Target: Summer Clearance Up to 70% Off

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By now most of you should be at 70% Off on the Summer seasonal section, so if you haven’t checked it out yet- you may want to see what you can find next time you are in. I know many of you have been at 70 for a few days now- but some stores are very slow to drop, like mine. This is what my store looked lik elast night- so it still may be worth a look.

Watch for outdoor toys, pool floats, summer picnic ware, kids gardening tools & gloves and more. And if you missed my post yesterday, be sure and watch for select bonus packs of Coppertone sunscreen also being found at up to 70% Off for an awesome deal. (You can see my post HERE for more details).

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  1. One of my stores hit 90% today. The other one was @ 70%. They said the leftovers were getting salvaged tomorrow.

  2. Today I went to two Targets, one in Arlington, tx the other Dallas. A lot of toys are still 30% off but, some are already marked down to 50% off and a few 70%. I bought a crayola crayon maker marked down from $24.99 to $12.48. Didn’t want to chance this and wait til it went lower. They are mixed in with the regularly priced toys.

  3. I got some nice heavy duty large plastic cups for $.89 each, three water bottles for $1.49 each and a bunch of other great stuff! Thanks for all you do Totally Target! I am sure my Target is sick of seeing me everyday though…

  4. Key Lime, Pink Lemonade and Orangesicle cookie and cupcake mixes are 70% off. Pink Lemonade frosting too. Some may still be in the regular isle. Also some super hero items – stickers, picks to stick into cupcakes, hooded towels, cups, placemats, pail, beach hats, garden gloves….

  5. I’ve got two stores in my area and today at both stores they told me that the summer clearance would hold at 70% off and then be taken off the shelves. Slim pickings in both stores anyway, so I went ahead and bit the bullet at 70% off. I’ll be mad if they end up going 90% off!

  6. Had a great time at Target on Sat in So Cal… all the summer stuff was 70% off. I scored on up&up paper plates (large, medium, and small), napkins, plastic cups, plastic disposable cutlery, Glad tupperware (Summer Collection), Glad saran wrap, and Pillsbury mix and frosting (pink lemonade, lime, and orangesicle). I even remembered to use my Target Cartwheel on the up&up stuff! It was so much fun. When I bought at least 3 of the Glad disposable tupperware, I received a coupon for $1.50 off Glad “food wrap” which included the tupperware. I went back and got more 🙂 Happy Shopping!

  7. Right next to all the summer clearance stuff at my store I saw a huge rack of pillsbury cake mixes and frostings all at 70 percent off! They were marked down from $1.52 to just 45 cents!

  8. Very very little summer stuff is on clearance here and it’s only 25% off. Being Southern California, and in a busy area, Target doesn’t really have a need to mark things down drastically- it sells anyhow. The garden stuff isn’t even marked down yet!

  9. I went yesterday afternoon, the shelves were almost empty 🙁 I wanted the kids chairs, floats and picnic blanket…. all gone. Still some stuff left but nothing that I wanted…. got the cheap sunscreen though, thanks for the heads-up totallytarget, you rock as always!! I am in West Chester, OH.

  10. I could’t find the napkins nor the slip and slides at my store. Anyone know what the count or packaging looks like? TIA 🙂

  11. My husband and I went to Target on Saturday 7/20/13 afternoon. I got the:
    Jelly Belly Electic Sno-Cone Machine for $10.49 orginal $34.99.
    Jelly Belly Cotton Candy Syrup for $0.89 orginal $2.10
    Sno-cone cups and straws for $1.19 orginal $3.99
    Plastic sno-cone cups for $1.49 orginal $4.99.
    Picnic Blanket $4.49 orginal $14.99
    Ball and Bat $1.49 orginal $4.99

  12. I didn’t see any pools either. I had to laugh a little because our local Walgreens clearanced pool stuff around 3 weeks ago, and I bought a baby spring float for $5 (normally $25). Last week Target still had them full priced! The floats that were on clearance yesterday 70% in my area were small inflatables.

  13. We live in Florida so pretty much warm weather year round. I got a ton of stuff to put away for the grandbabies for xmas. I also got four of the twin packs of coppertone lotion…which was not marked….for dirt cheap thanks for the heads up Totally Target.

  14. I bought 2 really nice metal kids chairs for $4.49 yesterday. They were near all the other clearance but not marked.

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