New Crest Coupons- Free Rinse & Cheap Toothpaste!

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It looks like we have several coupons new printable P&G coupons this morning including a $1.00 off 1 Crest ProHealth Rinse 458mL or larger and $0.50 off select Crest Toothpaste 4.0oz or larger! These new coupons are great since we have a current offer going on at Target for a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb ONE select Oral Care Item thru 5/4. Select Crest 3D White Bonus bottles and Crest Value Multi-pack Toothpastes are included and prompting for this gift card after buying just ONE.

So, if you buy 1 Crest 3D White Multi-Care Whitening Rinse Bonus Pack $5.99, you can use a $1.00 off 1 Crest ProHealth Rinse 458mL or larger, pay $4.99 and get a $5 Gift Card Back- these bottles will be FREE after coupon and Gift Card and you get an 8 oz bottle free (attached to larger bottle)!

Also, if you buy 1 Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste Value 3-Pack at $5.99, you can use a $0.50 off select Crest Toothpaste 4.0oz or larger, pay $5.49 and get a $5 Gift Card Back – making each toothpaste only .16 cents each! These were found in the bulk section near the back of the store, but check the regular shelves too.

The .75/1 Colgate Optic White Toothpaste Coupon has also reset today for the new month, and the 2-Pack of Optic White are also prompting for a gift card after purchasing just one at $5.99, so just .24 cents for a 2-pack after coupon & Gift Card.


And if you missed my post yesterday- the $1.00 off any 1 LISTERINE Mouthwash 1L or larger coupon has also reset for May! Select 1.5 Liter bottles are also included and prompting for this gift card after buying just ONE. Pay $4.99 after coupon and get a $5 Gift Card Back- making these nice big bottles FREE after coupon and Gift Card! If you’ve got the right items, it should show up right on the price check scanner screen as offering a Gift Card as in my above pic.

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  1. I’m in Florida, and the deal is nowhere near this good. They have the toothpaste at $5 for the 2 pack, with no gift card. The gift card only applies when you buy 3 Listerine mouthwashes 🙁

  2. Judy – At the Falls location only the Listerine Zero works for the GC deal. All out of toothpaste & Oral B. However, I DID NOT try for the 2 packs of Optic White or the 3D White Mouthwash as they weren’t in our ad & didn’t read this post until after I went to the store. Not sure about the Tosa store. FDL might be too far for you but I was there yesterday and they still have a ton of the Listerine only. Again I didn’t check for the other 2 items I mentioned that aren’t in our ad. I’m heading to Oshkosh Saturday, hopefully they have something left by then. (I live closer to FDL & OSH, just happened to be in the Falls the other day.)

  3. Jill, the two Target stores I tried were on 124th and Capitol in Wauwatosa (that was the one that was cleared out) and then I tried Menomonee Falls. There were no signs or empty shelves in MF and the employees I asked were not helpful. I had limited time and didn’t have the ad with me. I was going to go to guest services and ask about it but just didn;t have time. I’m thinking of trying the Grafton store tomorrow, but I think I’ll call first and ask if they have any and if so, ask if they are honoring the deal. I live in West Bend and so there isn’t a Target close by. I usually try MF or Wauwatosa if I’m out doing other errands that take me in those directions.

  4. I went to my store in Casselberry, FL and scanned the 2-pk Optic White toothpaste, several bottles of Crest Rinse and several bottles of Listerine. None of these items said $5 gift card when I did the price check. There were also no Crest 3 pk toothpaste. I was really bummed about this.

  5. wondering if this is a regional thing…went to my target in Orlando,fl and no signs about the deal..scanned the items at price check and it did not say $5 gift card at side..anyone else in orlando

  6. I was able to get 4 listerines yesterday. I consider this a blessing! I will try again, but if there aren’t any I will just appreciate the four I got yesterday. My register rang up $130, after coupons down to $80 with $25 back in GC. I was happy! We should be excited if we get this deal and happy that they are honoring a “glich” and quit complaining. I am glad they are limiting it to four. That is FAIR!

  7. Another thing…why is everyone getting their shorts in a twist because Target is limiting it to 4 gift cards per transaction? Sorry but this gives new meaning to the phrase “this little piggy went to market” LOL!!!

  8. Julie, I understand that you are donating and I’m all for that!!! BUT to clear a shelf just to donate seems a little extreme. There are lots of people out there who make too much money to apply for help but not enough to get by without coupons. When people clear a shelf out of greed or to donate those are the people who get hurt. I say donate but in moderation so that everyone has a chance to provide for their family 🙂

  9. Sarah I am aware that theres alot of people out there that clear shelves for the thrill but there are alot of people who use couponing for donation purposes.I live in IL in an area that was recently devastated by flooding,when I went to donate some items the lady said,”You must be a couponer,thank god for you guys more than half our donations have been couponers.” Just wanted to share a positive coupon story!

  10. I went to my Target yesterday, Cedar Rapids Iowa, and they would not honor buying 1 item for the gift card. They have signs displayed saying you have to purchase 2 of selected items for the $5 gift card and 3 of selected items for the gift card. I was bummed and didn’t get in on this offer. That’s great for those of you that have though!! 🙂 I have received many great deals from following your website, I love it!! Keep up the amazing work you do and thanks for your time that you put into this!!!

  11. at our target in Asheville NC, I did get 4 of the listerine in one transaction. The cashier was surprised that it was prompting for a gift card for each item. He was amazed at the deal and very friendly about it. each bottle actually had a $1 coupon on it. so i didn’t have to use the ones i printed. i will try to get the deal again later in the week. there were plenty of bottles on our shelves, with the sale tag clearly displayed on the shelf – in it’s place on the regular aisle. We did not have any of the toothpaste or crest mouthwash tagged for the deal. i scanned two toothpastes …just to check. nope. only the listerine. good enough for me. 🙂

  12. I went to two different Targets in SE Wisc yesterday. At the first store, someone had either cleared the shelves or the store decided to remove the items until the ad is over. At the second store, there was no evidence the items had ever been there. No signs, no empty shelves. When I asked two different Target employees about where I could find the toothpaste, both said something very vague’ like “I guess we must be out out it.”

  13. The store I went to yesterday had pulled all the oral care giftcard items off the shelf and had them in a cart. I don’t know if they were going to put the cart out of sight in the back or what but I grabbed 3 Colgate toothpastes from it. I have gone 4 times and have enough mouthwash and toothpaste for a year!

  14. She will probably be selling it on eBay or a flea market. Yep, I have seen it.

  15. I was told at my target in IL that these items were discountinued and its been two days and they still haven’t restocked shelves 🙁
    Also they can’t tell you what form of payment you can use WTH! I would call corporate on that store for sure.

  16. I was so disappointed. I went Sunday and the sign said “when you buy 3” so I didn’t bother. Then I found out Monday that the deal was still working, so I went and got the very last pack of toothpaste. The guy at the register said a woman came and completely cleaned them out of everything.
    I don’t get it. The stuff expires in 2014. And the guise of “donating” is such a ruse. I know people just do it for the thrill. She didn’t need 100 packs of everything. Just makes me mad, because a family that is only using enough for themselves (and just trying to make ends meet) is excluded from this deal because other people are greedy.

  17. I tried the Optic White deal today but it didn’t prompt the gift card….why?

  18. Well, I got 4 listerine at my Target. Everything else was out. At least I got something. 🙂

  19. I went to 2 different targets. In the first one they do let you pay with GC but the limit is 4, and on the other target there is no limit but you can’t pay with GC.

  20. I was at at Target today & the cashier was like “Oh we have been limiting it to 1 per customer since Sunday”. Funny that I was in there Mon. & Tues & they didn’t limit me. I only bought 3 Listerines each time (There were still tons on the shelf today). She asked her manager & he’s like no that’s okay, go ahead. Just made me laugh, because she was the only one enforcing the rule!

  21. I can’t believe there would still be anymore of anything left. I was able to get a few of the crest whitening mouthwash, listerine mouthwash and a few 3 pk toothpaste. I was bummed because I really needed the toothbrushes and couldn’t find any left at 3 of the Target stores nearby. Oh well, the things I got were free. If I end up finding more the next time I go back I’ll just check out at the electronics department. I usually go there if I have just a few things to purchase. The guys are always really cool in that dept.

  22. I’m a lil bummed now lol I already had $10 in gc when I went Monday I didn’t use those and ended up paying $75 with coupons for 2 packs of the tooth brushes,3 packs of the 3 pack of deodorants ,three packages of pads and 4 cover girl eyeshadows. I did get 4 $5 gift cards

  23. Hey Jessica- no you would not. If you buy 2, the register will pause and prompt the cashier to hand you a gift card each time a qualifying purchase goes over the scanner within the same transaction. so if you buy 2 it will stop her/him twice. hth

  24. Hey SOnja- yes absolutely. pretty much the only thing you cannot do is use a gift card to pay for the same transaction you earned it in. hth

  25. I went to my Target today, and I scored 70.00 worth of stuff for about 35. Through coupons and this promotion, I was able to get free or very cheap items. Just to keep a heads up though, targets have been warned about this promotion, and most stores have their employees limiting you to only 4 of these giftcards per transaction. After reading this blog and other blog comments, I gathered that this was up to the store. I hoped my store was not this way, but I found out they were. This deal (with the 5.00 gc), that Target is honoring even though it was a misprint,has brought out shelf clearers and scammers. (I guess they are spreading the word about how many customers have argued a price?) So if you go to get this deal, just know that you may have to endure skeptical looks or unfriendly cashiers.

  26. Sonja…yes you can! I do it all the time 🙂 The gift card is prompted BEFORE you pay and at my store they hand it over right then before taking any kind of payment. I’ve “rolled” my gift cards tons of times!

  27. I read a post saying that you can use gift cards to pay for items that have gift card deals. I always thought it wasn’t allowed. So I’m just wandering if it is or isn’t

  28. So, you would have to do separate transactions for each product to get the $5 GC right?

  29. @Jennifer, I thought the same thing when I read the coupon, but if you look at the coupon it pictures the Crest ProHealth mouthwash and the 3-D White mouthwash. So I’m assuming it applies to both?

  30. How can you use the ProHealth rinse coupon on the 3D White product? They are different products. It seems to me that this coupon wouldn’t apply.

  31. Thanks Kerry I’m going back on friday to see if they stocked the shelves yet.. I could only get a few things yesterday, nothing left on the shelves. I could not get Any crest mouthwash or toothpaste.

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