Target: Great Deals on Coppertone with Stack

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Be sure and keep an eye out for several different bonus packs of Coppertone found in the summer seasonal section that has been on clearance. Kelley’s signs still read 30% Off, yet upon scanning a few varieties of the Copppertone bonus packs- they were actually 70% Off for her down to $4.19! If you find the clearance too- you can stack a $2/1 Coppertone Product 4 oz+ (no longer available- but see list below for more Coppertone coupons) with the $1/1 Coppertone sunscreen 4-oz. or larger Target Coupon x8/11 to get them as low as $1.19 or like paying around .60 cents each!


She also found the Coppertone Kids bonus packs down to $4.19, so also $1.19 after stack. If you don’t find the clearance, remember Coppertone products are on sale this week for 10% Off and you should be able to find varieties as low as $6.29, so as low as $3.29 after stack.

Here are all the Coppertone coupons I know of- and I hope y’all find the clearance too!…
-$1/1 Coppertone sunscreen 4-oz. or larger Target Coupon x8/11
-$5/2 Coppertone 4oz+ 6-23-13 SS x8/31 or $5/2 Coppertone Printable HERE
$2/1 Coppertone Product 4 oz or Larger Printable Coupon HERE
-$1/1 Coppertone 4oz+ 6-23-13 SS x8/31 or HERE

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  1. Im so bummed, I found these combo packs, but my store here in NJ has them for $13…. 🙁 I even did the price checker AND brought it up to the cashier to have him double check the price. maybe they just haven’t started their clearance yet. I hope it starts before the $5/2 expires!!

  2. I went today and found two of the combo packs, my store is at 90% off so they scanned at 1.39 per pack. Luckily I had two 1/1 mqs. I feel like I made out like a bandit today, spent 7.25 saved 81.00. Thanks so much for the heads up

  3. I found the last zipper pack of the Coppertone at my store in the summer clearance section for $4.19 (regular price $13+) and was able to find some more Coppertone sunscreens with face sunscreen for $5.58. Used one $5/2 manufacturer and 2 $1/1 Target coupons making it just $2.77 for both!

  4. i searched the store for the value packs…..managed to find 4 of the oil free sunscreen value packs. 1 8oz 30spf, 1 3oz 50spf for ths face, and 1 lips balm. they scanned for 4.19. bought all 4, used 2 5/2 manufacturers, and 4 1/1 target coupons….paid 2.80 for all 4.

  5. I can’t find the MQ either for coppertone but I do have the ones from the paper. Still a good deal though.

  6. @ Jennifer I think it just expired on :-/ it’s no longer showing up for me either

  7. I can’t seem to find the $2.00 off coupon. Anyone know what zip code to use? It may be gone.

  8. So excited you posted this yesterday!!! I went today and purchased 2 sports and 1 of the baby 2 packs confirmed at $4.19 each in Big Flats, NY. I used 2 target $1off, 2- $5 off and 1-$2.00 off. I even bought some applesauce and my total was $0.56!!! Such a great deal and just in time for my vacation.

  9. I got the last 2 pack of the waterbabies one for $4.19 and 1 adult w/ a lip balm or something for $5.58. So a great deal with the $7 off in coupons!

  10. I found the Coppertone Oil Free sunscreen Value Pack (comes with one 8 oz bottle, one 3 oz face sunscreen and one lip balm). I bought two value pack and paid $1.38 + tax after coupons.

  11. Found these and bought them. Great deal, but the kids’ ones are awful! Used a can yesterday at the creek and it was greasy and stung our eyes something terrible.

  12. Just grabbed one pack of regular Coppertone and two packs of Coppertone Waterbabies for only $2.44 – thanks for the tip! Don’t forget to check expiration dates and get the ones that are farthest away 🙂

  13. i also spotted the 8 oz Colgate total mouthwashes clearanced from $2.99 down to just $1.48 . There was a $1 off manufacturer coupon in last sundays paper making them just 48 cents! .Also found lots of up and up soap witn $1 off 2 peelies on them 🙂

  14. I found them today, along with a Coppertone baby bonus pack and Up &Up 3 packs. Use the $1 on $3+ Up &Up mobile coupon and paid just 3.19 for 3 spray kids sunscreens.

  15. Mar, thanks for the info! Yes, you are right, I just removed some and an now able to add new ones. Thank you!!

  16. @ Mazi, sounds like you have too many cartwheel offers added. You can always remove the ones you’re not gonna use and add new ones.

  17. This may not belong under this post but I have a question please about my cartwheel account, everything I try to add says ” slots full” what the heck? Is it because I have the maximum allowed to me already or us it that this app is so popular that the quantities of savings per item are being redeemed so quickly? This is beyond frustrating as there are new savings that I would like to add to my account but simply can’t.

    Thanks guys!!!

  18. Mini seasonal don’t have normal clearance tags. Confirmed at 70% great find though 🙂

  19. I found those 2 packs yesterday at my Target (Grafton, WI) for 50% off at $6.99. Also a three pack (Lotion, Face Lotion and lip sunscreen) in a clear case with a zipper for $6.99. Then I had a $5 off 2 Coppertone MC and a $1 TC making it $3.49 for each multi-pack. There were no clearance tickets on the items. They were in the seasonal area at the back of the store.

  20. There were some of these two packs on Clearance at my Target in Windsor, CT that I saw for 4.24!!!

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