Target: Oral Care Gift Card Deal Now Working!

As you may know this week’s ad offered a FREE $5 Gift card for buying one select value pack oral care item thru 5/4. Even though earlier today the registers were not prompting for the gift card after buying just one item, I have heard from several readers that this deal is now working. Kelley sent me the above photo of all the items she found to be included in this deal for $5.99 and prompting for a gift card after purchasing just one!

She found select varieties of Listerine Mouthwash 1.5 liter included at $5.99. There is a $1.00 off any 1 LISTERINE Mouthwash 1L or larger which you can use to pay $4.99 and get a $5 gift card back, making them FREE! She also found Colgate Optic White 2 ct Value pack toothpaste at $5.99, and there is a $0.75 off any one Colgate Optic White Toothpaste available to print. After gift card this makes them just .24 cents for a double pack!

Also included is the Crest 3D White Mouth rinse with a bonus trial size bottle for $5.99. There is a $1.50/1 Crest Rinse 458ml+ found in the 3-31 PG x4/30 making them $4.49. After getting back a $5 gift card it makes them better than free!

NOTE: For many of you these items will be found in the back corner of the store where holiday/seasonal is typically set up. Many of you will have a sort of bulk packaging section with value size items set up- and typically this is where these items will be found.

Also keep in mind this was an ongoing deal to buy 3 and get a $5 Gift Card that started weeks ago- so if you have signs in your store that say buy 3 get a $5 Gift Card and you trust them and walk away you will never know. My signs yesterday also said Buy 3 get a $5 Gift Card, yet sure enough I go t a gift card after EACH item, not when I bought 3. Can deals be regional? And is it possible for your ad not to have this deal and your store not to be participating? Absolutely. But my point is had I read my signs and walked away- I wouldn’t have the four Crest 3D White 3-packs sitting in my stockpile that I got for free after 4 coupons and 4 gift cards. It’s always worth a shot to tak the items up to GS or a register and ask them to look up the product to see if your store is participating.

Also keep in mind that there are a few more days to take advantage of the $15 MIR wyb $50 worth of Select P&G Products x4/30Β and 3D White Products are included.

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  1. Good. I spent 15 minutes arguing with my store about it this morning, they honored it in the end but they were trying to tell me I was reading the ad wrong. They treated me like I was trying to steal from them or something. Not cool. Think I will go back tomorrow and get a few more now.

  2. Did you buy all 5 of those items in one trip? If I bought the same 5 item they would give me 5 gift cards, and I should be able to go to Guest Services and have them all put on one card right?

  3. Wow! So this is legit? I know I read earlier how it was a misprint and i was at target earlier but decided not to even get any due to the misprint.I am deff going tmrw,I need mouthwash.The funniest thing was I had a hard time with the venus buy a refill and razor get $5gc.Mine didnt prompt so they had to go check if it was correct blah blah blah.

  4. I did this today at 4pm EST in Pennsylvania. They did not automatically print for each one. However, the cashier did it manually for me. She was aware of the toothpaste error. She said the Listerine was not included. I have to find it in the ad. I’m going to go back to the store here in Maryland to see how it works out.

    Question: I forgot to give her my crest coupons. πŸ™ Is there a way to fix that? I would like the $3 back. Thanks! (PS, this is my first time on this site. I can’t believe I’ve never seen it before. I’ve been couponing for years!)

  5. Oh awesome! Went today, didnt see any signage, so I didnt bother after reading all the posts. Hip hip! Going Tues now! Needing listerine and toothpaste.

  6. I was at mine earlier and they wouldn’t let me use a coupon with it but they took $5 off right away because the gift card thing wasn’t working so I was only out of pocket the $.99 for each item. Worked for me!

  7. Has anyone actually done this deal yet with everything smoothly? Hesitant to order coupons and them not accepting them… thx

  8. Sadly, is unlikely any toothbrushes will be left at my store! I have enough Listerine and toothpaste to choke a horse, but I could use the brushes.

  9. I was at target around 2:30 pm. The items were on an endcap at the back of the sotre. The had a sign up that saif buy 3 get $5 gift card. When I questioned them at the cash register they said it was a misprint. They agreed to honor the ad. However they limited it to one toothpase and one toothbrush pack. They had to manually enter the gift card. The system would not prompt for one item. I was just happy to get those.

  10. My local bloggers have validated that they are honoring the ad only for today & must be done at guest services, starting tomorrow a sign will be posted of the error & they are being limited, some have been limited to 4 while another was limited to only 1 deal.

  11. My store wasn’t happy this morning when I went and cashier argued about me being wrong about how I read it. Called over head cashier and after much hemming and hawing, I could only buy one of each. Instead of a gift card, they took off $5.00 from each. Same thing..

  12. The colgate 360 4 pk toothbrushes and colgate 3pk toothpaste was also included in the buy 1, get a gift card deal, but the toothbrushes have to have the white sticker over the barcode to scan correctly! Not all the toothbrushes had the sticker, but were exactly the same ones, so my target just scanned one package with the sticker four times and let me get all four! Such an awesome deal !!

  13. I really think if there is a misprint in the ad, the stores should still honor the deal! I used to work at Target, and this kind of thing happened ALL the time, but instead of arguing with customers, we just had to set a limit of one per customer…. though most customers would come back every day and get the deal, LOL. Luckily, my store staff was pretty awesome, never argued with a guest about anything, honored things in the ad if misprinted, but would just set a limit of 1 or 2 or whatever. I will be trying this deal this week at a new store ( I just moved, so not sure how this Target is), I am in desperate need of toothbrushes, down to my last 1!! Have enough toothpaste and mouthwash to last me another year, though.

  14. Way to go Target! I’m so impressed they’re honoring the printed ad! That’s why I like shopping there!

  15. Isn’t it usually 3 (single boxes) toothpastes you have to buy to get the gift card? So if it’s a 3 pack it should be the same thing. I remember back when buying 3 Crest TP and getting a gift card. I think the ad is right.

  16. I went this morning with 3 of the 3 packs of Crest and the register didn’t run it correctly. There was also a sign that said wyb 3. But I showed the ad to two cashiers and they gave me all three cards πŸ™‚ They had to do it manually. Also, these are all in the seasonal area at my Target with the other bulk items.

  17. My store had LOTS left on the endcap at the back of the store, so I didn’t feel bad getting 4 toothbrush and 4 toothpaste packages. Each one rang up with the $5 gift card and I was able to use my $1 coupons as well (4 each). Only one transaction was needed. If you’re doing this for the P&G rebate, it’s only the 3D White that’s included, not the toothbrushes or other types of toothpaste. I’m very happy that I’m stocked up for quite a while! (It was actually my second trip of the day, they wouldn’t honor the deal first thing this morning. I went back after I saw a FB posting about corporate honoring the ad. Glad I did!!!)

  18. Glad some of you are getting the deal. I went this morning and they would not honor the ad. I was very polite but the store mananger was so rude to me. As if I did something wrong and did not know how to read.

  19. I live in the Dallas area and went early this morning for fear they’d run out. They didn’t ring up right – they wanted you to buy 3 – but they honored the ad price and manually took the money off. The signage in the store also didn’t say you had to buy 3. I also was able to use coupons so I got three toothpastes and three packs of brushes for free! This is so nice – I keep my eye out for necessities to put in charity shoebox gifts throughout the year so they are packed and ready at Christmas time and this deal let me put a lot in each box. My store wouldn’t honor the listerine deal with one bottle, though, but i mainly went for the toothpaste and brushes so i didn’t argue it.

  20. Sadly this GC deal is not in my local ad. Maybe our store will have it as an unadvertised deal??

  21. i hate that Target is not always consistent but happy to report here in Oregon i got 10 packages of toothpaste, 8 packs of toothbrushes, 5 crest mouthwashes, 1 listerine mouthwash, 5 allergy meds, 7 travel size loreal shampoos, and 4 covergirl eye shadows all free with some overage, and no issues, complaints, or bad glares. i love love love my local target. And so do my friends because they never have to buy toiletries lol. And yes, i went to multiple targets and brought a friend so we didn’t go over 4 coupons each. i did all separate transactions to roll the gc and i got preapproval from the sup and went to customer service so i wouldn’t clog the cashiers. happy shopping everyone πŸ™‚

  22. I just got out of target i got like 10 packs of each all different transactions they took my coupons and gave me a $5 giftcard each time no problem here at my store!!!! Im a happy camper πŸ™‚

  23. The deal was working at my store in Green Bay. The sign posted said wyb 3, but at the register, the gift card deal worked just as it was advertised in the paper, I only had to buy 1 to get the deal, so when I bought 3, I got $15 in gift cards! Yeah! Thanks so much Kerry!

  24. Checked my store this morning in Central NY and signage said $5 GC WYB 3, so I didn’t even try. Wasn’t in the mood to try arguing and it was crowded.

  25. There was not a single toothbrusth pack left on the endcap that offered the gift card deal. Only toothpast and mouthwash. Like I wrote in the previous post. An employee was about to give me the deal (giving me $5 off instead of the $5 gift card) until the manager came over and told him this was wrong and I reading it wrong

  26. I am in the Kansas City area, and our ad did not have the deal printed. I read it earlier in the week, so I looked through my ad 4x to make sure I didn’t miss it. Bummer- they must have caught it before it went to print here in the middle πŸ™‚

  27. San Antonio,TX. Argued very politely this morning. Wasnt cashier. I had them call everyone out up the chain. They let me do one. But said next time i had to get 3. Told them take signs down then since said buy for 5.99 get $53 GC. Called corporate about. Love target just very disappointed. That was at 8am. Forgot about CG eyeshadow deal. So went to different store. Decided to have cashier chk 3pk 3d white crest and it prompted for GC. Did covergirl deal and walked straight back to grab crest. So i got 12 CG using inital GC. And kept flipping onto 8 trans with nothing out of pocket except inital $4.99 this am. And still have GC’s left over. My husband was like “thank you coupon fairy” lol. Had been in mood all day.

  28. Is it the Crest 3D toothpaste 2 pack or 3 pack included in the deal? When I went to my Target, the 2 pack was not included in the deal and they didn’t have any 3 pack in stock.

  29. Had absolutely no problems with this deal. My checker was handing me gift cards left and right! Items listed were found in the bulk items section way in the back off the store on an endcap. Yay!!

  30. I just went and did 2 transactions and got 5 toothpaste and 4 mouthwash.. They all rang up correctly and the listerine mouthwash even had $1 off hang tags on them!!! Awesome deal!!

  31. i couldn’t find any of the 3pk crest toothpaste or toothbrush and i didn’t see any signage about the deal

  32. Love this!!! They didn’t have any crest tonight when I went but I did get a 3-pk. of Colgate total! I had a 1/1 Colgate coupon (can’t remember from what week or what insert). I made my friend go with me. She really wanted some toothbrushes- they only had 7 so I bought 6 of them and gave her 1 pack for going with me! πŸ™‚ she was happy! My store was all out of crest so I hope they order more, because this is like the best deal!!! Even the toothbrushes too!!! So happy for this!

  33. Worked like a charm for me in Wisconsin. I walked up with one of the 3 packs about to ask if the cashier could see if the deal worked before I picked out what I wanted. He just smiled before I even got to him and said, “Yes, you get the gift card when you only buy 1.” I thanked him, turned around and went to get some more!

  34. Just got back from Target. Bought 3- 3 packs of the Crest 3D White and 2- Oral B toothbrushes 3+1 Bonus pack. Used 3- $1 off Crest Toothpaste and 2- $1 Oral B toothbrushes found in PG 4/28 and it prompted for a gift card after each one. Awesome deal and no hassle. Yay!

  35. I did this after I read the post and it worked fine for me in Portland, Oregon. The gift cards prompted after every box. I found the product in the “Costco” like section of my store.

  36. I just returned from my local Target and the deal is going through!! I bought (4) each of the mouthwash, crest 3d 3 pk of toothpaste and the oral b 4 pack of toothbrushes. The items were all located in the back of the store in a value section set up by the seasonal gardening stuff. I used my coupons on all items!

  37. @Nikole. Thanks. I had 12 q’s. They were only $3.14 here. So after qls came out to $4.56 i think. So rather than mess w the 40 or so cents just had him throw those 4 and the 4 one cent in bag.And ill just use later . Was way to many switching back and forth already and was trying to make quick and smooth.

  38. I went , flier in hand and when I got to the store it said “when you buy 3”. My Target didn’t argue with me at all but they had to adjust the prices down. The registers didn’t propmt the giftcards so I got my toothpaste and brushes for 99 cents (what the giftcard would have been):)

  39. I was just there yesterday (Saturday) and bought 3 of the Listerine for the $5 gc. This ticks me off that the very next day they are offering a $5 with purchase of 1. I knew about this offer, but thought it was only the toothpaste and toothbrushes included. Do you think if I take my receipt back and complain, they’ll give me the extra $10 in gc’s?

  40. Cheryl, you’d have to return them and buy them again as Target doesn’t adjust for gift cards.

  41. I want to thank you for posting all these wonderful deals. I got so much stuff for free today. And was really surprised there was stuff on the shelf. I did not get the Crest mouthwash because I thought they may not honor it because there was no pic of it in the ad. I will go back Tuesday and see if they have any at the store near me. I got a 3pk of Colgate Total, used the $1 MQ from the SS 4/14 (R). So Free after GC/Q.

  42. My store in Washington state had a sign that said wyb 3, however when I took a couple packs of the toothpaste to the register, they both prompted a $5 gift card for each. Yeah!

  43. My store was running low on Toothpaste but they had plenty of mouthwash on Oral Care aisle. Also if you are doing one per transaction (rolling the GC) make sure to check out the electronics department so you don’t hold up the line. Good Luck!

  44. My store honored the deal for me! I really stocked up since they said yes, got a total of 7 items, got 7 $5 cards. Register didn’t prompt but still got the deal! Wow, I got 3 two packs of Colgate and 2 3 packs of 3d and two of the 4 pack toothbrushes for .25! That’s all the coupons I had in me. Lol

  45. I couldn’t make it to Target today, but will this be honored for the whole week or just today?

  46. I saw this in the flyer… Me and little one are going to be in first thing in the morning hopefully this works!!

  47. I went to Target tonight (I live in OR) and all my transactions worked perfectly. Got the Covergirl eye shadow deal that prompted giftcard plus 2 more GC from a pack of the toothpaste and toothbrushes. And then I just kept rolling my gift cards along with using crest toothpaste and listerine coupon made them free! :] So excited about this deal!

  48. I had problems with my Target this morning. They had the wyb 3 signage up and it DID ring as wyb 3 to get the gc deal. I was sooo bummed! Later I found out that they CHANGED all the signs and it was ringing up as wyb 1. I did manage to get some, but the selection was at a minimum when I went again. I really wish they were consistent with things.

  49. Hope everyone gets at least one. But if dont watch walmart. . Ive been picking up the 2pk 3d crest for $1 or free. The 4oz pk was clearanced at one awhile back to $1. So everytime i see i scan. Sometimes reg but lots times scans $1 or $2.

  50. It worked for me this morning! I bought three and got three gift cards. Used 2 $1 coupons and 1 .75 coupon, so it only cost me a net of .25! I live 2 hours south of Atlanta.

  51. Oh – if you want to check if it works before the checkout, ring it up at a price check. If it shows “$5 gift card with purchase”, then it should work on one item. I double checked this against another set of “wyb” offer and a single item didn’t show the gift card on the price scanner.

  52. Worked like a charm at my Target in MA this morning. The signs still said must buy 3 but the registers worked on one. Plenty of stock too.

  53. So I have a question on this deal….I am new to couponing and new to target deals. So if I do this deal and get the 5 gc on my first transaction can you do s second transaction and use the gc to pay and get another gift card for the purchase on the 2nd transaction? Think it is called rolling. Hope this makes sence. I am hoping to stock up on some toothpaste with this deal! Let me know if you can do it that way or if you have to use regular payment for all the transactions, Thanks!

  54. The signs at four Indianapolis Targets clearly say “when you buy 3 items”. None of the stores would allow a $5 Target card on one item. If anyone finds out differently, please post.

  55. Worked perfectly this morning in Austin, TX. I used (4) $6/1 Zyrtec coupons for my first transaction to lower my OOP ($5.29 for the 5 packs, register took full $6 off) than rolled my $5 giftcard for each purchase. Toothpaste came out to $.26 total (with $.75/1 mq & $5 gc) and Listerine was free (with $1/1 mq & $5gc). I was amazed how much Zyrtec and Oral care stock my Target had. Still plenty left for other couponers and me, my family and the local shelters will be stocked on oral care products πŸ™‚ Happy Couponing!!!

  56. Worked at my Houston Target this morning….buy 1 get the gift card. They also had signs clearly stating a limit of 4 per household from that end cap with oral care items.

  57. I went back this morning since I just tested it out last night by getting one listerine. It still worked! I was able to get 2 packs of toothpaste and another listerine and got 3 gift cards. The signs still said “wyb 3” but I had the cashier check for me. There were no signs stating restrictions, but the product was at the back end cap in the corner of the store…well out of sight.

    I’m hoping I can print some coupons and use them because I didn’t have any today.

  58. Just got back. Out of mouthwash but snagged toothpaste. Three of them with no issues. Thanks πŸ™‚

  59. Just got back from doing this deal. My Target had the signs that said a free $5 giftcard with purchase. Glad to see the are honoring it and that it is still going! Checkout was a breeze. I didn’t have an coupons but $1.05 for a 3/pk of toothpaste is a good deal to me!

  60. I went to two targets last night and was able to get 4 packs of toothpaste and 4 packs of toothbrushes at each store. I only tried the items that were pictured in the ad, so there would be no confusion. I also didn’t bother trying to go through the line and went directly to customer service. I was able to do 8 transactions and roll my gift cards at each target, with no problem. I was also able to use my $1 coupons from yesterday’s paper. So I paid 25 cents for 8 packs of the toothpaste (24 tubes) and 8 packs of the toothbrushes (32 toothbrushes total). πŸ™‚ So glad they honored it and it was no big deal! That’s enough toothpaste for 3 years and toothbrushes for almost 2 years for my husband and I. πŸ™‚ Now if only I could find some good kids toothpaste/toothbrush deals!

  61. I just got word that they might have changed it today in some stores. now there are signs that says buy 3 get 5gc. πŸ™

  62. This is a bit extreme but I was able to buy 22 bottles of Listerine, 6 of the 2 pack optic white toothpaste, 5 of the 3 pack Colgate fresh burst toothpaste, 7 of the 4 packs of toothbrushes, 1 of the crest pro health 3 pack toothpaste, 3 of the crest 3d white mouth wash and 2 of the Colgate whitening 3 pack tooth paste for $16.55

  63. Whic pack of Colgate optic white is available for the gift card? Is it the 5.2 oz or the 4 oz? Someone would be able to help me please? πŸ™‚

  64. @Karen- there have been signs for buy 3 get a $5 gift card for weeks. I would still give it a shot. my signs said same thing

  65. This 4 a few households. My target does not seem to have any big rush on anything, but there are tons left. No employees at my store even new this deal was going on, and there were no signs but I tried and yep it worked. Saved 240 dollars today. That’s more than my last 2 paychecks. πŸ™‚ love this site

  66. Has any in Illinois tried this deal? I’m nervous to try it, there is one head cashier that runs over to the register when she sees me checking out…….

  67. Kerry- Thank you so much for helping me! πŸ™‚ I will defenitly going to Target now πŸ™‚ your awesome!

  68. Can you get a rain check for this deal? I doubt my Target will have any left when I go on wednesday πŸ™

  69. My store honored the ad, too, and let me use coupons. There wasn’t a ton stocked, so I just did one toothpaste, one mouthwash, and one toothbrush so as to leave some for others. Left a couple of coupons, too. πŸ™‚

  70. loks that way to me- can’t imagine them going thru all this trouble to reset the register to honor the ad and then changing their mind.

  71. Hey Beth- yes you can roll your gift cards. pretty much the only thing you cannot do is use a gift card in the same transaction you earned it in. but next transaction is fine hth

  72. Hey Ericka, I just did this deal in Chicago and even though the signs said buy three, it worked buying just one. I was able to get three crest toothpaste packs and two oral-b toothbrushes. I could’ve gotten more but I was doing all separate transactions and was in a rush, might go back tonight and get more:)

  73. I am West Chester,Oh. Even though the signs said Buy 3 I bought 1 and the register prompted the gift card. No problem at all. Bought 2 pks each of the crest toothpaste and the oral b toothbrush. Thanks for all the positives comments which made me give this a try.

  74. I thought the same thing about the signage (my store had the $5 giftcard when you buy 3) and was super bummed! But then I saw some people post about being able to get the deal after buying only 1 even though the signs said 3, so I gave it a try and it worked with just the 1 πŸ™‚ Does anyone know if the Crest coupon from yesterday’s P&G will work for the crest 3packs? I might go back later and see if there’s anything left.

  75. My Target is refusing to honor the deal anymore. I got what I went for, but they said they had received corrections from corporate and would refuse to do the gift card after one anymore. They were pretty pissed about the deal.

  76. Don’t forget to save your receipt and submit it to Endorse. You can get up to $1.50 back on toothpaste this week! I am going to Target right now to see if there is anything left on the shelves.

  77. Sooo happy I read all the comment before going out this morning here in sunny Colorado! I found them all- in the back part of the store where holiday stuff usually is (thanks to this blog!!!). Signs said “Get $5 gift card when you buy 3” but at the register I got one gift card per item. Thanks so much for all your comments- because when I first went looking for the deal I couldn’t find it but then remembered this blog and scored a great deal!! Love Totally Target!!!

  78. Has anyone in Michigan try this deal yet? I am going tomarrow and try it. Is the crest toothpaste 2 or 3 pack? What size is the crest mouth wash?

  79. Hi Lauryn I’m in Michigan and It worked for me at 10AM in Dearborn Heights MI.

    ” Lauryn says:
    April 29, 2013 at 2:14 pm
    Has anyone in Michigan try this deal yet? I am going tomarrow and try it. Is the crest toothpaste 2 or 3 pack? What size is the crest mouth wash?”

  80. Just a heads up, my Target in San Diego has limited it to four of each item in the sale per person! I could only buy four mouthwashes, four toothbrush packs and four toothpaste packs! They also said they are trying to get the deal discontinued at their Target because they are losing so much money!

  81. Yesterday, I overheard some store employees talking about pulling the product off the shelf and taking down the signs. Stopped in this morning to see if they had done so and yes, they did. No product, no signs, even the shelf tags were gone….no chance of getting the deal for me! Oh well, only needed some toothpaste because I’m down to one tube, but I can grab a deal at CVS in the next month or two. They always come around!

  82. i tried today to make sure it was working in my area

    got 1 bottle of listerine and got the $5 GC

    going back for more… Really need some toothbrushes.. They are included right.. my store only has the colgate in stock

  83. I tried this deal at a Target in N. Las Vegas. It worked! I got a 3 pack of toothpaste for $1.07 plus a $5 gc. (I didn’t have the coupon for it) I used the $5 gc I’d just gotten from the Gevalia coffee. The guy at the register was really nice about all my coupons and was happy to ring up the toothepaste in a separate transaction. My store only had a couple packs of toothbrushes left and no mouth rinse at all. There were a few packs of toothpaste, but I’m sure they’ll be gone soon. Everything was on an end cap at the back of the store where the seasonal stuff is. Had I not read this I would’ve never tried this deal. Thanks Kerry and to everyone who commented!

  84. here in victorville ca they honored it but wore super rude about it i only got 2 the cashier said to me that shes puting a limit to only 2 per custumer because people want to abuse it i guess shes right and wrong i wouldnt understand why someone would take 20 items most people say its to donate but most of the time its just put on there shelfs to collect dust usually every week either a drug store or grocery store has toothpaste specials i say stock up week to week not clear the shelf and ruin a good deal for everyone else….

  85. I went to the Target at the HIP mall, (Harlem-Irving), so technically its Norridge:) I’m going to try Brickyard in a few

  86. For those who have swiped the whole shelves, don’t you notice that there’re expiration dates for the toothpastes and mouthwashes?

  87. Every store I have been to (6 so far), here in Wisconsin is stocked to the max. Gift card received for each item and no limits imposed as of yet. Thank you to all for sharing your experiences!

  88. DH and I were out this morning and we had a Target visa GC to use and he suggested we go to target since we hadn’t been there in about a month… our store was just about cleared out but I asked the lady doing stock how many items had to be bought to get the GC and she had to go ask and said it was just one! Sweet two bottles of listerine, two packs of toothbrushes, and a multipack of toothpaste for $5! I was just happy that it worked πŸ™‚

  89. I couldn’t help myself…I had to go back for more! I trialed last night with one listerine to see if it worked and it did. So today I went back and got a pro-Heath toothpaste, optic white, and another listerine. Then this afternoon I got a pro health whitening, pack of toothbrushes, and a crest 3D white rinse with bonus. I was bummed the 3D white toothpaste (my fave) was $6.29 and not signed for sale, so I didn’t even try it at the register. Otherwise, awesome haul!

  90. Not sure if people notice but there is an expiration on the mouthwash and toothpaste. 3 years worth?! Not when it expires in 2014;)

  91. I tried this in Omaha today and bought 2 packs of toothbrushes, 2 packs of toothpaste, and 2 bottles of mouthwash for total of $2 after using four $1 coupons and receiving six $5 gift cards. Thanks, Totally T! πŸ™‚ A bunch of signs were posted for this deal, but the shelves were still stocked …

  92. as for the P&G MIR, for those UPC codes can’t be chipped or peeled, like those on the mouthwash & covergirl eye shadows, can we just take a picture on the barcode and send it in along with the form?

  93. I went to one in California and bought 4 Listerine. The other items didn’t prompt it but 4 is better than nothing πŸ™‚

  94. Hi Vanessa,

    I just got the app for Endorse, but I don’t see the offer for toothpaste. Where did you find yours? Thanks!

  95. I didnt see da crest 3d or the mouthwash. but I did get the listerine and optic white. and got 5 gift card fir each.

  96. To receive a GC for each item, does it have to be done in individual transactions or can it be done all at once? Sorry I’m new to this.

  97. Crazymomvivi: It was just on my list this week… I’m sorry yours isn’t there. It seems that sometimes people get different offers than others. It refreshes offers every Thursday so hold onto your receipt and see if one appears this week. You can submit receipts up to 6 days old so if it appears then, you can still cash it in.

  98. margaret in seattle: I was able to peel the UPC codes off the mouthwash and the eyeshadow. I taped them to a piece of paper and sent it in.

  99. One store was had empty shelves and another I was able to pick up the last 2 crest 3D white rinse and 2 crest pro health toothpaste. Tons of the 3 pk toothpaste left. The 2 packs and the listerine did not show gift card deal on the price check scanner but the ones I got did. So are the 2 packs of toothpaste triggering the $5 gift card wyb 1?

  100. Hey lisa- you can do it all at once. some people pay separately in order to “roll” the Gift card- ie use it on the next ttransaction to come out of pocket a lot less. it all works out the same in the end though.

  101. Working from Kearney Nebraska as of 10am this morning! I didn’t see the crest 3D white mouth wash or toothpast in on the deal though which I was bummed about that is my fav! I even had the clerk ring it up!

  102. My store had everything on sale for $5.49 making many of them money makers and the overage made the razors free!

  103. My target in Rancho San Diego ca, were FULLY stalked! Lots of toothpaste, toothbrushes and mouth wash! If any of you live in San Diego ca, the target store to go to is Rancho San Diego! Hurry and go!

  104. For the people posting about the expiration dates – the listerines I got yesterday expire in 2015!! Stock up time!!

  105. Amber – I am in the burbs of Milwaukee/Waukesha Wisconsin. I am smack in the middle of 6 locations. I bought enough for my family, but ultimately ended up at all these locations with friends who wanted in on the deal. Fully stocked shelves, no questions asked, no limits imposed, and no we did not hoard and clear shelves. One store even had a very large section of the back wall, shelves and shelves and shelves filled with the mouthwash, all with coupons hanging.

  106. Did anyone try this deal today, Tuesday? Target in Medford, NY told me that this deal would stop working today as it was clearly a misprint in the ad. They were still honoring the $5 giftcard on 1 item all day yesterday, though the shelves were almost completely wiped out.

  107. Erika in Illinois I have done this deal at Dekalb who limited it to 4 per household per day and Peru which had no limits.Head cashier that runs over huh?Let me guess Batavia?

  108. OMG… I was so scare to try it at my Target (in Sacramento) but I will try it after work. I saw the sale tag but it still say wyb 3 to get the $5 gict card so I didnt try.

  109. I called cooperate Monday morning and they told me its not a misprint. Because those items are bigger size as normal, they consider them season items and they wanted to sell them.

  110. I just went to my Target in CA and the sign did say $5 when you buy 3. So I was prepared with my ad just in case but they prompted a gift card with each one. Also I had some Colgate $1 off coupons I’m not sure which newspaper I got them from but they totally worked. So I got 2 listerines and 2 of the 3 packs of toothpaste for free.

  111. I’m sorry but getting 115 just cause their free seems wrong, especially cause it clears the shelves and ruins the sale for others who won’t get it cause you bought it all. Sorry just saying..

  112. Well it worked yesterday for me when I tried it with a 3 pack of toothpaste so I went back at lunch today and tried it again with 3 packs and no gift card at all! Oh well should have went and grabbed another pack yesterday!!!

  113. We plan on donating a lot of it. There are two shelters that our church is involved with, homes for men and women. We even offered to give the cashier some because she said she should stock up, but she said it was against the rules. So, we gave her some $1.00 off coupons so that she could get it for free. We have a very giving mindset, and that’s what we plan to do with about 75 of these tubes.

  114. well then that’s good to hear and I understand. And I’m sorry it’s just I’m a college student using coupons to save some money, so it’s just aggravating when I go to stores and shelves are cleared because people buy so many :/.

  115. I grabbed the 2-pack of Crest 3D White that was on the same endcap as all the other toothpaste included in the deal (and the exact one that is pictured in the ad). I scanned it to make sure but it came up $7.99 not $5.99, and did not say $5 gift card on the scanner. I put it back & scanned the 3 pack of smaller tubes which rang up correctly & did say $5 gift card when I scanned. Just FYI to those who are heading to Target, scan your toothpaste to make sure there’s no issues at the checkout. It’s just easier than fighting with the checker πŸ™‚

  116. Nothing was marked at my Target in Colorado, but I was able to score a 3 pack of 3d white toothpaste and a 4 pack of 3d toothbrushes with coupons for free. Such a great deal and although it’s been a bit confusing the cashier knew just what I was talking about.

  117. I bought (8) 3 packs (Colgate and Crest 3d) between yesterday and today for this sale. Half are for me and half are for my son and girlfriend who are getting their 1st apt in June. Great deal. I have never seen so many negative comments about people buying anything on this site, let alone toothpaste. Expiration comments- give me a break. How many people eat toothpaste? Ingesting stale fluoride, I’ll take my chance. Seriously, you’re scrubbing your teeth. Complaints about donating it to the less needy? Donations are a good thing. Not everyone can even afford this “deal”. Sorry to hear some stores aren’t honoring this, mine had quite a bit and it was no problem. It’s toothpaste people. Not solid bars of gold. No one is getting rich.

  118. I have to agree with seana. There are too many negative comments on here. So what if they stock up? You have the same opportunity as anybody else. The same thing happens at every clearance/ deals like this. If you can’t get it this time, there is always a next time. Life is too short to be mad because somebody got more toothpaste or toothbrushes than you did.

  119. Thanks for the support guys. I just figure with the 115 tubes, if we won’t buy it and donate the majority of it, then some other person is going to come in and get it just to hoard it for themselves. Which i’m not mad at those people either, they all have the same opportunity, and it is their choice to hoard it. It is what it is.

  120. The expiration on the toothpaste is like the end of next year, but i’m sure it would last a couple years past that. I have travel size ones that i still have no problem using.

  121. A big Thank you to the follow Freaper who gave me 2 of her colgate toothpaste today, at the Mechanicsburg Pa Target today! Our store was wiped out.I did get 2 mouthwases,2 colgate,3 toothbrushes,and 2 razors…

  122. I never found the crest 3D mouthwash. Are they only in the seasonal area? Do they have them in the mouthwash section too?

  123. My store had tons of colgate optic white toothpaste and some total non advanced too. Also there were a few crest mouth washes and a few listerines. Lots of tooth brushes too. I also check and scanned regular 2 pack value pack toothpaste items and they rang up at 5.49 and so did the listerine down the toothpaste aisle. I found the giftcard deal ones along the bulk section at my store which was the first 2 aisles. Make sure you price check the items as others have reported it will show Free 5.00 giftcard on the right hand side on the screen. I only bought one to try it maybe will go back for a few mothwashes. Great deals though. My store was in Michigan. I had no problesm using a coupon along with the deal. Cashier had no problems ringing it up either which was great too. Now I know about scanning the products that prompt the giftcard which makes things a lot easier, I never knew that before today.

  124. Hey Lauryn- it will only show a Gift Card like that on the scanner if only a singular item needs to be purchased. so ie if you had to buy 2 it would not show on the screen.

  125. When I got to my store today they were wiped out (my car had broke down so I couldn’t get to the store before today)! There were no 3 packs of crest, mouth wash, or tooth brushes left. I still got to do the crest deal as they found some for me, they were just not on the shelf in the back. I am a crest snob and will not use anything but crest. The last time I bought tooth paste was 2 years ago when Fred Meyers had them for $.25 each with the extra tube of crest with scope and coupons inside! I still have about 10 of those left from 2 years ago and bought a total of 20 tubes of crest tooth paste today. I share with my in laws and my mother so I figured I better stock up today. I don’t think tooth paste ever goes bad so my family and I will have tooth paste for a while! Also got a couple of bottles of mouth wash for my son I found in a different spot, and picked up some of the venus razors (had to bring the sign up but they gave me the deal). No toothbrushes to be found though πŸ™ Oh well, pretty happy camper today! Thank you for posting these wonderful deals on here! You are a blessing to so many of us in these hard times!

  126. No guts no glory! Thanks for all the tips and encouragement on this one. I went to my fav target in olathe Kansas. This wasn’t in our regions ad. I went anyway. I found my stores bulk section which I guess Id never noticed. The tag said Buy 3 get a gift card. I grabbed three just in case I chickened out. I checked out at customer service and told her that other regions had a deal on these and could she ring one up and see. Bam…1item =1 gift card. Even my customer service person got excited about this one. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

  127. Is there a list of everything that’s included in this deal, or is it just everything that’s pictured here? Thanks.

  128. FYI for those who didn’t see it in their flyer. It was posted in the email I got from Target and it is also posted on within their weekly ad/flyer when you click on it.

  129. So do all oralb toothbrushes count? There weren’t many signs up, only by the mouthwash, so I was a bit confused.

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