Target: Crest Toothpaste as low as FREE? Starts 4/28

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UPDATE: The Crest/Oral B deal is now working at registers! You can see my post HERE.

So I have rubbed my eyes 3 times, put on my glasses, whipped out the magnifying glass and the upcoming Target ad starting 4/28 still reads the same…  “FREE $5 Gift Card when you buy any Oral Care ITEM listed”.

If it turns out that it is in fact the case- then this will mean Crest 3D White Toothpaste 3-packs will be FREE after Gift Card & using a $1/1 Crest Toothpaste 4oz+ 3-31-13 PG x4/30 or in the upcoming 4-28-13 PG x5/31. Even if you don’t have an insert, you can log in or sign up at P&G to print a .50/1 Crest Toothpaste HERE, making a 3 pack just .49 cents after coupon and Gift Card.

The Oral-B 3+1 Bonus Pack toothbrushes are also shown as a listed oral care item- there are Indicator toothbrushes shown, but you can buy two 3+1 Bonus Packs, use a $1.00 Off Oral-B Pulsar, 3D White, Pro-Health or Complete Toothbrush or (2) Indicator or Cavity Defense Toothbrushes 3-31-13 PG x4/30, or in the upcoming 4-28-13 PG x5/31 and pay .98 for 2 bonus packs after coupon and two $5 Gift Cards. This will net you a total of 8 toothbrushes between both packs, or like paying around .13 cents per toothbrush.

I am not going to get completely pumped up yet about this deal- but I’m setting aside my Crest coupons and hoping it is not an error in the ad and that we’re in for some awesome deals starting Sunday 4/28.

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  1. I just came back from Target and the GC came up right after he scanned the toothpaste and the coupon went through without beeping. HTH.

  2. According to corporate, all stores should be honoring now that its programmed into the system. It should be promoting by itself now. Also my store had tons of items included like 1.5 L listerine, Colgate/oral b toothbrushes, and Colgate total/optic white/crest multipack toothpaste. Last but not least, my store has the correct signage of only having to buy one. HTHs

  3. My store in AL honored it. Their register wasn’t giving me the $5 gift card for each one so they took $5 off of each one and then I used my coupons for $1 off each making them free. I have four more coupons to use tomorrow. Not sure if they’ll honor it since it’s being reported as an error.

  4. My store in MN honored them… not sure if it is just for today or not but I did have to check out at the CS and not the regular cashier…

  5. My target did not honor the ad but they did give me $12 in apology coupons. $3 each. I still got 2 crest and 1 oral b, used 3 $1/1 and 3 $3/1 apology Qs and then they gave me the $5 GC. so the three items for $0.97 plus tax. not bad for all three items. still upset it wasn’t free. I could have gotten 4 crest and 4 oral b.

  6. Glad to hear a lot are honoring it. My store isn’t! They said it was a misprint and fixed it! Bummer!!

  7. Target on Calvine in Sacramento is honoring the deal. Register is not coming up with it but They changed the price of the 3 pack to .99 cents, charged me for a $5 gift card, and allowed me to use my coupon so it still worked out as free. They said it should be in the system by 2:00 today. Hopefully that plan does not change!

  8. My store wouldn’t honor it. An employee started to take the $5 off my sale, but the manager saw what she was doing and said this is not allowed, and that the sign in the store says I needed to buy 3.

  9. My Target was honoring this deal with no restrictions but they were selling fast. Instead if doing a gift card they just took a $5 coupon off. Definitely made the early morning shopping trip worth it!

  10. Just got back from Target and they said their ad is a typo, that you have to buy 3 items to get the $5 gift card. However they did give me an extra $5 giftcard for the inconvinience and they did not accept my coupons with the 3 pack.

  11. So, it is a miss print 🙁 I went this morning and they let me get 1 for the deal, but then they threw the disclaimer in! It is when u buy 3! At least i got to grab 1 set of toothpaste for free, so really should complain!

  12. I just went to my local Target in the DFW area and the deal is ringing up buy 3 of the items listed and get the $5 gift card. I had my ad in hand and showed it to my cashier and her supervisor and they honored it, so I got the items free after coupon and gift cards.

  13. My Target wouldn’t honor the ad this morning, but did give me $12 in “apology coupons” for wasting my time.

  14. People have stated on other blogs their stores honored this, even though it is a misprint. They are receiving 5 off the toothpaste or toothbrushes. No coupons allowed. It is nice of them to honor it, despite the disclaimer.on the back.

  15. I was able to do the deal this morning but team lead had to override the register. First they said it was an error, then it wasn’t and then it seemed like they were unsure. I left the store and the leads were still talking about it so not sure what the final outcome was.

  16. Went to Target today, they say you have to buy 3 packages for 1 gift card – not 1 three pack. Target in Coral Springs refused to honor the ad.

  17. Claudia: If u buy 4 per transaction, they will give u 4, $5 gift cards! I cant wait, im gonna be there bright and early tomorrow!!

  18. If I purchase 4 per transaction will I get 4 gc or it has to be 1 per transaction

  19. Just received my ad for tomorrow, and it isn’t even in there. It must vary from region to regions 🙁

  20. Wondering if I should go on Sunday and try? Any ideas? Is this actually true? Seems to good to be though.

  21. I went to Target earlier and took next week’s ad to show them and they said the ad was correct and there was no limit in how many you can get. Unless you use the $1 crest coupon in which case you can only use 4. I will be there bright and early. Can’t wait.

  22. My target already has a sign up that says the gift card is when you buy 3, I knew it sounded too good to be true!

  23. Hey Christine- TThere is a disclaimer published on the back of every weekly ad that states they are not responsible for typographical errors.

  24. If we bring in the ad and it states the above deal, will they have to honor it? Even if the register doesn’t automatically give the $5 giftcard?

  25. That is awesome! I hope it works. And I hope nobody goes and clears out my Target on Sunday morning 🙂 I still can’t find the benedryl itch sticks 🙂

  26. Yeah, I’m definitely not running out for this deal….I’m sure it’ll end up being a misprint…

  27. I have this coupon from the p&g booklet that was given out when you ordered samples from their website. It says 75 cent off on crest toothpaste 4.0 ounce or more or liquid gel. (excludes crest cavity, baking soda, tartar, and trial/travel size) is it usable on this deal?

  28. I think that it is a misprint. You probably have to buy 3. I live in San Bernardino, Ca. and there is an unadvertised gift card deal right now. Buy 3 selected crest mouthwash, listerine 1.5L or crest 3 pack toothpaste and get $5 gift card.

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