$3.25/2 Banana Boat Coupon for Target Deal!

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For those of you stuck without any high-value insert coupons, here’s some great news and a completely printable deal for you! There is a new $3.25 off when you buy any TWO (2) Banana Boat® Sun Care Products 3oz + HERE. You can use this coupon with a stack & cartwheel offers a couple of different ways….

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Banana Boat Kids 8 oz Sunscreen 50 ($6.49) = $12.98
-$2/2 Banana Boat Kids Sunscreens 4 oz+ Target Coupon x6/16
-.54 (use 5% off Banana Boat Kids Target Cartwheel x6/1 (% taken after TQ)
$3.25 off when you buy any TWO (2) Banana Boat® Sun Care Products 3oz + HERE
= $7.19 – $5 Gift Card Back for buying 2
= $2.19 for 2 or $1.10 each after coupons & gift card– plus you can earn up to $0.75
wyb Banana Boat Kids and Baby Sunscreen Lotion or Spray with the ibotta app

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Banana Boat Sport Cool Zone ($6.49) = $12.98
-$2/2 Banana Boat Sunscreens 6 or 8 oz Target Coupon x6/16
-.54 (use 5% off Banana Boat Sport Coolzone Target Cartwheel x6/1 (% taken after TQ)
$3.25 off when you buy any TWO (2) Banana Boat® Sun Care Products 3oz + HERE
= $7.19 – $5 Gift Card Back for buying 2
= $2.19 for 2 or $1.10 each after coupons & gift card

Also to note- the Banana Boat Aloe Aftersun Lotion and Aloe Gel are also included in this deal. While the Target coupon will not apply, it still makes for inexpensive products…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Banana Boat Aftersun Lotion 16 oz or Aloe Gel ($4.99) = $9.98
$3.25 off when you buy any TWO (2) Banana Boat® Sun Care Products 3oz + HERE
= $6.73 – $5 Gift Card Back for buying 2
= $1.73 for 2 or .86 each after coupons & gift card

*NOTE*– there are some products that are not ringing up correctly at the register- so be sure to pay attention at the register and make sure you get your gift card and the sale price in the ad or on the signage at your stores.

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  1. I just noticed I was charged wrong. Signage in store said 7.44 and that is what I was charged. Still a good deal. They were all out of the kids sunscreen, I waited to late.

  2. Ditto to what Brittany said. Looks like the coupon has reset and I just printed as well.

  3. I bought the SPF 50 Kids – the sign and the ad said it was included in the GC deal. The price rang up wrong, AND it didn’t prompt for the gift card, AND the Cartwheel didn’t work. After a looonngg wait (Is this the right product? Let’s check… and check… and check… Yes, it is!) and much (polite, I will say) discussion, they gave me the correct price and the GC, but didn’t even know what “Cartwheel” was.

    So I gave up on that and took what I could get. But I think I’m done with Target for these “deals.” I’ve only recently started couponing, and this is the second time this sort of thing has happened there.

  4. I have a complicated math problem for those who are interested in helping me: I bought two SPF 50 cool zone sunscreens. I used x2 $1/1 manufacturer coupons and x1 $2/2 Target coupon, as well as 5% off for using Cartwheel and another 5% off for my Redcard. My total (pre-tax) was $8.15. Do not ask me how the register arrived at that total.

    Okay, I feel like returning the items and repurchasing them to take advantage of the new $3.25 manufacturer coupon. Hey, I’m at Target almost everyday, so it’s not like I’d be wasting my time/gas money to save another $1.25. But my question is: how much would I get back? I have already spent the $5 gift card. Under the item on my receipt it says “Refund Value $3.66” for each. Surely this can’t be right, because if my math serves me right, I’d only be losing roughly $1 yet I got to spend a $5 giftcard. Will I look like a scammer if I try to return them? If so, it’s not worth my time nor the potential accusations from the Guest Services employee. Thanks in advance!

  5. I picked up 2 banana boat cool zones and a pair of free flip flops. Going back to get more flip flops and whatever Marona Shoes are left before my coupons expire. I try to keep my purchases small with maybe 4 or 5 coupons at the most it makes the transactions so much smoother and less complicated. But then again there are 6 Target stores in my area so I tend to go alot. Target makes me happy!

  6. My cartwheel took nothing off and the coolzone sprays I picked up rang up wrong because they had a bonus 2 oz sunblock tube on them and that prompted no gift card. Those were with the sale ones, but I had to get the regular ones and that prompted the gift card. The cashiers knew nothing about the cartwheel program. They told me it was because a target and cartwheel coupons are considered web coupons and can’t be combined. I even showed her where it says you can combine a manufacturer, target and cartwheel coupon. I still only got it all for $1.15 after using my ibotta gc , plus got $5 gc back.

  7. Thank you soooo much totallytarget. I bought banana boat sunscreen with these coupon stacks. Great job and thanks again

  8. I did 2 transactions because my target recently has been sticklers about only using one like target coupon per transanction (annoying, but whatever). I did one with 2 cool zones and then one with the kids. It actually worked out good because i had a gift card from something else that i used on the first transaction, then I rolled the gift card that I got with the cool zones and used it for the kids and then left with another gift card and only ended up paying $4 for all 4 out of pocket. My cartwheel worked just fine but the kids sunscreen wasn’t ringing up on sale or prompting gift card. They looked at the ad and saw that I had the right stuff so they pushed it through and gave it to me. I’ve found if you’re extremely nice and honest with them (I pointed out I had the right ounces, type, etc) then they will be nice to you. 🙂

  9. Cheryl as long you only have one manufacter coupon and one target coupon per item you will do fine! I watch to make sure all coupons scan though.

    Does anyone know if I buy 4 sunscreens in same transactioni if it will trigger 2 gift cards or should i seperate the transactions?

  10. Quick question. The catalina that was prompted. It says manufacturer coupon on top. Can I use that with the manufacturer printable? Or just with a target coupon? Thanks!

  11. I bought both kids and Cool zone, neither prompted for the GC. The manager gave that to me after looking at the ad. My Cartwheel coupon took off $0.00 When talking to the manager they said it was a cartwheel issue nothing they could do. I was given an 800 number to call, where none of the customer service reps even knew what Cartwheel was.

  12. Tina…I just noticed that too. I guess they thought people were making copies of their coupons.

  13. Has anyone else noticed that Target has started printing a code number (like a serial number) on the Target web coupons now? There is a different number on each and every one I print. Guess they are keeping track of them now……

  14. can you mix and match? One sunblock and one after sun gel and still get the gift card?

  15. I did the deal today and it prompted a $3/2 target catalina! Am going back tomorrow to use this with the new printable coupon.

  16. The coolzone SPF 50 worked for me this afternoon and I received a catalina manu coupon for $3 off 2 banana boat products!

  17. Same thing here – coolzone spf 50 was part of the deal but spf 30 was not. No big deal, but doesn’t make much sense.

  18. I have never doubled up on coupons and offers before. Everything says one coupon/deal per. Is there a correct order to present everything in order to be able to take advantage of all of these deals?

  19. Gaahhh. Nevermind! I just saw that it only applies to the kids and coolzone! Oops. I didn’t even try to use it when I did my next transaction on the Coolzone because I thought it wouldn’t work and the guy was so nice to put it through the first time. Oh well!

  20. I tried using the cartwheel on my transaction (bought two of the after sun lotions) and the scanner kept ringing up the discount as “$0.00”? Was I doing something wrong? Do I need to have the cashier scan the cartwheel code in a certain order? My cashier was nice and just took my word for it and took the 5% off in the end, but for future reference, just wanted to know if I need to do something differently?

  21. I have been to multiple Targets and all of them had the 50 SPF cool zone spray marked for the giftcard deal while 30 SPF right next to it was not, which doesn’t make sense to me.

  22. The manager was so rude to me! It didn’t prompt the gift card, the price rang up wrong, she actually yelled at me that the sale was for family size only!

  23. **Previous comment*** Plus I got $.75 back from Ibotta**So $6.37 out of pocket and received a $5.00 gift card. 🙂

  24. Deal worked great!! Cartweel took off $.66. $7.12 out of pocket and received a $5.00 gift card back. Thanks for all that you do!!!!!

  25. the same thing happened to me yesterday with the coolzone but it is in the ad and marked on the shelf so they just took $5 off my order instead

  26. Hey Daisy- there is a picture of the cool zone right in the ad, if the sale price or gift card does not prompt ask to see a manager and show them the ad. hth

  27. I just tried to buy the Coolzone, but the $5 gift card didn’t work. Cashier said it was only for the kids products.

  28. Hi Khadija- yes you can. The only limitation is on the Target Coupon which states one coupon per gures- but for example you could do both deals listed above in one transaction, and get back 2 $5 gift cards. hth

  29. Thank u so much!!! I did not receive the $3/2 coupon.. Thanks again. I have a question though. Can I use this coupon twice .. I mean for 2 $5 gc??

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