New Target Cartwheel Deals for Ice Cream & More


We have some new Cartwheel offers we got over the weekend including several for Market Pantry Ice Cream & the fixings to go with it. These new Cartwheel offers are pretty generous at 25% Off, so here’s a few deals you can grab at Target…

Market Pantry Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream $2.99 (PC thru 6/22)
-$1/1 Market Pantry Ice Cream or Sherbert 1.5 qt Target Coupon x6/22
-25% Off Market Pantry Ice Cream Vanilla  or Chocolate 48 oz Target Cartwheel Offers x6/1
= 1.49 each after coupon & cartwheel (regularly $3.29)

Market Pantry Ice Cream Cones Sugar or Waffle $1.44 (Regular Price)
-25% Off Market Pantry Ice Cream Cones (Sugar & Waffle) Target Cartwheel x6/1
= $1.08 after cartwheel

Market Pantry Chocolate Syrup $2.09 (Regular Price)
-25% Off Market Pantry Chocolate Syrup 18.5-24 oz Target Cartwheel x6/1
= $1.57 after cartwheel

This is a new savings program introduced by Target to save even more when shopping in-store. Even better- these offers can be used with Target Coupons AND Manufacturer coupons for up to a triple stack! You can see my post HERE to help get you started.

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  1. while at target yesterday I found PEELIES for $1 off frozen fruit items, $.50 or $1 off Ice Cream and $.50 off target frozen veggies.

    These items were in the cooler sections…… the fruit coupon was on a bag of salmon, the veggies coupon was on a bottle of orange juice and the ice cream coupon was around (my pregnant brain cannot recall)

    these make some GREAT deals!
    good luck Target shoppers

  2. It could be that the register originally stated $0.75 off because the Cartwheel barcode was scanned first and based the Cartwheel discount on the $2.99 price. Then once the TQ was scanned the computer adjusted the discount down basing it on the $1.99 price (the price after the TQ).

    @ Denise-Did you buy the correct ice cream for the Cartwheel offer(s)? There are 2 offers. One is for Vanilla only and the other is for Chocolate only (rather than 1 offer for “Vanilla or Chocolate”).

  3. The cartwheel did not take the 25% off the ice cream, but it did take off on the chocolate syrup & cones. I will play with this some more.

  4. lol TY Anne for satisfying my curiousity. I think in the cases that people have found it is deducting before TQ it is because whatever TQ is being applied has to get K1’d so therefore not attaching to product for the cartwheel to see it. although I still don’t now for sure. But I know in all my experiments, cartwheel always deducted no matter the order. But in your case was just the register teasing you 😉 TY for the chuckle. 🙂

  5. Well, there you go… after reviewing receipt it did in fact cost $1.49. Cartwheel did take 25%to off of 1.99. My bad… it showed 75 cents on the register. I needed to check receipt before commenting. I tend to get so excited! I guess i should reveal that i do NOT do taxes in our family! 🙂

  6. Hey Anne- I’m curious because I have tested a few items swapping out the order of the coupons and itt did not matter for me- cartwheel always deducted after TQ- so I am curious to as- did your Target coupon for the ice cream go thru? or did it have to be K1’d. was it listed directly underneath the product or do you see the $1 coupon at the bottom of your receipt? ty

  7. I didn’t know that made a difference. I was told to give the Target coupons first, then the Cartwheel, and then the manufacturers. Hmm…I’ll try it your way. Thanks 🙂

  8. I used this cartwheel offer yesterday and it took 75 cents off the ice cream so it was 25% off before the $1.00 off TQ. The final price of the ice cream was 1.24. I did give the cartwheel to scan before the 1 off Q.

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