Target: Summer Clearance Now Up to 90% Off

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Several of you reported finding 90% Off Summer clearance at your stores today. If you are stopping in today you may just want to take a look to see if you have anything left. Keep in mind this section will not get stickered- and signage may also not reflect the full percentage Off, so it is always wise to scan, scan, scan!

Kelley also found 90% Off at her store this afternoon and while it was slim pickings, she did find quite a few cake and cookie mixes from Pillsbury- Key Lime Cake Mix, Pink Lemonade & Orangesicle for .16 – .19 cents.You may also want to check your regular aisles for some of these Pillsbury mixes too- you just might luck out.


She also surprisingly still had quite a few of the Coppertone bonus packs that I posted about HERE– now at 90% Off at $1.39. She also found the Up & Up 3-Packs of sun Screen also now 90% Off down to $1.39! If you find the Up & Up 3-pack on clearance too- you can use the $1/1 Up & Up Sun Care item Target Coupon to get a 3-pack for as low as .39 cents!

Remember- not all stores follow the same clearance schedule- but with absent stickers, and possibly wrong signage- you will never know unless you scan some items to check! Let us know If you found /find anything good!

-Thanks for the heads up on finding 90% today to Amy, Linda, & Liz!

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  1. Everything is scanning “item not found” on summer clearance. Found some freeze tumblers today @ 59 cents and cashier input the price for me. Went to another target and they had like 5 hula hoops but they weren’t ringing up and they wouldn’t sell them @ 90% off just the regular 3.99. They said after the sale ends they go to salvation army. I guess it depends on the cashier you get if they are willing to give it to you. I asked about toy clearance getting marked down again and she said it doesn’t happen only on Thursdays it could happen any day….she thinks Monday and to check back then.

  2. FINALLY found the 3 packs of Up & Up sunscreen in Easton on clearance for $1.39 , so grabbed 2 packs! Hot diggity!

  3. Southern CT here – I was able to score some of the $1.39 coppertone multipacks and use $5/2, along with TQ $1/1 – so make for some pretty sweet overage. No beeps, no questions – I used my overage to purchase some sobe water 10/$10 with the cartwheel, along with some other summer randoms, and was able to walk out of the store paying $5 & got a $5 GC for the SOBE (:

    My store didnt have foam plates, or target sunscreen. I went to a different store, and they were out of the multipack coppertone, but the ones with the bonus stick were on clearance. I will keep my eye open for a price drop on those. Must feed my target addiction!

  4. Western NC, everything still scanning at regular price here. Toys at one store 30% the other is still 15%…….u want some hula hoops and those skipping toys for the kids (not paying $7.99 for them).

  5. yesterday in Easton, MD found the key lime frosting @ $0.14 ea, with 4 cans left, so i grabbed them. No luck on the sunscreen which is a HUGE bummer because i need a bunch for our end of summer vacation! Gonna check today and hope some of it is marked down a bit……didn’t see much else marked, but i didn’t scan much besides the frosting. Will report back!

  6. I found the coppertone double packs 70% but not signed or marked. They were on an endcap in the back by the small 70% off endcap. There was not much on it either. I scanned the coppertones to check the prices and found the Kids spray, the greenish color cans, with the bonus stick for 4.19 but the same kids spray double pack in the bounus sizes were full price still. Also got the Coppertone babies spray w/bonus stick and Coppertone blue can w/face lotion all 4.19 ea. Im in the Southern Tier of NY

  7. Stil had a few things hidden today at the salisbury, md store. got some sunscreen and a few other things – sunscreen was on an endcap with others that were full priced and not marked and everything else was on random endcaps in stationary and home. Worth a peek around if you are there. I even asked and employees said ti was all gone since it went 90% yesterday.

  8. Waukesha WI east side at 90% today. Not much left, though I scored some super soaker guns for .99. Towels are still marked and scanning at only 30% off! Boo.

  9. My store here in Chicago on Southside, got 3 reusable cup tumblers for .49 and 1 freezable cup tumbler for .59, found 3pk of sm. water guns for .09, 5 pks of glow necklace and bracelt for .10 and pop up disposable garbage can for .32, also saw the 3pk of target brand sunblock for $1.39 and a few other things the summer clearnce section is located in the last 3 isle right pass the grocery section, Happy Hunting

  10. Last night at our store in Southern CA,we got 9 packs of the water babies sunblock for $1.39 each, a slip and slide for 99 cents, and 4 tubes of sparkly writing frosting for 29 cents each. Another lady had all of the slip and slides in her cart, but was nice enough to give me one.
    The store that my brother went to had the water babies sunblock, but it scanned as “item not in system.”

  11. I just left target in auburn hills michigan and the summer clearance was picked over. I did get frosting for .15 and cookies mix too. Also I found a garden hose in the regular asile for .99 it wasn’t marked either! It was the room essentials lightweight 50′ garden hose . I hae been waiting to find a good deal because i just bought a house so i am very excited about this!!! So maybe everyone else can find them!

  12. I found great picnic bags for $.99 , normally $9.99 and the $13.99 coppertone baby sunscreen and pure and natural baby sunscreen packs on an end cap near electronics for $1.39. The other ones rang up normal price except the three packs of up and up. The pure and natural is the only one my daughter isn’t allergic too and so expensive so that was awesome, it was good until 2014 and 2015.

  13. Went to 3 Atlanta Targets, all 90% off and found loads of stuff, including paper plates, forks, cups, cakemix, frostings, great stuff. Anybody with young girls, dont forget to check out the hula-hoops that were stuffed in with regular toys/pool items but they are ringing up 39cents, they’re marked “Squiggly” on the bar code, or something similar to that name.

  14. I went this evening and left with Pink Lemonade cakemix and frosting at 90% off. It was in the regular aisle. Sadly, the summer clearance was only towels at 30% off and few kid garden gloves at 70% off.

    I really wanted sunscreen but didn’t find any (I searched through the clearance and regular aisles). In the clearance section, there were Coppertone single bottles for 30% off.

  15. Most of the summer clearance aisles are empty but was able to get a tumbler for .19, gardening tools for .49 and coppertone for babies for 1.39 (13.99 reg price).

  16. Metro Detroit hit 90% today. I picked up a bunch of the super hero themed stuff. Whiffle ball and bat, plastic plates, stickers, pails, child gardening tools and gloves. No jelly belly at any of my 3 stores! Does anyone know if the beach towels will hit 70%? Mine have been at 50 forever.

  17. did anyone have luck using the Coppertone $5/2 MFQ? I bought two packs of the clearance sunscreen for $1.39 each and when he scanned the coupon a screen came up asking him to choose which item the coupon was for. When he saw that it was only $1.39 he said he couldn’t use the coupon because he would get in trouble. I had the $1 TQ so i just used that and go it for .39 which is a great price. But before if the coupon didn’t just automatically scan the screen would pop up and they could just hit accept coupon and then it would work, but I had never seen this other screen before. DId they update their registers?

  18. My local store marked summer stuff down to 50% and then pulled it. The section is completely gone (and I asked, they pulled it all.)

  19. 90% at my Austin, TX store. The shelves were completely empty but I lucked out and found the 3 packs of up & up sunscreen cause they were in their regular area still marked $13.99. I got one pack, $1.39- $1 tq, so $.39, woohoo!!!

    Yesterday I went to another Target and picked up the table top char-broil grill for $5, or 70% off. I will be checking there tomorrow to see if they are marked down to 90% but I am pretty sure they will be gone by tomorrow.

  20. I went to 2 Targets, and both were pretty picked over. The first one was still only at 70% off, so I didn’t get anything. The second one was 90% on some things, and 50% and 70% on others. Here is what I got for 90% off. I got 2 of the insulated tote picnic set bags, normally $9.99 each. I paid $.99 each. I got 2 tall tumbler cups. One was originally $2.99, and I paid $.29. The other was originally $1.99, I paid $.19. I purchased 6 of the Robin snack center snack cups with lids. The regular price was $3.99 each, so $.39 each. I also got 2 of the star pitchers. Normal price $7.99, I paid $.79 each. I got 10 superhero sticker sheets and 10 superhero doodle rolls. They were normally $1.00 each, so $.10 each. 8 superhero craft kits. Also normally $1.00 each, $.10 each. 1 superhero tote bag craft. Regular price $3.00, so $.30. And a box of superhero craft stickers. Normal price $5.00, so I paid $.50. So normal retail price for everything would have been $100.88, and I only paid $10.08! Now my son can have an awesome superhero party for his next birthday!

  21. Going to check for Coppertone & cake mixes; I have a nice stockpile of Coppertone already but at 90% off… also, there are tearpads floating around certain regions for $1/2 Pillsbury cake mixes or frostings — I scored a bunch of the qs at my local Giant Eagle last month and they’ve got good long expiration dates so this could mean FREE cake mix for me!

  22. My store actually still has it all listed at 30% off; but everything was actually 90% off. :O
    I got some cups from their summer collection inspired by superheroes for 19 cents each! A pitcher for 79 cents. A reusable tumbler with a straw for 49 cents. The superhero stickers were 10 cents.
    …oh and the sunscreen packs too.

  23. I hit the jackpot and scored on Jelly Belly Electric Ice Cone Makers, Juices, Cups, Mixes and also on Squirt Guns, Smore’s Forks, Spatulas, Tablecloths, Cookie Mixes and more. All were 90% off even though they were under the 70% (and is some cases 30%) banners. Bought over $200 worth of stuff for a little over $20, Great summer picnic stuff for sure. Just a heads up go to the appliance area and you’ll see the Flavor Ice stuff there but in some stores they have the 90% off Jelly Belly items there as well. Good Luck 🙂

  24. The three packs of sunscreen were still at my store – because they were still listed on the shelf as $13.99, but I brought it to a price scanner and it was $1.39! woot!

  25. I lucked up at my Target this morning and found the section 90% off with NO signs. I started scanning a couple of items and discovered that it was 90%. I got game sets for $1.49 and $1.99, coolers for $1.29-1.59′ beach mats, picknic blankets, picknic cups and bowls, and bar-b-que accessories for 90% off! I left with a buggy full and there stills was 4 isles of stuff.
    As in the pictures posted, I found cake mix, cookie dough mix, and icing for 90%. I even luck up on plates and plastic utensils for $0.32 for each.
    I hope everyone is able to find some great goodies!!!

  26. Kari – any word on when the toy clearance will hit 70% off? It’s normally this week isn’t it? I called the Lino Lakes, MN store and they said that they don’t even know what day it’s going to happen.

  27. scored bigtime this morning 2 packs of coppertone sport sunscreen for $1.39!!!! love that 90% off

  28. @ Emily, I found some on end caps. I found copper tone on end cap near cosmetics. That’s what happens at my store when it gets to be slim pickings. If something looks summery, I would scan to check.

  29. I walked to the back of my Target yesterday to look for the clearance, but I didn’t even see a section for summer clearance! Is there somewhere else in the store this section could be at?

  30. How will the $5/2 coupon act if you buy 3 packs? Will it only come off of two? And if you use the $1 TQ will you get overage?

  31. Just FYI – The Coppertone 2-packs you posted about the other day are also now marked down to $1.39 … plus there is a coupon for $5/2 in the 6/23 SS which makes for a HUGE STEAL!

  32. I went on a whim today only to find three women with multiple heaping carts of 90% off clearance shoveling stuff into their carts. I managed to score two drink dispensers for 2.19 each! There were three, and I was going to get them all but one of those ladies scooped up the last one before I had a chance. CRAZY!

  33. Does anyone know if the summer game sets like the bocce or bean bag toss or ladder ball are decent? Even at a good percentage off sometimes things aren’t worth it but would like to know if anyone has bought and thought worth it?

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