Target: Campbell’s GO Soups as Low as FREE


Kelley spotted a new Price Cut at her store today on the Campbell’s GO Soups. We got a new mobile coupon yesterday, plus we have stack to make them as low as FREE if you find it too…

Campbell’s GO Soup $2 (PC thru 6/29)
-$1/1 Campbell’s GO Soup Target Mobile Coupon x6/14
$1/1 Campbell’s Go Soup
=FREE after a stack!

campbellsSometimes Campbell’s Price Cuts can be regional, but even if you don’t find the price cut, we also got a new Target Cartwheel Offer today which gives us a triple stack to make them super cheap…

Campbell’s GO Soup $2.59 (Regular Price)
-$1/1 Campbell’s GO Soup Target Mobile Coupon x6/14
-.23 (use 15% Off Campbell’s GO Soups Target Cartwheel x7/6
$1/1 Campbell’s Go Soup
=.36 cents after stack & cartwheel or like 86% off!

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  1. This soup is beyond amazing! Creamy Red Pepper and Spicy Chicken Chorizo are the best.

  2. When they scan the mobile coupon, will it take the discount off multiple soups or just one?

  3. @Carly, there is a Red Pepper soup and a Lentil soup that do not have meat in them. I’ve never had the lentil one, but the red pepper is sooo good!

  4. @ Mary Buckner, no it will only take a dollar off of one. All of targets mobile coupons are one per person

  5. Hey Joanne- it’s on the regular mobiles, so if you are subscribed already and did not get them try texting offers. If you are not subscribed yet- you will have to do that first. hth

  6. Thanks Kerry! I usually leave the mobile coupon sites up on my phone until they expire because you never know when a good deal is coming!

  7. Has anybody else had problems with the mobile coupon not working? I bought the red pepper one, she scanned my phone and it said 0 offers applied, so frustrating!

  8. @Lisa: Same here. I wonder if it’s because I scanned my Cartwheel first, which would have made the item a moneymaker with the Target coupon. In what order were your coupons scanned?

  9. Same here with the red pepper soup today. Scanned mobile coupon after my regular paper coupons and it said zero offers applied. Frustrating because I wouldn’t have bought the soup if I weren’t going to get it for free. I did not use Cartwheel for this transaction so I don’t think that’s the problem, Paul.

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