and rec center here does an easter egg hunt for the kid every year and they were hoping I could get them 5000 eggs. I could only get 319- 10 12 ct packages and 32 6 ct packages for $12.81. bummer! if anyone wants to make a charitable contribution of plastic eggs…. 🙂

  20. @Joy, the Soft Lips look like a big easter egg with the chapsticks in the middle. They have 1 pack that is chocolate bunny and vanilla and another pack that is jelly bean and raspberry.

  21. Check the toy section for pinwheels with LED lights in the middle, tap it and it lights up. It says Maui or something like that. They are regular price at 2.99 but when I scan it they were only .29 *90% off! There were so many of them because they were in the regular section with no easter association. I hope you guys find them too! 🙂

  22. My store in Midvale UT was 70% on candy/food and 90% on everything else. I got 4 packs of the Snickers Peanut Butter, they were down to .95 and I had 4 of the $1/1 so I actually made .20 on them. I also got a pack of the mini frosted cookies for .89, two Barbie ear buds .49 each and a Dora purple ball for .49. I didnt really look for all of the toys on the regular isle, because I just threw a bunch of toys away that my kids never play with! Haha. But I did only spend $2.41 on all that!

  23. Went back to a post from Elle that stated the clearance package of Legos is Chima “Winzar’s Pack Patrol” (#30251).

  24. I have not found the Chima Legos but I think they are the ones in a small pouch/bag not the ones in a box.

  25. 7.75 inch mini poly diamond kit.. I found Dora, sponge bob, Spider-Man, ninja turtles & power rangers. Clearance prices is .14 don’t know how good they will be but worth a shot for that price. Found in Easter clearance and toy area.

  26. bubble gun says “bubbles gun” on it. it comes with a battery and a small bottle of bubbles. it’s like the shape of a gun with a fan on the end. i hope you find some!
    also, yes, got 2 chima lego sets at 90% today. couldn’t find anymore

  27. Went to 3 stores in Cary, NC area. Two at 90/70 and one at 90/50. Found several of simply sweet Nordic pans, cookie cutters , bunny dish/figurine, kites and 1 eos lip balm. Always a rush getting such good deals may run out to one more. Happy hunting all!

  28. I found 90% on merchandise and 70% on candy in Midland, MI. There was a ton left-the signs have been wrong for days now, so I don’t think many people were buying. I scored the softlips, jake camera, chima lego, matchbox packs, large dora and cars bouncy balls, barbie pom poms, easter memory game, bundt pans, mini bubbles and lots more all at 90% off. There were some items mixed in at full price-disney princess toys, pokemon stuff.

  29. @Terezia, Thanks!! Heading over to Target now. Hopefully will find some good stuff. And will update when I get back!!

  30. @Debbie, My store didnt have any lego left but my friend found a Lego friends pack at hers that was 90%, so my guess would be if you are lucky enough to find the Chima they would be 90%, hope that helps.

  31. Did anybody find the Lego Chima sets today? Was wondering if they had gone down to 90%!!

  32. check the regular aisle for the bubble guns! i got them for .29! also, some spiderman balls (soft, small) in toys aisle, also .29 or .39 i think…my target had a lot because the signs still read 50% so people probably passed up on stuff. also, lots of disney princess figurines, small. they were .59! chicco rattles, little jack and little jill also 90% as well as fisher price twist and spin rattle which was in the regular aisle. it has a frog head on one end. kites were .14! i felt like i hit the jackpot. then i came home and my husband said there is something wrong with me!!!!!

  33. The jake and ninja turtle stuff was ringing up full price for me. I did get a bunch of plastic eggs for 10 cents a bag and an egg spinner for 60 cents. I also got a bunny treat mold that was 9.99 for 99 cents.

  34. Just got back from target, was able to buy 4 of the 30 ct. packs gold fish bags for 1.49 each, also springtime market pantry fruit snacks were .83! I also found cotton tail cheese ball snacks for .30 a bag, m&m bags for .20 each after coupons, and easter themed sunmaid yogurt raisins for .96 a bag! Had a great day!

  35. My store was at 90% in south Florida. The best thing I found was battery operated bubble blowers for .39! Some were with the Easter but they also had a bunch in the regular aisle marked full price.

  36. Just came back from a different Target in Houston TX. The dollar spot was 70%, candy was 50%, and the rest of the Easter items were 90%, BUT a majority of the “easter” toys were ringing up full price. I found the Jake camera for .50 which was 90% off, but the Barbie version was full price!! I’m not sure the rhyme or reason as to what is showing up for 90%. Also, some of the black dot items from the dollar spot are ringing up full price as well. I didn’t find the Hot Wheels cars, but I’m planning on going to another Target to look for them. I was able to get some candy for $1.59 and some Soft Lips chap stick for .29 (found in the regular chap stick aisle), no luck on the EOS lip balms!

  37. Went to my Target this morning, all regular Easter merchandise was 90% off, anything with candy including candy filled eggs still at 50%. I was able to get several toy items for. 50 including Jake and the Pirates camera, Goodnight Moon bunny plush and rattle, Minnie Mouse digital watch, and Barbie pom poms, also my store had a couple of the Super Hero beanie buddies, Spider-Man and Iron man that were Valentine’s secret clearance at 90% off as well. Happy hunting 🙂

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