Target: Brita Bottle for Kids Only $1.89 After Stack

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We have a nice high-value coupon this morning for $3/1 Brita 13 oz Soft-Squeeze Brita Bottle for Kids and we still have a  $3/1 Brita water bottle filtration system Target Coupon x5/25 to stack with to get a total of $6 off! These are regularly priced at $7.89 each so only $1.89 after stack!

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  1. Got denied today, but I’m going to try a different cashier tomorrow!

  2. Yes the Target coupons beep, but all the coupons say is that it needs to be a portable filtered water bottle by Brita so the manager manually pushed them through. Even on my receipt it says ‘portable bottle’ so for anyone that got rejected just try a different target or cashier.

  3. I got two with no problems, coupons beeped but cashier just pushed them through and same with my husband he brought 2 also . There was plenty of stock in my store and each costed me around 2$.

  4. $9.39 at my store. Not worth it, plus if it is a beeping coupon I never know if they’ll take it. Finding a good cashier is a needle in a haystack.

  5. The cashier refused to accept target coupon, so I told her I didn’t want them and I took them out of the bag, and she took them off the receipt. She said the coupon was for the larger size water bottles only, even though there was no size restriction on the coupon. :/ annoyed.

  6. I got two with no problems, coupons beeped but cashier just pushed them through after taking them out of the bag and looking over them!

  7. I did a similiar deal when they had the $5 or $6 MQ on the regular size bottles but they wouldn’t let me get a free kids bottle. Also the have target btand replacement filters.

  8. The target coupons doesn’t work or scan on the Brita Bottles for Kids bottles $7.89 – REJECTED!

  9. I was able to get 4. I went to a cashier I really like, she read over them and just had to manually accept the Target coupon because it did beep.

  10. Mine were priced $8.89 at my target regular price but still could not turn it down for $2.89

  11. Hey Jessica- have you tried switching browsers? – sometimes that does the trick – both links still working. hth

  12. My target coupon beeped, the cashier called mng and he said coupon is not a match. 🙁

  13. @ Liz-It will depend greatly upon your store. My local Target doesn’t care if I use more than 1 of the same TQ and the register doesn’t beep either, but other stores are more strict about it.

  14. I can’t get the link for the coupons on on TT to open. I can’t find the coupon on the regular website, either. Anyone else have the problem or a suggestion?

  15. Can I use 2 TQs and get 2 of these with my 2 MQs? The coupon says one coupon or offer per guest.

  16. Anyone know how much the replacement filters are? I am guessing they aren’t cheap.

  17. I did this today! They were near the kitchen section at my store. The Target coupon beeped, and the cashier didn’t want to accept it at first, but finally did!

  18. So excited to try these. I’ve been looking for water bottles for my daycare kiddos and these at this price are perfect!

  19. Thank you so much for posting this deal. I have had my eye on these bottles for awhile now and think they’ll work great for our trip this summer. The TQ beeped for me, but my cashier pushed it through.

  20. My son has the blue sports design. It works great and we never experienced any leakage from it. I’m actually thrilled about this deal, and can/t wait to get another one!

  21. Thanks, I wonder if these bottles are any good? Do they leak? Anyone try them yet?

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