Target Summer Clearance Hidden Finds up to 90% Off

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So many of you have been lucking out with Summer Clearance finds at up to 90% Off and others not so much. But here’s a few other clearance finds that may be “Hidden” or may have mistakenly been put back in the regular aisles along with other like items. While you may or may not have luck- keep in mind these items will not have any clearance stickers- so not obvious clearance to shoppers and it can’t hurt to check if you are stopping in Target anyway…

HULA HOOPS: Thanks to a heads up from Lou- Kelley was able to locate a certain kind of Hula Hoop that you may find mixed in with the other Hula Hoops in the regular aisle. If your store is at 90% Off, these will be as low as .39 cents. These will have the brand name “Squiggles” in Yellow on the Tag and have a wavy design. -Thanks Lou!


GARDEN HOSES: Glenda left a comment about finding Green Garden hoses in with the rest of the gardening items for 90% Off at her store. They are the Room Essentials Lightweight 50foot garden hoses. And while Kelley did not find any green ones- the Orange ones were also ringing up on clearance too. If your store is at 90% Off- these will be as low as .99 cents! -Thanks Glenda!


TOY TUBS: Thanks to Jennifer, Kelley found one of these awesome large Rope Toy Tubs in the regular Juvenile Storage aisle next to the other Circo tubs. The Label will just read “Rope Tub” with the little black & white sun and it will have Rope handles. These will be as low as .59 cents if your store is at 90% Off. Kelley only found it in blue- but she’s thrilled since even with grown boys, they are still great for putting athletic equipment in and containing other garage clutter. -Big Thanks to Jennifer of Ramblings of a Suburban Mom who also has a few other finds you may want to check out on her post HERE.


UP & UP STYROFOAM PLATES: Kristin left a comment to give the Up & Up Styrofoam plates a once over in the regular aisles as it seems that you may find 90 ct packages mixed in with the 110 ct packages. They look identical- just the number of plates are different. The 90 count are the ones that will be as low as .32 cents if your store is at 90% Off. Kristin also mentioned watching for The Skip Hop toys in the regular aisle that are packaged in a rectangular cardboard backing instead of a wavy shaped one.  -Thanks Kristin!

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  1. Saw some summer clearance items placed back in the regular aisle and they are selling it again at the regular price. Like the beverage tub, water jar, table runner etc…

  2. At target tons of plates on shelf won’t sell them because have been marked to salvage ETL said would sell at $3.29 a package

  3. I scanned both the hose and the sunscreen at 3 different stores and ever time it said not in the system. But to be fair the rest of the gardening stuff hasn’t been marked down yet. And the hula hoops were either gone or full price. I was hoping for at least one of the hoses but maybe they will get marked down soon. I’m in Colorado.

  4. I live in texas any body having any luck? my target garden hoses are still ringing up 9.99.

  5. Hey Tim- eventually the 90% Off goes to salvage and is supposed t be removed from the floor- that is why you will see them come up in the system like that. 90% off only lasts a few days usually so it sounds like it’s over at your store now and likely many others. hth

  6. Found a water gun and bubbles hiding with the other water guns and bubbles! .49ea! It really helps when u know what to look for!!

  7. Went back to score a few more of 90% hidden items at another target this morning. After I found the items, I took them to a scanner and the price came up as item not found. I asked an associate and he they are in the process of packaging up the items for salvage

  8. Hi thanks for all you do really appreciate your site. I have a question I found 90 count plates checked price at price checker it said item not found I then had an employee price check and he said they were 3.29 I am in Michigan is this regional kinda strange because everything u have said had been right on

  9. We to two Targets this morning, north of Dallas, found none of the fun hidden clearance 🙁 However, the light up pegs have gone to 70%. We received a set as a bday gift and all 3 boys love them. The stores around us have a ton of them, any chance they will go to 90%? Or do the toys always end at 70%?

  10. anyone know of any deals in ma north of Boston. Saugus Danvers or Salem??? im away from home and nearest one is 65 miles and its my anniversary

  11. I live in Maine and glad I checked this post I scored 5 of the Rope Tub for .59 each. They were on and end cap over in were the other totes and stuff were and they were not marked as clearance but when I scanned it it was!! Thanks for sharing or I would never have found these!!!

  12. @Michelle glad I saw your post I was hoping to check for some while in mobile this weekend :/

  13. Went back to nearest target store and found the coppertone babies value pack that was part of the summer clearance for $1.39 but when i scanned it was already on its regular price ($13.99). Saw some target staff removing coppertone (blue ones) from their plastic so that they can sell it individually.

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