Nice Deals on Barbie Mega Bloks with Stack & Sale

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The Barbie MegaBloks are included in the B1G1 50% Off sale this week at Target thru 6/1. We have a Target Coupon plus there is also a coupon you can grab up on Facebook for $10 Off a Barbie Purchase of $30 or More. Just Like them and then like the coupon to print yours. This can work out to be a nice deal between sale & stack. There are several different sets included- but for example you could do something like this and save over 60%…

Buy Barbie Mega Bloks Barbie Fashion Boutique ($24.99) & Buy Convertible ($16.99) = $41.98
-$8.49 (the second set will be 50% Off with Target Deal thru 6/1
-$6.69 (use 20% off Barbie Toy Purchase of $25 or more Target Coupon x6/22
$10 Off a Barbie Purchase of $30 or More
= $16.80 after stack & deal or $8.40 per set

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  1. Tried this today. I purchased one set for 39.99 and one for 16.99. Used the $10 off $30 MQ and the 20% of TQ. My Target said the 20% off wouldn’t work because the items were already on sale so it wouldn’t take off the additional 20%. Didn’t feel like fighting it because it was still a good deal. Oh well!

  2. My Target manually overrode it. It is going to beep because it is probably only coded for the Mattel Barbie items. Target is pretty bad about coding the all on one brand coupon correctly. But since Target is running a Buy 1 Get 1 half off on Barbie and they included the Megablocks Barbies, a very good argument can be made for them taking this 20% coupon. The buy 1 get 1 half off sale is not valid on other Megablocks – so the sale is not because of the Megablocks. I am not sure if it is for only 1 item, though, I bought one of the big Megablocks sets so did not have this problem.

  3. I tried this morning and my Target would not honor it. Said the 20% coupon was for Mattel Barbie only, not mega blocks Barbie items.

  4. Does your total have to be $30 after the 1/2 off is applied for the mf to work?

  5. Didn’t work for me – they would not accept the 20% coupon code.
    Said it was for 1 item and neither item was more then $25.
    Also tried to use it on the $39.99 items, purchased 2, the 20% off coupon also beeped??
    Not sure why?
    He manually entered 20% off on each item.

  6. Just tried this and the coupon beeps for the 20% off. Cashier said it was because my item was $24.99. She discounted the one item for a total of $5 off manually (20% off the one item). I questioned her as to why it wouldn’t work on my whole barbie purchase and she said it was for one item. She was willing to call a manager over, but I was in a hurry and wasn’t sure that the result would be any better since the coupon beeped. Just a heads up the 20% may not work.

  7. Rachelle, it says 4+, but there’s no way a 4 y/o could do these alone! I’d say 8-ish could do these independently, younger if they have help. Never did these exact sets, but they are very similar to the Hello Kitty ones and I did them with a 7 y/o. HTH

  8. To get it to print – you have to be on an “insecure” setting on facebook. It must be http not https. You can change it under your settings. Just change it back when you are done printing. I did this deal this morning and the 20% didn’t work – but they were able to do it manually. They were nice about it and it saved me $11.60.

  9. I was getting that same error msg earlier but tried now and it worked to print.

  10. Keep trying the whole printing was weird I tried two computers about five times and kept getting the same error message you all got..then I tried an hour later and it worked perfectly. I did nothing different..did not change settings or anything…but it magically worked. Good luck!

  11. i was wondering do your TG take mc because mine wont take them anymore NOT FAIR!

  12. Hey Rachelle I have heard hat the Cartwheel offer does not work on the mega bloks but I can’t say for sure. hth

  13. Boo… i tried on IE and firefox and ikept getting this:

    Given URL is not allowed by the Application configuration.: One or more of the given URLs is not allowed by the App’s settings. It must match the Website URL or Canvas URL, or the domain must be a subdomain of one of the App’s domains.

  14. There’s a 5% off cartwheel deal for barbie playsets. Will that work with this too?

  15. I can’t get the Mega Bloks coupon to print. It says my URL isn’t acceptable, any ideas?

  16. I cannot seem to get the Mega Bloks coupon to print and telling me URL problems. I even changed to chrome and still having problems. Anyone else having the same problems?

  17. I tried this deal over the weekend and the 20% off coupon wouldn’t work. I ended up going to customer service for help.

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