$1/1 Listerine Coupon Reset = FREE at Target!

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It looks like several coupons have started to reset including the $1.00 off any 1 LISTERINE Mouthwash 1L or larger! (note- a large ad prints underneath this coupon) This reset is great news since we have a current offer going on at Target for a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 1 select Oral Care Item thru 5/4. Select Listerine 1.5 Liter bottles are included and prompting for this gift card after buying just ONE.

So you would buy 1 select 1.5 liter for $5.99, use a $1.00 off any 1 LISTERINE Mouthwash 1L or larger, pay $4.99 and get a $5 Gift Card Back- making these nice big bottles FREE after coupon and Gift Card! Despite still seeing many older signs saying wyb 3, I found the ones shown in my photo- the Freshburst, Zero & Cool Mint 1.5 liter bottles all prompting for a gift card wyb just ONE.

You may find some in the back by the bulk section, but check the regular shelves too since I found all 3 shown in the regular aisle. If you’ve got the right one, it should show up right on the price check scanner screen as offering a Gift Card.

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  1. Was able to get 7 listerine zero and 7 gift cards, here in Chicago on Southside 5/2/13, had previously tried at a different location and did not receive the card, but a new location worked perfectly. Also purchased 3 packs of Colgate toothbrushes and received 3 gift cards. thank you Kelly for keeping me focused on retrying.

  2. @Kerry, if I buy two Listerine in one transaction, do I get two or one $5 gift card? i.e., to get two $5 gift cards, I have to do two separate transactions? Thank you in advance 🙂

  3. Kerry, I did NOT have the crest 3D white toothbrushes and I had the mint flavored Listerine, I may go back today and try a different kind of Listerine and see if they have any 3D toothbrushes left. My caisher was very nice and I had coupons for everything, but i just put everything back. thanks

  4. Hey Lakeesha- there are several 1.5 liter bottles of listerine that dont work- as well as several Oral B value packs that dont work. was it one of the listerine bottles shown?

  5. Hey Kallie- so did mine. The signs don’t determine what the register does though. SOme stores were good about changing their signs- others were not- my store had all their old signs for wyb 3 in place- yet the register prompted after each one. If you look at the sign and turn around and walk away you will never know.

  6. If the coupon passes we’re good, if it promps and has to be overridden some will take a second look but rarely read the fine print. Often kind couponers get kinder treatment if you’re mean the cashiers will make a big deal and bring the manager over even though we can override coupons and i know that for a fact. I tell couponers to come to my line. Often theyll give me coupons and which makes me love them more and get away with long and multiple transactions which some don’t allow. We do not condone shelf clearing, it’s in one of our newest training pamphlets. Four same coupons pet transaction was enforces due to shelf clearing coroners. The listerine is marked wyb 3 its wyb 1 thus a lot is left on the shelves originally i didn’t double check until i saw it on here, good . My store doesn’t enforce the 4 but we do not let you get away with clearing a shelf. Check in the bulk area a lot of people found it on the oral care but theirs more in the back. If you cant get any ask them for their truck date thats when theyll get more product can’t ensure it’ll be on the truck but theirs a chance


  8. Picked up 2 crest whitening rinses and 2 toothpastes and paid for them in the electronics dept. The next day I went back because the shelf had tons of toothpaste left and thought I should have bought a few more. They were all were gone! I did find a few Listerine mouthwashes left in the regular dental isle so I picked up 2 with my other grocery items. The cashier said you cant use coupons with a gift card deal. I asked since when? Yesterday. hmmmm. (I think maybe because of the toothpaste shelf clearer lol) So I said thats ok I will take it over to customer service and dbbl ck, thank you. As she rang up my items she was asking a front end supervisor and she didn’t know anything about it either. Over at cs 2 of the girls said yes you can use coupons and rang me up. Me personally I would never try to argue or cause a scene at a register because of coupons. Every store has their policy whether written or not. I respect it and if something doesn’t work for me then I’ll try another store if its that important. I LOVE FREEBIES! Thank you for the post.

  9. This deal did NOT work for me here in Chicago, went to Target on southside, bought 1.5 liter of Listerine, did NOT trigger gift card, bought 4 pack of Oral B toothbrushes, did NOT trigger gift card, went back, got 2 pack of toothbrushes, still did NOT generate a gift card. I am bummed, but hay its always another deal.

  10. I was able to get this deal and grabbed one because that’s all I need for a long while. I love target for certain items because they have these deals. Additionally, I am not saying this to be rude, but for people who are buying four or even eight that is $23 to $39 dollars. I know you are getting a gift card for each one, but there are just some essentials you can’t buy at target to use the gift cards. So, sure you have the gift cards, but you spent $23 to $39 dollars in cash for mouthwash. (also, I don’t really like buying groceries at Target unless its a smartone deal so maybe int hat case I could see the justificaton for some) I think one or two would suffice, but that’s just me.

    Also, as far as cashier goes I normally look for a person with a smile on there face, not a grumpy I don’t want to be there worker, and I definitely look for any young teenage male to check me out. They normally let everything slide, because if something happens that beeps they just override it and say whatever looks good to me. LoL

  11. I understand Sarah and thank you for your explanation. The managers and employees do know me and are usually nice. I realize that employees and managers do talk about certain customers. I thought he would have waited till I was gone or not within earshot of hearing. Frankly I’m over it already.

  12. I haven’t printed coupons in the last month, but now can only print 1 coupon of each thing off of Coupons.com, instead of the 2 I always used to get. Did they change their policy while I was away?

  13. I have a feeling that both my area Target pulls things off the shelf on deals like this. Between good razor deals like last week and the Bounce and this deal they all are empty yet have full stock back out come Sunday morning or when the deal is over. I shop the Humble and Atascocita stores in Texas.

  14. Sarah, so part of what you’re saying is why it can be so hard for us couponers. Cashiers that are taking their job way too seriously. It’s a business transaction and you are hired by Target for processing this transaction. There’s no need for cashiers to specifically single out someone checking out and make them feel like they are stealing something. There shouldn’t be any judging since you don’t really know what those couponers are going to do with the items they are couponing for. Many couponers share with others, donate items, or simply have a big enough family to be able use the items before they would expire.

  15. Let us remember there are families with 5+ members Four mouth washes would only last a few months. While I understand that Target is trying to address those shoppers who do not care about their actions, they can not alienate their larger family clientele.

    Sarah and Tdjones. We must remember that any store has the right to enforce whatever coupons they wish to accept and the policy they feel is fair. I am not fond of the four coupons per transaction policy myself. This angers people standing in line when I have to do three separate transactions to purchase ten boxes of Morningstar with coupons.

    I am a bit taken aback by the lack of professionalism not only at Tdjones stores but Sarahs store as well. Gossiping and slandering customers should not be tolerated. The lack of control clearly shows that Targets guest complaint program is a failure.

  16. Sarah I love it! I have a great relationship with one cashier at my Target. She actually searches me out and wants me to go through her line. I am super nice and ask her about school and stuff. I try not to be rude because I understand they have a job to do. My cashier has over ridden several things just because I do treat her with respect and never argue 🙂

  17. tdjones – I’m a Target employee. The reason we enforce the whole four per customer rule is because we often get people who clear the shelves, and then we have dozens of angry guests. Yes, they COULD have overridden it, but, quite frankly, it was not their problem that your coupons expired today. It would have been nice if they had been for longer, yes, but Target is a corporation, not a charity. Likely, the company knew that there were going to be free products out there and didn’t want to lose too much money.

    Here’s the kicker, though, and this is something every couponer should know: The cashiers and the front lanes manager will remember you. If a couponers visits us a few times, we are likely to remember them, purely because we don’t get to see too many. The cashiers have the power to override most things, and if you’re consistently nice to them, they’ll let you get away with a lot more. If you’re rude to them once, they will complain about you in the break room to every cashier. If you drag the manager over, you have ensured that every cashier has seen you, and they all instantly don’t like you. If you pitched a fit to the manager, s/he will also remember you when you want more favours. Pitching a fit over a few mouth washes may have ruined several people’s shifts, and it also labeled you as the crazy couponer who won’t be getting away with a lot.

  18. I wasn’t having any trouble using my coupons and giftcards to buy more stuff. I was doing great until I passed by the Target in Pasadena, the cashier actually refused to give me my giftcard to make sure I didn’t use it in my next transaction until I paid for the next one. I mean seriously!? He didn’t even ask if I was going to do that (which I was and had at another target but he didn’t know that!) either way what did he care? This was my first transaction at that store. I’m never going back to that target two cashiers came over and said “oh yeah you can’t use that for the next one”. Talk about overkill… I didn’t know they were directly benefiting from my purchase.. Pfft… I would have complained but my mother gets nervous when people start arguing.

  19. my target here is pa was picked clean except for the listerine bottles in the regular aisle which i didn’t need.

  20. I agree with some of these comments. Just because you wanted to get more than 4 is wrong and greedy. The more you complain about things like that the more it looks bad on us couponers. There are other couponers and regular people out there that need these deals in order to save money. Don’t be so greedy. Take the time to actually do several transactions in different stores and throughout the days. If they run out, too bad. It’s not the end of the world.

  21. I tried at a City Target (Seattle) and ask before pay to check if I will get the gift card and it was not working. The City Target has a different add (sometimes we dont get some of the gift cards promos). She look at the add and said if it was there she will give it but it was not
    I will have to drive to get some for free… I am almost out of toothpaste! (For us 2 packs are enough)

  22. My target would not do the crest OR the Venus razors:((. They even rolled their eyes when I said it was in the ad. I was pretty upset. My glade coupons worked out great:)

  23. @Kerry – when I scan the item myself, should I see the promotion (the $5 giftcard) in the description on the self scanner?

  24. I was going to get 4 toothpaste, 2 moutwash, and 2 toothbrush which would last me for a really long time. I was just trying to get enough to last for 3-6 months. I do realize there are people who are getting outrageous with how much they are getting but I only wanted 8 total. I only make biweekly trips to Target unless there is a ridiculously good deal.

  25. I called corporate to ask if they were enforcing a limit or if they could have the manager approve me using the toothpaste and mouthwash coupons since they expired today. The closest Target is 5-6 miles from the one I was at. I am going to contact them again because the employee was rude and unprofessional. I am grateful for the deals in which Target does, but since I am unemployed with 2 kids I can’t afford to go from store to store.

  26. My Target had up huge signs promoting the deal… if you bought 3 of the items. 🙁

  27. I picked up 8 bottles today! I had four coupons I printed from coupons.com. And then I found 4 hang tags on the bottles. I was only planning on getting 4 bottles but I’m glad I found those hang tags. There was still a ton left on the shelves at my store. (Bloomfield, MI)

  28. I agree with Denise…4 FREE products is great. A limit of 4 makes gives everyone a chance to get the deal. Buying 15 or 20 just because you can is IMO greedy and unneeded. Such greediness is why Target changed their policy to begin with 🙂

  29. My Target limited me to four too! No big deal! I can always go to another Target or you could go again later in the week at a different time. Probably won’t remember you!

  30. I don’t understand why tdjone00 would call corporate and complain. If one has a coupon then you are literally getting a product for free. I think 4 free products is generous for a major company. Target is in the business to make money so that fact that for 3 days now, people have been getting free oral care items is amazing. It is 4 free items more than I had when I woke up this morning.

  31. there is also a $1/1 listerine coupon the the 4/7 RP
    The Listerine is hidden on the regular shelf at my store.. with a $6.24 sale price tag ( red) But they are the $5.99 GC bottles..

    Did buy the colgate 4pk toothbrushes today.. worked great..

  32. I’m picky about my cashiers too. I don’t do anything, or ask them to do anything they’re not supposed to do, but some know the rules and computers better than others. I have a great raport with 3-4 of the cashiers, and I always seek them out. My store had no problem with this deal on Monday morning, but I almost questioned if there was anything left by today! Such a great deal obviously, I’m sure everyone following blogs such as this knew what to be on the lookout for this week.

  33. I went into 2 Targets today and didn’t have any issues with cashiers being rude,but the one cashier ran out of gift cards on me and told the guy she needed more,hes like that’s wierd like he didn’t know about the mistake they make and fixed with the signs.Doing deals like this and using coupons to get it free is like a drug(lol)and im not stopping:)Thank you Target for the great coupons you put out to help people save money and take care of their family’s.

  34. I found a great cashier yesterday so I would do a couple transactions of 3 and then take it out to my car before doing more. I wasn’t thinking I would be able to use all my coupons in one trip, but when I found this cashier I knew I could just get all the transactions in right then with no issues. I’ve had my share of bad cashiers too though so it’s always hit or miss.

  35. one of my Target stores limited it to four per person per day. when I called corporate and try to explain that the crest coupon expired today she told me that the manager can limit how many each person gets. I don’t think she understood what I was trying to say because she wanted to talk to a team member and then when I found a team member he was really rude. I just said forget it cause I was going to go to another store, they ran out, and when I got to the front to pay the team member was talking about the situation right in front of me. I almost lost my cool. I told them that their company is the one who came out with these coupons and specials if they didn’t want us to buy them then they wouldn’t have made them. I’m out here trying to survive and get a good deal just like everyone else.. I am going to email corporate about the situation because it could have been handled differently. I am so close to boycotting Target altogether because of issues like this. For those of you who have had no issues that is great that your stores are saying first come first served and not placing limits. Woosah!

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