Possible FREE $2 Target GiftCard from Shopkick

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shokikc-cardIf you are signed up to receive Target Mobile coupons, you may have gotten a very nice message offering a $2 Target GiftCard on the Shopkick App for new and existing Shopkick users. If you are signed up for Target text messages, check your text messages for the offer and click on the link or check your email address.

But if you are not signed up for mobile coupons & offers, or you di dnot get the text message- there is a way you still may be able to get this gift card offer…

First, go here and sign up for the Shopkick App if you aren’t already. Once you sign up, copy this link: http://www.shopkick.com/target7 into the address bar of your browser on your cell phone and click on “I have the Shopkick app”.

It will ask you for your phone number that you signed up for Shopkick with and your $2.00 Target Giftcard will load directly to the app. Open the app on your next Target walk-in and the gift card should be located under your activity rewards.

NEW TO SHOPKICK? You can learn more about Shopkick & how to sign up on my post HERE.

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  1. i got the text, followed the directions and it says “uh oh! you’ve already redeemed this gift!”

  2. Es – ty for your comment. Many have said that once you register, it has worked for them. It seems that even if you have an account, shopkick is having trouble recognizing it. Try registering again – you will need to know the telephone # you registerd with and your login info. I have contacted shopkick support for more info and will respond here as soon as I hear anything. For those of you who did get your $2 Gift, you’ll have to wait until the next time you enter Target and open your Shopkick app to see it. Good luck and keep us posted how it works out for you.

  3. Just bought Safe Haven movie. 2 dollar off target mobile coupon… 2 dollar off shopkicks coupon… Plus cartwheel coupon. Yay!!!!!!!!!

  4. I keep getting the error message too, but I have an account and have gotten similar deals before without problem. Any suggestions?

  5. I got it! For those having trouble….make sure you are registered. I had the app and tried but I wasn’t registered so it didn’t have my phone number when I first tried.

  6. I got the text message while i was in target right before paying 🙂 I was able to use it right away. Thanks a lot!!!

  7. Worked for me too! I followed the link on my computer (instead of my phone) and it worked just fine!

  8. Thank you for posting this, I was just trying to figure out how to get this and there was your post. I followed your instructions and got the 2.00, so again thank you!

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