Target: FREE Women’s Flip Flops Starting 5/19!

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If you haven’t printed it yet- you should grab the $2 off Womens Sandals (Flat Sandal or Flip Flop) Target Coupon x5/25 while you still can! Starting on 5/19, Target will have select women’s flip flops on sale for just $2, and this coupon will make them FREE!

You can check out the rest of the upcoming Target Ad for 5/19-5/25 HERE.

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  1. I found that the first pair ring up as $2.50 and the second for $1.50 and the coupon for the second will adjust down to $1.50-you get 2 pairs for $0.50 which is not too shabby either,

  2. I had the same issue Jenny. I then went and looked at the ad on the wall and in my area they’re on sale 2/$4 or $2.50 each, so I just got a 2nd pair and went to customer service with my 2nd coupon and they took care if it.

  3. just a heads up- they were ringing up at my store today still as 2.50. The cashier had to adjust them down. Just something to note if you’re buying a bunch of stuff and might not notice! 🙂

  4. Thank you Diane, I never knew that. I thought when it resets it resets for everyone. I know I didn’t initially print the coupons on both systems at the same time.

  5. to post #10, April, coupons often reset! sometimes you will notice one particular coupon with an exp date set to about two weeks out from whenever you print it.. then it’ll reset and you’ll be able to print an additional one.. it just depends on when they reset and when you print! 🙂 hope that helps you

  6. Ok something is a little fishy here lol …. I have a Mac and was able to print (2) flip flops and (2) womens merona shoes coupon just now and then went on to windows and the coupon was not reset there hmmmmm? I had initially printed both of them 2x’s on both systems when the coupons first were available.

  7. Is it possible to do this deal online? My store was out of them when I checked the other day.

  8. Most Targets allow you to use 4 of the same coupon even with the wording. It is up to your individual store really.

  9. limit ONE coupon per guest as written on coupon. please dont ruin it for others so target pulls the coupon or denys people b/c others are greedy. THANK YOU.

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