FREE $5 Target Gift Card wyb $25 Facebook Gift Card

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facebok-gift-cardGuy let me know about an unadvertised in-store offer he found on the Facebook Gift Cards App. Thru 5/11, when you buy a $25 Facebook Gift Card in Target Stores, you will receive a FREE $5 Target Gift Card with your purchase.

Remember, if you have a Target REDcard (credit or debit), and use it at checkout, you will get 5% Off your purchase. (Only Target GiftCards are exempt from earning 5% Off). This makes a $25 Facebook Gift Card $18.75 after Target Gift Card and 5% Off. -Thanks for the heads up to Guy!

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  1. Okay, I’m a little bit lost here. Someone please explain. Facebook is free, so why would I need a gift card?

  2. Whitney – I’m not really sure how it works! I accidentally clicked “gifts” by one of my friend’s birthday, and it brought up the Facebook box for their gift app/program. It said “Give $5 gift card, get a $25 Target gift card”. I was like.. umm this can’t be right?! I sent my husband a $5 Starbucks card… then a couple days later I had a $25 gift card in the mail! I couldn’t believe it.

    I’m in Jacksonille, FL. I check the gifts tab daily now just to see if they’re running any promotions!

  3. If you continually watch the Gifts app, you will see more great specials.

    The other day they ran a targeted promotion, “Give a $5 gift card, get a $25 gift card”. I sent a $5 Starbucks card and received my $25 gift card in the mail yesterday and spent it at Target =)

  4. Hey Mimi- yes I believe all other Gift Cards are fair game except Target GiftCards- so ie restaurant, disney etc- you should see that 5% Off come off at the register. hth

  5. Hi Kerry. Does Target give 5% discount when we use our Target debit card on all gift cards except Target gift cards?

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