New Up & Up Deals with Target Coupons & Cartwheel

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We have a few new printable Up & Up Target coupons from Sunday along with a couple new cartwheel offers. Here’s a roundup of a few deals for you but please keep in mind prices can vary by region…

Up & Up Paper Towels Single Roll .99 (Regular Price)
-.50/1 up & up® Bath Tissue or Paper Towels Target Coupon x7/20
-5% off Up & Up Paper Towels Target Cartwheel Offer x7/6
= .46 cents each after coupon & cartwheel
Up & Up Everyday Cutlery 48 ct Plastic Spoons, Knives or Forks $1.49 (Regular Price)
20% Off Up & Up Every Day Cutlery, Spoons/Forks/Knives Target Cartwheel x6/22
= $1.19 after cartwheel coupon
Up & Up Pain Reliever 24 ct .99 – $1.19 (Regular Price)
-$1/2 up & up® pain relief items ETS Target Coupon x7/20
=as low as .49 cents depending on your price
Up & Up Aluminum Foil 25 sq ft $1.29 – $1.64 (Regular Price)
-.50/1 up & up® food wrap/storage item Target Coupon x7/20
-5% Off Up & Up Aluminum Foil Target Cartwheel x8/3
= as low as .75 cents each after TQ & cartwheel depending on Price (not all stores carry 25 ft)
Up & Up® Single Toothbrush $1.27 (Regular Price)
-.50/1 up & up® toothbrush Target Coupon x7/20
-5% Off Up & Up Toothbrushes (excl. powered replacement heads) Target Cartwheel x8/31
= .72 after coupon & cartwheel
Up & Up Stomach Relief 8 oz Bottle (like Pepto) $1.97 (Regular Price)
-$1/1 up & up® digestive health item Target Coupon x7/20
= .97 after coupon
Up & Up Women’s Laxatives 30 ct $1.49 – $1.57 (Regular Price)
-$1/1 up & up® digestive health item Target Coupon x7/20
= as low as .49 after coupon
Up & Up Antacid Tablets 72 ct $2.04 (Regular Price)
-$1/1 up & up® digestive health item Target Coupon x7/20
= $1.04 after coupon

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  1. i live in laredo,tx and we have 2 targets and the one close to me does accept manufacture coupons but not the one on the north side.i was told the same thing about them not accepting my printable manufacture coupons but that they would take target printables but my friends say that they have accepted their printable coupons on the north target so i guess it depends what cashier u get cuz even my daughter has gone and she didn’t have any trouble. i hope they dont stop taking them cuz they have great deals.

  2. I am a Cartwheel newbie… If I want to buy, say, 4 rolls of paper towels (separate transactions of course per wording on the Target Q), will the Cartwheel take off for each transaction or is it a once and done type of deal? I know we’re only talking pennies, but I’m curious… Thanks in advance!!

  3. I went to Poughkeepsie NY target today to purchase the cereal and other deal posted here and they no longer will take any printed coupons from both manufactures and target site… The manager said that they had few incidents where the customer photocopied the coupons and they were no longer taking any black and white printed coupons… Is that possible to do that??? Should I call the target corporation to find out it they are allowed to do that???? I AM SO FRUSTRATED!!!!

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