Awesome Deal on John Frieda Hair Care!

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UPDATE: Dead deal now folks. Was fun while it lasted! 🙂 You can still get a $5 Gift Card wyb 3, but not two $5 Gift Cards.

If you have a REDcard for FREE Shipping on, I have a hot deal for you! For about a week or so, has been offering a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 3 select John Frieda Products, and now, they are also offering a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 3 select John Frieda Frizz Ease or Luxurious Volume Products. And these deals are overlapping, at least for the time being.

This means you can order 3 John Frieda Luxurious Volume or Frizz Ease and be awarded TWO $5 Gift Cards. Plus I have a $5 code for you to make it even better. And you can also go through or go thru EBATES who are both offering 2% Cash Back on purchases today.


1) Log In or sign up with or EBATES to get your Cash Back.

2) Click on “Shop Now” and once on do a search for John Frieda Frizz Ease or John Frieda Luxurious Volume and add a combination of three full-size products that meet a minimum subtotal of $15 to your cart. (if you are using a REDcard make sure you are at a minimum order of $15.55.) For example- I added 1 Frizz Ease Conditioner and 2 Curl Defining Spray and my subtotal was $15.62. Once you have your 3 items, now proceed to checkout.

3) Enter the code TGTHNSKR to take $5 Off your beauty purchase of $15 or more.

redcard-orderSo for example as you can see to the right- once I checked out with my REDcard, I got another .53 cents off my order, making it $10.09, AND I am getting TWO $5 Gift Cards with my order and  my shipping will be FREE. This makes my products .03 cents each after code & gift cards. 🙂

If you are using a REDcard, keep in mind you cannot allow your total to get below the sum of the Gift Cards you are Earning. If you do, it is EXTREMELY LIKELY that your order will be cancelled. This means your final total cannot be under $10 AFTER your REDcard discount. There is always a chance that orders will be cancelled anyway if this is some sort of error, so keep that in mind.

Also- If you want to order more expensive products and your subtotal reaches $20 you can stack two codes. Use BEAUTYBOX to get $3 Off AND TGTHNSKR to get $5 Off for a total of $8 Off. Your subtotal must be at least $20 to use both or the $3 code will automatically be kicked out.

If you are new to you can earn a $5 bonus for signing up, and if you go through EBATES, you will also get a $10 Gift Card to your choice of Target or other popular stores as a bonus in your account for signing up if you spend $25 in one transaction within 30 days.

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  1. Okay, so I just got back from vacation and I am looking for my order, and see it was cancelled? Has anybody had any luck calling customer service? or it’s just a waste of time?


  2. On both of my 2 seperate orders 2 of my items were cancelled on each order. But I have received all four of my giftcards but I think they charged me for them. So for two full size shampoos and one trial size I paid 21.50 with $20 in gift cards so for a total of $1.50 with tax incluced it’s not too bad. I don’t really feel like calling it just seems to complicating to explain the situation.

  3. Well I got my ONE full size product, still waiting on the trial size and 2 gift cards, but I checked the bank account this morning and from what I can tell I have almost four seperate charges from Target. Just called customer service. One of the charges he is reversing. They are trying to charge me 10.85 for two products that cost total 6.31- It looks like they totaled it up, gave me the $5 discount, but are charging me the cost of the gift cards now. As he was telling me he would forward this to the research team we got “disconnected” Would love to know what everyone else has. Thanks!

  4. I got the same e-mail Linda. I was just wondering if it was worth calling Target because I definitely did not cancel my order either! Looks like that’s what they do…

  5. Placed an order 5/17 following Kerry’s tips. Total was $10.47 and had 2 gift cards. This morning I had an email saying my order had been canceled per MY request! I DID NOT cancel the order. Is this what Target does when they cancel an order? I tried calling customer service but the rep could not understand what I was saying (where is their calling center?). He kept repeating my question, then told me to go to to track my order. Call me crazy, but I don’t think I can track an order that didn’t ship!!! This experience combined with the difficulty using coupons in their stores has me ready to cut up my Redcard!

  6. Two of my full size products got cancelled as well. Fingers crossed I get the same deal- my full size and trial size product for a few cents. The email I got had the gift cards still on there but there wasn’t a discount for them. Would love to know if anyone else is getting cancellations. I checked the bank account but don’t see a charge yet.

  7. My order I placed was for 3 items for 12.84 get 2 $5 gift cards. I got a email saying they cancelled 2 items in my order and they shipped 2 gift cards and the one item. When I checked my bank online they charged me $0.54 for it! Even better deal for one item and 2 gift cards!!

  8. Is this deal still going on? I’ve been a bit behind and just saw this. Going on right now to investigate.

  9. Thanks got my order. Took a while my items in my cart kept selling out as I was getting ready to checkout.

  10. TYTT 🙂 4 all that u share w/ us! I;ve been refreshing & some items come & go instock still! HTH. I did 3 John Friedas about $15ish & added much needed eyeliner (or cheap beauty fillers of your choice) 2 hit $20ish & stacked both codes, so kinda like getting eyeliner for $2ish. Got 4 items @ $20ish-$5-$3-5% w/ red card-$10GC=$2ish TYTY. Blessings everyone! Thinking of getting job @ target 4 extra discount 😉

  11. Ordered this morning and just received an email that items have shipped. Looks like Target is not cancelling them.

  12. Looks like the Frizz-Ease Extra-Strength Hair Serum $7.99 is out of stock now, too. I need to learn to move quicker!

  13. AWESOME! I got 2 frizz ease products, 1 Lux Volume product, a bottle of nail polish and 2 gift cards for $10.79 with my husbands discount!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this…and there is little to nothing left lol

  14. you are so welcome- I am just glad you saw my comment and redid your order. and TY for sharing my site with others! 🙂

  15. @ Kerry… Thank you so much for taking time earlier to address my post. Greatly appreciated. I share site w everyone! This site rocks! Probably the only one I check 5 times a day!

  16. I was a little confused by the gift card addition/subtraction but now I’ve got it. Great deal for products I use every day, wish all the Voluminous products weren’t already gone. Would have loved to try something new but glad to have you on top of these deals for us!! Thank you so much!

  17. Even though the small hair spray was out I added a eye pencil sharpener to get to my 15 for 5/15 beauty, you can anything small beauty if you have a red card that puts u below the $15. I got 3 curl spray 4.84 each and CG pencil sharpener, total 11.96 but get $10 gc back… good deal to me!

  18. At 12:34et I got 3 finishing creams (4.84 each) and added a nail file to get to at least 15.60 (so I could use my red card, had to account for that 5% deduction). Hopefully it works! Thanks:)

  19. It says my total is 10.90 but I’m guessing my card will be charged 20.90 just like when you buy in the store and you get a giftcard but they tell you you saved $5 right?

  20. Hi Teran- I know it is a little confusing- but yes- they have to record the gift cards somehow- so ie they add two $5 cards to your cart (+$10), but then they minus the price of the two gift cards from your cart because they are free (-$10), so you pay whatever your balance is- and you still get two $5 gift cards. hth

  21. hair serum still in stock, i got the 3 of the frizz ease hair serum, after gift cards, pay $5.60 for 3!, they are $8ea regular price!

  22. I’m confused… so it takes off the money for the gift cards but they still send you gift cards?

  23. Hey guys- there are still a few higher-priced items available that I see- remember you have an $8 code stack if your subtotal is $20+ (noted at bottom of post) + two $5 gift cards = $18 off 3 products.

  24. I’m too late. All items are “currently unavailable”. This was a wonderful deal!
    Better luck next time!

  25. Ugh, Target! I had everything in my cart, was going to order 3 hairsprays and a filler trial size item. Was going to pay $10.47 and get back $10.00. Submitted the order no problem, and then my print screen comes up and they cancelled two of my hairsprays because they are out of stock. They left one spray and the trial size item, which of course meant no gift cards. I ended up cancelling the whole darn thing!

  26. Wow. What would we do without you, Kerry? Thank you SO much for all you do for us!!! 🙂

  27. Thank you, even if I only get one 5.00 gift card this is an awesome deal for this brand! 🙂

  28. Awesome! I ordered 3 LV hair sprays, it is my absolute favorite but I haven’t bought it in forever because they rarely seem to carry it in the stores and when I do find it I don’t want to pay full price.

  29. Just got 3 luxurious volume products, there weren’t many left. The total was above $20 to start so I used the $3 and $5 discount–it worked great! After the gift cards it will only cost me $2.72! Thanks Kerry.

  30. Hmmm… I read too fast. Well, I will retry anyway. I don’t retract my WOWIE WOW statement anyhow! Its still a stellar deal. I don’t begrudge a store for cancelling my order if they have to pay me to take product and send through the mail! 🙂 The excitement is worth it though! 🙂

  31. Thanks for the great instructions – complicated transaction worked like a charm! Thanks!

  32. Hey Anne- I don’t know about that- as I said in my post- if your order gets below the amount of the gift cards you are earning- it will go thru intially – but it is VERY LIKELY it will be cancelled. I strongly suggest NOT checking out with a subtotal that goes below $10.

  33. OMG! YOU ROCK! THAT IS TOTALLY THE DEAL OF THE CENTURY! WOWIE WOW! I got my order down to around $9 because my husband has an employee discount!

  34. Will the deal still work if I use 2 $5 Target gift cards I have from a previous deal to pay?

  35. OMG!! Thank you thank you, I needed my curl boosting products, I did order a travel size mousse for $1.47 to make my total $15.99 before RedCard discounts!!!!

    Awsome deal, hope they don’t cancel it!

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