New High-Value $4/1 Brita Bottle Printable Coupon

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brita-bottlesThis morning you can grab a very nice high-value coupon for $4/1 ANY Brita Bottle. Target recently had the kids bottles on clearance for as much as 50% Off down to $3.98, although it may be a long shot at this point- it certainly can’t hurt to check the Brita aisles, or the clearance endcaps in the kitchen area just in case you find one left. If you get lucky, it will make them FREE after this coupon.

Even if your clearance is long gone, keep in mind this $4/1 Brita Bottle coupon can be used on ANY Brita Bottle, not just kids. Mine printed with a 30-day expiration date too, so we have some time to hopefully see a sale or possible stack on other Brita Bottle products.

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  1. i finally found one yesterday. but the cashier refused to accept my coupon. she says the coupon is only good for kids hard sided bottle…other kids bottle is not. then i point out “any brita bottle”. her manager back her up and says i can’t use this coupon for the brita kids soft bottle…. 🙁

  2. I went to 2 Targets. One didn’t have any and the other had 4 of them marked at full retail price. I even scanned them to double check. I guess I will keep checking for them to go on clearance.

  3. Thank you!!! I found one of these water bottles on an end cap, in a slightly mutilated box, for $4.18 on clearance. It just happened to be a girl one, so my 2 year old daughter is going to be THRILLED that she gets a water bottle just like her big brother!

  4. they were in clearance by the other kitchen clearance items for me. got one and gonna go back to get a few more!

  5. I have been to two Targets by my house and no Britta water bottle for kids. Very elusive….

  6. Got the last 2 at my store a week or so ago. They were with the regular Brita items.

  7. Anyone from Columbus, OH have any luck finding any? I have 3 stores close and was thinking about stopping at one or two on my way home from work. I remember seeing with the other Brita items last week when I was buying filters but I don’t remember them being on sale then.

  8. I just got back and found two green ones at the regular brita aisle,the price is even lower $2.36 each so the cashier at the guest services adjusted the coupons and I got both for .38

  9. I found one in the clearance section near picture frames! Glad I asked a sales associate!

  10. After going to 2 targets I found some at the third I went and used the $3 coupon. It mixed with a bunch of other clearance. I was thrilled to get one for cheaper than what I have paid with the stack before. Hope I can get more with this q.

  11. Bed bath and beyond has them in clearance for $4.99 too if u can’t find them at Target

  12. Do you know if Target is still running the $10 gift card promotion when you buy two Brita (not including children’s) products? I know that they were at the beginning of last week but wasn’t sure if it had ended.

  13. I found mine on a clearance endcap by stationary. Odd place, I know. But there were at least 15 of them!

  14. I could never locate these at my store… are they by the regular brita items or maybe the baby isles?

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