Target: Nice Deal on Simply Venus Disposable Razors


UPDATE: from the comments being left here and on facebook- looks like you will need to find a sign for this one- sounds like the register is not prompting for the gift card automatically .:(

Take a look in the back corner of your stores in the bulk section for these Simply Venus bonus Pack disposeableΒ  razors that include 6 razors plus a bonus 2 razors which are priced at $7.99.

Turns out they are part of the offer fora FREE $5 Gift Card wybΒ two select Feminine Care or Gillette shaving items thru 5/4. There is a great coupon for B1G1 FREE Venus/Daisy Disposable Razor ETS (up to $11.99) in the 4-14-13 RP x5/31 that you can use to get a very nice deal…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Simply Venus Bonus Packs ($7.99) = $15.98
-$7.99 (use B1G1 FREE Venus Disposable Razor 4-14 RP x5/31
= $7.99 – $5 Gift Card Back for buuying 2 thru 5/4
= $2.99 for 2 or $1.50 each package after couponns & gift card

Venus prducts also qualify for the –$15 MIR wyb $50 worth of Select P&G Products x4/30!

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  1. Hey Laura- you cannot combine manufacturers coupons at Target that way. If you had a target coupon for $X/1 you could use on item you are payingfor but not an MQ hth

  2. Ladies check your binders, I have MQ for Venus disposables that state buy one get one free. I’m assuming these should work.

  3. Mine didn’t work! πŸ™ I went up to the register, and it wasn’t prompting for a giftcard, the cashier had someone check and it said when you buy any two. Then she asked another lady and she said check the ad. She was looking at the refillable razors and said I had to buy a razor and a cartridge… Kind of hard to buy a cartridge to a disposable razor. The sign in the store said when you buy 2. I just gave up because this lady behind me had been waiting for so long. Definately not happy. I am going to call them up today and tell them that they need to fix this.

  4. I just attempted this deal with the item pictured and two packs did not prompt a gift card. Neither did three. I wish it had these would have been a killer deal!

  5. This would me a MM with rebate then. I think…
    Buy 8 @ 7.99 = $63.92 get 4 ($5 gift cards) – $20 = and 4 B1G1 FREE Venus Disposable Razor 4-14 RP x5/31. Pay 1.50 each x 8 = $12 submit for rebate get $15 back = $3 MM

    Too bad I only have 1 of those B1G1 coupons. Hopefully this works for someone else though πŸ™‚

  6. I recently bought those razors prior to the gift card being offered and my Target gave the full $11.99 off. So this could be a nice money maker. When I opened the razors there was also a Target coupon for free shaving gel. (I think it was Satin Care) …

  7. @Kallie, There are 2 different Venus razor deals going on. One in the regular shaving isle (buy one refillable razor at $8.99 and a cartridge) and one in the seasonal section (buy 2 disposable razors at 7.99). They’re on two different pages of the ad this week. That’s probably what confused them.

    I’m not sure if all Target stores have a prompt for the Simply Venus razors though. My store had the sign by pink disposable Venus Olay razors in the seasonal section though.

  8. I have a buy one 3 ct cartridge, get one razor free (I’ve already used my bogo disposable last week). Does anyone know if the 3 ct cartridges are included in the buy 2 get $5 gc sale?

  9. My store did not have signage for this, nor did the gift card prompt. But for some reason my coupon for buy 1 get one free took off $11.99 ( I didn’t notice until after I left) which was another $4 so it was almost like I got the $5 gift card… πŸ™‚

  10. Went to target this morning and these razors did not prompt the GC. The sign at my store clearly shows it is for the disposable razors, but I was told they could not honor it because it was not in the ad. Oh well, still some great deals at Target this week as well as last week. I LUV target.

  11. No go at my Tempe, AZ store. I found the correct bonus pack Simply Venus razors in the seasonal/bulk section, but no gc prompted. I have plenty of razors, so I’m ok with it :).

  12. I wanted to add that on pg 13 of the ad it clearly says that the deal is on (reusable razors) but in the store it says that the deal is for “disposable razors”. At my store the items on pg 13 Gillette razors say that they are reusable. There is a glinch and I contacted corporate and they seem unaware. They apologized. Still awesome deals at Target…..I WUV target. Happy Shopping.

  13. Just tried to buy but wouldnt prompt for gift card. Shows a different one in the ad (single one at 8.99). apparently have to buy two of those.
    oh well – thanks for trying – got a 3 pack of colgate total for 99 cents after $5 giftcard (could only buy one) so im happy. thanks for helping us save a bunch πŸ™‚

  14. Niles, IL, approx 11am – bought two of the pkgs pictured and no gift card prompted. No sign up by these so store would not honor the deal.

  15. I bought 2 and it wasn’t part of the gc deal but I kept them because the bogo auto deducted and I got both packs for 2bucks after overage from other products I bought!

  16. If everyone else’s Target is like mine, it will still take off the full $11.99! That makes for a $1.01 money maker if you have the gift card deal!

  17. Picked 2 packs up using my BOGO coupon, no target gift card. However, the razors have a coupon for a free shaving cream inside! Score!

  18. The register did not prompt for the GC but the manager took $10 off of 4 packages. I also used 2 BIGIF MQ which automatically deducted 11.99 each so $2 MM in the end….this never happens to me πŸ™‚

  19. i got these in abq nm. inside was a tq for a free 7oz satin care. did deal again at different store today and got 2 pkgs razors 2 7oz satin care paid 28cents oop. used 1 b1g1 razor q, 2 free satin care tq, and 2 .55mq for satin care, $5 tgc. now i have 2 more free satin care tq.[b1g1q took off $10.99]

  20. they werent part of giftcard deal at my target there was no sign and it didnt promp for a giftcard πŸ™

  21. Tried to do this deal at my store this afternoon. There was a sign up but it did not ring up when I tried to buy 2. They would not honor the deal. πŸ™

  22. Do all 3D Crest White products count for the rebate or is it just the 3D Crest White Strips as shown in the picture?

  23. The register was doing the same for me even though there was a sign posted for the gc, but I had two very nice employees helping me that actually went and checked the sign and ended up just manually adjusting the total down $5 πŸ™‚ I was very grateful because my B1G1 coupon rang up at the max value of $11.99 instead of $7.99, making it a $1.01 moneymaker after the $5 adjustment! (I had other items to catch the overage). I’m starting to get to the point where I get picky about which employees I want to check out with because some are definitely more helpful than others.

  24. Yesterday I purchased the 3 ct cartridge and the re-fillable razor (8.99 + 16.39). I used my B1G1 coupon from 4/28 P&G insert. The register took 8.99 off for the razor, but did NOT prompt for the GC. It stated in the aisle that if you bought both you’d get the $5 GC…..hmmmmm.

  25. I bought 2 pkgs. today and got a nice surprise when the register took off $11.99 for the free one. I thought it was a good deal at $7.99. I didn’t get the gift card but with a coupon inside for free shaving lotion I was pretty happy.

  26. Target is having a lot of issue with GCs this week! The Gillette Power razor and cartridge isn’t giving a gift card either. They gave me $5 store coupon instead.

  27. Does anyone have the upc# on the $7.99 venus multi pack. They are not on gc promotion at my store. The store is saying the olay venus is the disposiable that is the addon gc. I want to call corporate to see,because I am confused. Thanks

  28. This deal didnt work at my local Target either. Did not prompt for gift card, so manager said she couldnt do anything for me. Boo. I really wanted this to work πŸ™

  29. @Jane: YES! Any Venus product works.

    I went to my Target this morning & they had a sign under the razors. However, they still didn’t prompt. Checker looked through ad but didn’t find those razors. After running to the back of the store the employee there found the sign & the store manager agreed to take $5 off. I had 8 packs of razors & 4 BIGI free coupons. I’m pretty sure the checker thinks I’m crazy. But I won’t need to buy razors for at least a year!!!

    The Crest & Colgate packs were prompting after only one package, I was thrilled to find I not only had 4 of the new $1/1 Crest MQ’s, but I also had 2 from last month (expire today) and 1 Colgate $1/1 MQ. So I have toothpaste for at least a year for free!!!

  30. Went to my CA Target for this deal yesterday. Same signage as your picture above but deal did not prompt. When I went back to show the associate he told me the sign was put over the wrong item. They did not honor the deal but I was given a “sorry for the inconvenience” coupon.

  31. The deal didn’t prompt here in North AL, but sign was up. Employee working on signage in that area was a total jerk and I took the sign to take with me to Customer Service (I don’t leave signs in place like this as I have had someone remove a sign and claim it wasn’t there so I learned my lesson!). The Target employee was actually trying to grab the sign out of my hand. Customer Service folks were very nice and said they would just take off $5 on each set of 2 (I bought 4 total), but after checking my receipt they only took off $3 twice. but I did get the full value on the coupon. After tax I paid $4.85 for 4 packages. The odd thing I noticed when I scanned these packages at the self scanner and at the register is it states it is for a 2.5oz. shave prep, not a gazillion disposable razors. Sure hope these work for my rebate.

  32. I also found these razors and had someone check them for me and they did not work. They were NOT showing for the $5 gift card. I am in Tennessee.

  33. Just a note, each package of razors also offers a Target coupon inside for a FREE 7-oz. Gillette Satin Care shave gel.

    If you are able to do the deal, that means an additional 2 FREE shave gels with your 16 cheap razors. I was able to use the BOGO coupon only for 10.98 because they gave me a $5 discount instead of the gift card. $10.98 was the left over value on the receipt before taxes. 8% tax rate in CA meant 88 cents OOP. YAY! Thanks for the tips.

  34. It didn’t work for me, but it did deduct $11.99. so it was like, I don’t know, 3.99 for a butt load of razors and two coupons for free shaving cream. So, that’s good, right!

  35. I have multiple 4-14 Red Plum inserts and cannot find the BOGO Venus razor coupon in any of them. Does anyone have any idea why not??

  36. I am in MN and this deal worked!! The B1G1 coupon automatically took 11.99 off and then I also used 1 $3.00 off venus razor. Bought 2 at 7.99 each for $15.98. Minus 11.99 coupon and 3.00 coupon. Paid .99 and got a $5 gift card!!

  37. Here in WA it did not prompt the gift card deal either. I took the sign with me and double checked at the scanner. The manager gave me the deal with the sign. I used the BOGO razor coupon and also used the $3 off coupon so I got them for a great deal! Thanks!

  38. Mine didn’t prompt for the gift card either — I didn’t notice it until I got home. I’m going to go back there and see if they’ll give me the in-store gift card. If not, I’ll return them. πŸ™‚

  39. I’m in Kentucky and it’s not working here either. I tried purchasing 4 yesterday and the register didn’t prompt for the gift card, when I questioned the cashier she informed me that the ad stated it was for Gillette Venus & Olay razor only so she wouldn’t let me get the gift card so I told her to just take them off my bill. I swear my Target never has anything that is posted on here they are suppose to have. Last week and this week I tried doing the Granite Gold deal where they were suppose to be B1G1 (according to this site) and was told both times that was incorrect, they weren’t on sale and haven’t been. You’d think Target was Target and no matter where your located you’d have the same sale items from week to week.

  40. I’m in Iowa. The $5 gc didn’t prompt. Instead I used the Bogo which gave me $11.99 plus on the same page where you find that coupon there is a $2 off and gillette disposeable. It doesn’t state venus but it will allow you to redeem with the bogo for the venus disposeable razors bc they are made by Gillette. I also saw that the reg size packs of simply venus were on price decline for around $5.89 so I got two of those for free and actually made around $2.20 on overage on the whole deal!!! If I had known about the free gel inside the big pack I would have spent my overage on those instead but hey….free is free right?

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