New Ibotta Offers: Healthy Choice, Smuckers & More

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If you have the ibotta app check for some new earning opportunities anywhere from .50 to $1 on several brands. Keep in mind it is possible for some of your offers to vary. Remember you can also use coupons and it will not affect your ibotta earnings. Note: If you are not seeing the new offers, try clicking on “Sort” in the top right corner, then select “Refresh Offers” at the top. Remember to click on the “i” in the top right corner of each offer for any exclusions.

  • Earn up to $1 wyb Biore Cleansing Cloths
  • Earn up to $0.50 wyb Chef Boyardee Lasagna
  • Earn up to $1 wyb Curel Daily Moisture Lotion 13oz+
  • Earn up to $1 wyb Enfamil Premium Infant Formula Plastic Tub or Box
  • Earn up to $0.50 wyb Fresh Express Salad Kits
  • Earn up to $0.75 wyb Healthy Choice Microwavable Soup Bowls
  • Earn up to $0.75 wyb Healthy Choice Steaming Entrees single meal size
  • Earn up to $0.75 wyb Icy Hot Pain Relieving Gel or Cream
  • Earn up to $0.75 wyb Johnsonville Breakfast Sausage Links 10-12oz tray
  • Earn up to $0.50 wyb Ken’s Steakhouse Marinade and Sauce 16oz bottle
  • Earn up to $1 wyb Smucker’s Squeeze Grape Jelly 20 oz bottle
  • Earn up to $0.50 wyb Thomas Mini Bagels 10- or 12-pack
    & more!

If you are not familiar with the ibotta app, it is a fun and easy way to earn extra money while shopping as you get rewarded with cash for buying select products at over 40 retailers. If you don’t have the ibotta app yet, you can sign up HERE and for complete details on how this great program works, you can check out my post HERE.

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  1. I’ve been loving the Chef Boyardee offer on ibotta! The 15 oz. cans are $0.96 on price cut til 4/27 at my local T and the smaller pack (shown in the picture) are $0.89 on price cut. Also, this deal works at Walmart as well and my local Walmart carries select varieties of Chef Boyardee in a 7 oz. can for $0.62. I started with an offer for the Chef B Beefaroni, redeemed it and was given another offer for the Chef B Spaghetti. I redeemed that and was given an offer for Chef B Ravioli, redeemed that and now I have the Lasagna offer. 🙂 It’s been great stocking up for quick summer lunches.

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