Target Clearance Alert: Dollar Spot Blue Dot 70% Off

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On a heads up from Anna, Kelley checked out her Dollar Spot this morning to find blue dot merchandise marked at 70% Off. What you will find in each store may vary a bit, but Kelley found party plates and other partyware, grill accessories, bottle & can cozies, bottle openers, kids chef hats & more. So be sure to take a look and see if there’s anything you can find. Also be sure to scan if you only see 50% Off. In Anna’s store the section was only marked 50% Off, but blue dots were ringing 70% Off for her.

-Thanks for the heads up to Anna of Frugal for You!

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  1. Nothing in our target store is on clearance in the dollor spot in NY. Where everything is always too expensive

  2. I have the same situation as Anna above – I went to Target yesterday and NOTHING is ringing up on clearance. One of the camping pouches (clear plastic, lanyard-style pouch – I bought them for a recent water park trip and they worked perfectly!) rang up as No Longer Available, so I put it back rather than fight with the front end over the price. (In my experience, even if it’s a product that’s gone through clearance to the point where it’s no longer in the pricing system, they’ll still charge you whatever price is on the product.)

    Kind of disappointed, actually.

  3. Culpeper, VA has the 70% off blue dots, looks like the same stuff. Many of the reg price $1 kids items were marked too, plates, cups, coloring books, etc.

  4. I’m glad I picked up some things on Saturday. Went to 3 stores Monday afternoon. All the clearance signs are gone and the stuff ringing for $0.30 are now $1- same stuff! I asked a front-end employee why it didn’t go to salvage. She said she couldn’t understand why they wanted to sell it for $1 again.

    I’ve never seen this happen at Target. Weird. How about you guys? Ever had this happen?

  5. Signs said 50% off, but it was ringing up 70% off. I got two bat & ball sets for $.90, some early reader books for $.30, some note-cards for $.30, four two-piece sets of cute play berry baskets for $.90, and, my best find, some classic books for $.90 (Pride & Prejudice, Peter Pan, Wuthering Heights, and The Wind in the Willows). Only blue dot was ringing up for me. This included a lot of bbq stuff but I wasn’t interested in any of that. Saved almost $50 on what I got!!

  6. Louisville,Ky store had blue dots for 70% off. The manager told us that some other items, like the gold stars were ringing up 70% off. We found black sharpies, 2 pack for $0.30. They were on our kids back to school lists. We stocked up. They had all kinds of bbq items too.

  7. Texarkana, TX store has 70% off today on the blue dot. Even some of the other stuff I got which had a black or orange dot were scanning for .30. Check the store scanners and see, it is always worth a check. The glow sticks were ringing up a dollar but were a blue dot, so I told the cashier, and he changed it.

  8. San Antonio,Tx has 70%. The avenger plates, bowls. justice league items, socks, dry erase boards,minnie mouse. Were all $0.30 cents. This store didnt have Monster Univ stuff but im pretty sure thats part off also. If you can find.

  9. I scored hockey puck and stick sets for 90 cents and a horseshoe game for 90 cents!

  10. Just back from Brooklyn, NY target, no any sign about clearance. So did not scan to check. So regret.
    Did anyone check brooklyn target?

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