Target: Oral Care Gift Card Deal Now Working!

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As you may know this week’s ad offered a FREE $5 Gift card for buying one select value pack oral care item thru 5/4. Even though earlier today the registers were not prompting for the gift card after buying just one item, I have heard from several readers that this deal is now working. Kelley sent me the above photo of all the items she found to be included in this deal for $5.99 and prompting for a gift card after purchasing just one!

She found select varieties of Listerine Mouthwash 1.5 liter included at $5.99. There is a $1.00 off any 1 LISTERINE Mouthwash 1L or larger which you can use to pay $4.99 and get a $5 gift card back, making them FREE! She also found Colgate Optic White 2 ct Value pack toothpaste at $5.99, and there is a $0.75 off any one Colgate Optic White Toothpaste available to print. After gift card this makes them just .24 cents for a double pack!

Also included is the Crest 3D White Mouth rinse with a bonus trial size bottle for $5.99. There is a $1.50/1 Crest Rinse 458ml+ found in the 3-31 PG x4/30 making them $4.49. After getting back a $5 gift card it makes them better than free!

NOTE: For many of you these items will be found in the back corner of the store where holiday/seasonal is typically set up. Many of you will have a sort of bulk packaging section with value size items set up- and typically this is where these items will be found.

Also keep in mind this was an ongoing deal to buy 3 and get a $5 Gift Card that started weeks ago- so if you have signs in your store that say buy 3 get a $5 Gift Card and you trust them and walk away you will never know. My signs yesterday also said Buy 3 get a $5 Gift Card, yet sure enough I go t a gift card after EACH item, not when I bought 3. Can deals be regional? And is it possible for your ad not to have this deal and your store not to be participating? Absolutely. But my point is had I read my signs and walked away- I wouldn’t have the four Crest 3D White 3-packs sitting in my stockpile that I got for free after 4 coupons and 4 gift cards. It’s always worth a shot to tak the items up to GS or a register and ask them to look up the product to see if your store is participating.

Also keep in mind that there are a few more days to take advantage of the $15 MIR wyb $50 worth of Select P&G Products x4/30Β and 3D White Products are included.

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  1. So do all oralb toothbrushes count? There weren’t many signs up, only by the mouthwash, so I was a bit confused.

  2. FYI for those who didn’t see it in their flyer. It was posted in the email I got from Target and it is also posted on within their weekly ad/flyer when you click on it.

  3. Is there a list of everything that’s included in this deal, or is it just everything that’s pictured here? Thanks.

  4. No guts no glory! Thanks for all the tips and encouragement on this one. I went to my fav target in olathe Kansas. This wasn’t in our regions ad. I went anyway. I found my stores bulk section which I guess Id never noticed. The tag said Buy 3 get a gift card. I grabbed three just in case I chickened out. I checked out at customer service and told her that other regions had a deal on these and could she ring one up and see. Bam…1item =1 gift card. Even my customer service person got excited about this one. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

  5. When I got to my store today they were wiped out (my car had broke down so I couldn’t get to the store before today)! There were no 3 packs of crest, mouth wash, or tooth brushes left. I still got to do the crest deal as they found some for me, they were just not on the shelf in the back. I am a crest snob and will not use anything but crest. The last time I bought tooth paste was 2 years ago when Fred Meyers had them for $.25 each with the extra tube of crest with scope and coupons inside! I still have about 10 of those left from 2 years ago and bought a total of 20 tubes of crest tooth paste today. I share with my in laws and my mother so I figured I better stock up today. I don’t think tooth paste ever goes bad so my family and I will have tooth paste for a while! Also got a couple of bottles of mouth wash for my son I found in a different spot, and picked up some of the venus razors (had to bring the sign up but they gave me the deal). No toothbrushes to be found though πŸ™ Oh well, pretty happy camper today! Thank you for posting these wonderful deals on here! You are a blessing to so many of us in these hard times!

  6. Hey Lauryn- it will only show a Gift Card like that on the scanner if only a singular item needs to be purchased. so ie if you had to buy 2 it would not show on the screen.

  7. My store had tons of colgate optic white toothpaste and some total non advanced too. Also there were a few crest mouth washes and a few listerines. Lots of tooth brushes too. I also check and scanned regular 2 pack value pack toothpaste items and they rang up at 5.49 and so did the listerine down the toothpaste aisle. I found the giftcard deal ones along the bulk section at my store which was the first 2 aisles. Make sure you price check the items as others have reported it will show Free 5.00 giftcard on the right hand side on the screen. I only bought one to try it maybe will go back for a few mothwashes. Great deals though. My store was in Michigan. I had no problesm using a coupon along with the deal. Cashier had no problems ringing it up either which was great too. Now I know about scanning the products that prompt the giftcard which makes things a lot easier, I never knew that before today.

  8. I never found the crest 3D mouthwash. Are they only in the seasonal area? Do they have them in the mouthwash section too?

  9. A big Thank you to the follow Freaper who gave me 2 of her colgate toothpaste today, at the Mechanicsburg Pa Target today! Our store was wiped out.I did get 2 mouthwases,2 colgate,3 toothbrushes,and 2 razors…

  10. The expiration on the toothpaste is like the end of next year, but i’m sure it would last a couple years past that. I have travel size ones that i still have no problem using.

  11. Thanks for the support guys. I just figure with the 115 tubes, if we won’t buy it and donate the majority of it, then some other person is going to come in and get it just to hoard it for themselves. Which i’m not mad at those people either, they all have the same opportunity, and it is their choice to hoard it. It is what it is.

  12. I have to agree with seana. There are too many negative comments on here. So what if they stock up? You have the same opportunity as anybody else. The same thing happens at every clearance/ deals like this. If you can’t get it this time, there is always a next time. Life is too short to be mad because somebody got more toothpaste or toothbrushes than you did.

  13. I bought (8) 3 packs (Colgate and Crest 3d) between yesterday and today for this sale. Half are for me and half are for my son and girlfriend who are getting their 1st apt in June. Great deal. I have never seen so many negative comments about people buying anything on this site, let alone toothpaste. Expiration comments- give me a break. How many people eat toothpaste? Ingesting stale fluoride, I’ll take my chance. Seriously, you’re scrubbing your teeth. Complaints about donating it to the less needy? Donations are a good thing. Not everyone can even afford this “deal”. Sorry to hear some stores aren’t honoring this, mine had quite a bit and it was no problem. It’s toothpaste people. Not solid bars of gold. No one is getting rich.

  14. Nothing was marked at my Target in Colorado, but I was able to score a 3 pack of 3d white toothpaste and a 4 pack of 3d toothbrushes with coupons for free. Such a great deal and although it’s been a bit confusing the cashier knew just what I was talking about.

  15. I grabbed the 2-pack of Crest 3D White that was on the same endcap as all the other toothpaste included in the deal (and the exact one that is pictured in the ad). I scanned it to make sure but it came up $7.99 not $5.99, and did not say $5 gift card on the scanner. I put it back & scanned the 3 pack of smaller tubes which rang up correctly & did say $5 gift card when I scanned. Just FYI to those who are heading to Target, scan your toothpaste to make sure there’s no issues at the checkout. It’s just easier than fighting with the checker πŸ™‚

  16. well then that’s good to hear and I understand. And I’m sorry it’s just I’m a college student using coupons to save some money, so it’s just aggravating when I go to stores and shelves are cleared because people buy so many :/.

  17. We plan on donating a lot of it. There are two shelters that our church is involved with, homes for men and women. We even offered to give the cashier some because she said she should stock up, but she said it was against the rules. So, we gave her some $1.00 off coupons so that she could get it for free. We have a very giving mindset, and that’s what we plan to do with about 75 of these tubes.

  18. Well it worked yesterday for me when I tried it with a 3 pack of toothpaste so I went back at lunch today and tried it again with 3 packs and no gift card at all! Oh well should have went and grabbed another pack yesterday!!!

  19. I’m sorry but getting 115 just cause their free seems wrong, especially cause it clears the shelves and ruins the sale for others who won’t get it cause you bought it all. Sorry just saying..

  20. I just went to my Target in CA and the sign did say $5 when you buy 3. So I was prepared with my ad just in case but they prompted a gift card with each one. Also I had some Colgate $1 off coupons I’m not sure which newspaper I got them from but they totally worked. So I got 2 listerines and 2 of the 3 packs of toothpaste for free.

  21. Why does anyone need 115 tubes of toothpaste?? πŸ™ (That’s a lot even for a stockpile.)

  22. I called cooperate Monday morning and they told me its not a misprint. Because those items are bigger size as normal, they consider them season items and they wanted to sell them.

  23. OMG… I was so scare to try it at my Target (in Sacramento) but I will try it after work. I saw the sale tag but it still say wyb 3 to get the $5 gict card so I didnt try.

  24. Erika in Illinois I have done this deal at Dekalb who limited it to 4 per household per day and Peru which had no limits.Head cashier that runs over huh?Let me guess Batavia?

  25. Did anyone try this deal today, Tuesday? Target in Medford, NY told me that this deal would stop working today as it was clearly a misprint in the ad. They were still honoring the $5 giftcard on 1 item all day yesterday, though the shelves were almost completely wiped out.

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