Target: BENGAY Ultra Strength Better than FREE

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There is a super nice high value $3/1 Bengay pain relief product that some of you will have in your 5-5-13 SS today that will make our current offer for a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 2 Select BENGAY or ThermaCare Pain Relief Products thru 5/18 even better! Remember this deal has been going on quite a while, so if you are missing signs you can always take the product up to GS or a register to be sure your store is participating.

BENGAY is a Johnson & Johnson product- and J&J coupons always limit you to one identical coupon per customer- but there is a $2/1 BENGAY on HealthyEssentials.comΒ to use as well that will get you 2 BENGAY better than FREE…

DEAL IDEA: BuyΒ 2 BENGAY Ultra Strength Cream 2 oz ($4.89) = $9.78
-$3/1 Bengay pain relief product ETS 5-5-13 SS x5/31 (limit 1)
$2/1 BENGAY Product ETS – (limit 1)
= $4.78 – $5 Gift Card Back for buying 2 thru 5/18
= Better than FREE after coupons and Gift Card

Also watch for the 30% more boxes of BENAY like shown in the picture for the same price! For more details about what is included in this deal along with matchups- check my Special Deals Page HERE.

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  1. Was this deal in the weekly ad? Is the sale regional? I’m in Miami, FL and I am a little worried.

  2. Here the target on 65th (Sacramento), its even a bigger moneymaker since the bengay is $4.29

  3. I went to my local Target today i bought (4) Bengay”s and used X4 (3.00) coupons in one transcation. I recieved two 5.00 gift cards. Then flipped them to my second order. I paid a total of 21.00 (including Bengay) for 89.00 in merchndise.
    I picked up a lot of free items in second order to give to Stamp Out Hunger this weekend. As well as free personal items to give to the women’s shelter.

  4. michelle, yeah the coupon will still go through, since registers aren’t programmed to go by wording, just the value embedded within the upc code. Its up to us to make sure coupons are used properly. I have to say that the J&J wording is stupid though… they should either drop the Limit 1 per customer OR take off the limit 4 b/c it is confusing. I emailed them about it months ago when it popped up on their coupons, since it seems to be contradictory and they replied that if I was purchasing 4 items, the 4 coupons had to be from different sources.

  5. One of my local targets had the sign but no product, the other had product and no sign.

  6. Hey Kristen- as I said in the post- this has been a longrunning deal- I would take the product up to a register or GS and ask them to look it up in the system to see if it reflects the offer. Remember- the register doesn’t know the signs are missing- it does what it is programmed to do. hth

  7. @mel..Thanks. maybe I misunderstood the coupon… but it went throught without any problem. I did took a good look before handed them to the cashier just to make sure I can use them at the sametime. And they did went through so I thought that’s what it means.

  8. @ michelle.. proceeding the limit 4 it says Limit 1 Coupon Per Customer. Limit 4 just means that for every 4 items you have, the 4 coupons have to be from different sources. That’s why Kerry has the scenario written like she does.

  9. I have both coupons, but my target (Fairview Height, IL) didn’t have a sign out for the buy 2= $5 GC. I don’t see the deal in my target ad either? Any idea where I can find?

  10. My local target accepted two $3 coupons in one transaction. The coupon stated limit 4 like coupons in one transaction. So I bought two @ 4.89 each. Used two $3 off coupons. Got $5 target gift card. Great deal!

  11. was able to get 10 of these yesterday…was too excited when i saw the coupons so had to make a trip before it’s all gone πŸ™‚

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