Target: FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 4 Vidal Sassoon

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We have a new unadvertised offer that you may be able to find at your stores for a FREE $5 Gift Card wyb 4 select Vidal Sassoon Hair Care products thru 8/3. Lots of you are finding $2/1 manufacturer peelie coupons as pictured above and if you do find them- you have two options on how to work your deal.

As I’ve posted before- you could just buy one hair care product for $3.99 and stack one $2/1 MQ peelie with the $2/1 Vidal Sassoon Hair Care or Hair Color Item 5.07+ Target Mobile Coupon (text SAVVY to 827438) and get one product for FREE. Or…. if you like Vidal Sassoon and would like to stock up on the cheap- you can also do this to get products for as low as .25 cents each….

DEAL IDEA: Buy 4 Vidal Sassoon Products ($3.99) = $15.96
-$2/1 Vidal Sassoon Hair Care or Color Target Mobile Coupon (text SAVVY to 827438) x7/31
-$8 (use four $2/1 Vidal Sassoon Hair Care Product Manufacturer’s Peelies
=$5.96 – $5 Gift Card wyb 4 Vidal Sassoon Hair Care thru 8/3
=.96 cents for all four or .24 cents each!

Also, if you were lucky enough to receive the Short & Sweet Mailer, there is a $2/1 Vidal Sassoon Hair Care or Hair Color Item 5.07+ Target Coupon x7/31 that you could use to make them better than FREE!

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  1. Hi, I tried asking a question and for some reason my comment just won’t go through, here’s a third go, I’m new to couponing, and I’m confused with this deal, has anyone tried to use more than one mobile coupon? I have no problem using different phones and taking different people with me, because there is a giftcard involved when 4 are purchased…please help!

  2. Im very new to this and I’m still very confused, has anyone tried using multiple phone coupons for one transaction? because I know there is a gift card when you buy 4…I have no problem using four different phones if this can be done.

  3. @ jasmin
    Could you purchase the products, take the coupons off and go to guest services and and have them apply the coupons. Like when you forget them.

  4. @ Jasmin
    They Usually Say “Save Now” Not “Save Next Time”
    Just A Thought, That Would Be My Argument

  5. Yes, they told me that that’s why it had a protective cover, if I took it off it was like stealing “opening the package”

  6. Can you print the mobile coupons? IfI wanted to do the deal a second time, could I text it from my husbands phone and then print it so he doesn’t have to go with me or be w/o his phone?

  7. Hi Lesly- Target only accepts one MQ one TQ & 1 carthweel per ite,- since the peelies are MQs you cannot use another MQ catalina with it. hth

  8. I was told I couldn’t take the peelies off until I purchased them then on my second visit I could use the coupons

  9. A set of these coupons came out a while ago and they all expired June 30th… then a second set came out that expire on 12/31. They both said on “color, care, styling product’. Hope this clears things up.

  10. A set of these coupons came out a while ago and they all expired June 30th… then a second set came out that expire on 12/31. They both said on “color, care, styling product’. Hope this clears things up. 🙂

  11. There original peelies found in the beginning of the year expired June 30th but a new set has been released (I had both) and the new ones expire December 31st!

    This is a great deal! BTW the mobile coupon WILL NOT work with 2 phones. I tried that and the second phone wouldn’t deduct the coupon. It will be a YMMV if they will take it off for you.

    Thanks for the great deals!

  12. Awesome deal! I happened to find the same peelies on the products at Dollar General.

  13. I’m Guilty Of Taking PeElies From The Shampoos, But Only Because Someone ElsE Took Then From The Hairspray I Was Getting :0/

  14. My coupons said styling or color product. I didn’t read them until I got to the register and the cashier was scanning them. All four went through fine with no beeps and I bought 2 shampoos and 2 conditioners. My coupons expire 4/30/2015!

  15. Hey Kathy- that stinks – then maybe there are 2 different sets of peelies Jane. The ones at my store don’t exire until 12/31/13.

  16. I went to my target yesterday and found people had ripped the safe plastic off to take the peelies off!! I wasnt even able to get one on the shampoo i got for free yesterday. How sad…. people can get very greedy and act like animals when it comes to peelies!! Absolutely no common sense or morals.

  17. HI Jane, at first glance that is what I thought too but they actually state “Vidal Sassoon color, care or styling product” which I consider care to mean hair care so I think we are fne. I am pretty sure the peelies are all identical- but I could be wrong.

  18. Should be able to as long as you have multiple people with you. As far as what I have been told, the mobile coupons are one per customer, but not one per transaction. So if you have 2 people & 2 mobile phones, you should be able to do it.

  19. Hey, just FYI: the peelie coupons are only good for the styling products – at least that’s what all the ones at my Target stated (no matter what product it was on they were for $2 off stylers only) 🙂

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