Target: Pediasure Products as low as $4.99 Each

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The ad didn’t give any specifics for the Pediasure- but in case you were wondering, you only do in fact have to buy 2 to get a $5 Gift Card thru 4/13, and they are priced at $9.99…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Select Pediasure ($9.99) = $19.98
-$3/1 Pediasure Product Sign Up Required HERE (can print 2x but limit 1 Q per household)
-$2/1 Pediasure Product at zip 77477
= $14.98 – $5 Gift Card Back for buying 2 Pediasure thru 4/13
= $9.98 for 2 or $4.99 each or like saving 50% Off the regular price 

$1.50/1 PediaSure Product (limit one coupon per household- large ad prints underneath)
$2.25 off when you buy any TWO PediaSure® products

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  1. My 9yo son loves them. He has some sensory issues with many foods and we tried these to help his protein intake. We only use the Sidekicks but we did try the juiceboxes when they first came out and he likes them too. He didn’t mention an aftertaste so maybe he doesn’t notice it! He also like the Carnation Instant Breakfast but their calorie count was much higher than the Sidekicks.

  2. I find them disgusting, but my daughter drinks them. Carnation Instant Breakfast appears to be essentially the same thing but way cheaper. This is a good deal though.

  3. My 12 year old recently lost 13 pounds due to a stomach virus. He was eventually admitted to the hospital, where the dietician recommended Pedisure to help him gain the weight back. I hesitated to buy this, because of the price, but my son LOVES the vanilla flavor. We haven’t tried the other flavors yet, but so far the vanilla is a hit! He even voluntarily goes into the refrigerator and picks Pedisure as his drink choice!

  4. My son loves the juice! I do think that they have a weird after taste to them….I have added apple juice to them before & that helps. My son doesn’t seem to mind either way!

  5. My 5 year old really likes the shakes. This is a great deal. They normally make you buy 3 for the gift card deal.

  6. Christina, my daughter loves their shakes but she hated the juice box ones! They have a weird aftertaste.

  7. Has anyone given these to their kids, and did they like them? My 9 year old son is on Adderall for ADHD and has a hard time getting all his nutrients and calories because it makes him not want to eat. I was thinking of getting these for him, but they are so expensive and he is picky! So just wondering if they taste good or not before I go do this deal. Thanks!

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