Update on the End of July Target Toy Clearance

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UPDATE THURSDAY 7/25: So today there were only a very, very few comments of some stores dropping to 70% today. It appears most stores did not drop to 70% though so it’s looking like for the majority of us it will be next week. Reports of 70% came from Seth in Cleveland, Ohio, Sabrina reported 70% in Oswego Illinois, and Rosemary was 70% off at Bolingbrook, IL. (-Thanks for your comments folks!) But let me know if any more of you found the drop at your stores!

I have gotten lots of questions asking about the progress of the Big Summer Toy Clearance, and as usual, I can only speculate. While we have been seeing clearance toys for weeks now anywhere from 30-70% Off, usually around the end of July we see a big drop on lots of toys all at once to 70% Off. So the big question is- will it happen tomorrow? Tomorrow is the last Thursday in July after all and next week would put us at August 1st. But I have to admit I am a little perplexed this year as to whether the drop will actually happen tomorrow or not.


Kelley checked in at her store today and saw two aisles starting to be filled strictly with clearance toys and marked with signage of 30% or More. While I always feel like they should sit in their own aisles for a bit and drop to 50 then 70 – sometimes that doesn’t happen. For example, last year my store moved their clearance toys to their own aisles on a Tuesday and 2 days later there was an aisle full of 70% Off toys. So if you’ve been chomping at the bit, you may not want to risk it and show up tomorrow just in case.

Not all stores may have the room to move toys in their own aisles either- so be sure and check all around the toy department and if you have your eye on something particular- you may also want to scan to check just in case. Even if for some reason the toys do not drop until next week, the bottom line is- the toy shelves have to be reset – and all these clearance toys will need to be sold or eventually salvaged – so keep a close eye on them!

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  1. Talked to a Mgr in Palm Beach today. He said the 70% price drop here won’t be until next week. I did notice a lot of stuff went from 30% to 50% finally! It has been all over the place lately. Some 30 some 50 and now I noticed even more toys seem to be clearanced than last week……I’m ready, come on Target!!

  2. Thank you, Sabrina & Seth, for all the details of what y’all found! I’ve been sick for the last few days (crummy summer cold), so I don’t really feel like going out in this heat, but I have to pick up a prescription ANYWAY, so I think I’ll go & take a quick look. 🙂 My stores are usually pretty good about giving out info when I call & the Kenner store has even gone so far as to hold a set of patio chairs for me (even though they’re not supposed to) b/c I had just missed the last set @ the other store. I also hope to get in on the garden hoses, too! Will let y’all know if I have any luck! 😉

  3. Still 30% off in White Plains, NY. It did not have a designated clearance section, just end cap, but if you looked in the toy aisle there were some marked clearance which looked to be 30% off. Disappointing as it has traditionally been this thursday the past two years.

  4. Was at Waterford (Orlando) and team was still marking-most things went 50%. At 70% I saw laser pegs, large single hex bugs, spiderman sqinkies/figher pod like set. hand held solitare game, disc like hot wheels toy and dinosaur figures like imaginex but not imaginx brand. DH was at Fashion Square and found large GI Joe playset- I found girls Crazy Art bead sets & write on Bear. DH stopped in Sodo at lunch and found small World of Warcraft sets.

  5. There was two ladies marking down items like Legos, babie, target toys, and other items to 70% off. Some still at 30-50% though. This was at the Clevland/Akron area Target. Picked up some garden hoses for $.99 and some other items. They are still in the process of marking items down. Did over hear a conversation as someone was calling to check. The ladies said they never tell those who call or those who are looking for certain items. They said they always tell them no or it isn’t in stock. I would never call after hearing that. You may want to risk it and just check your local Target. How disappointing.

  6. Last year, on the 4th Thursday of July, the Wilmington, DE Target and two south eastern PA targets near my home didn’t finish marking toys down to 70% until 3-4pm. One worker advised me last year that they didn’t start until around 1pm at the Delaware store.

  7. The Legos (slim pickings) were still at 50% and lenticular puzzles were also at 50%, everything else was 70%. There were Winkz dolls, Baby Alive Dolls, Hulk Masks, flying helicopters, Littlest Pet Shop stuff, Brave items, tons of Squinkies and Squiggles, sock monkeys, Play Doh sets, weird light up put it together yourself (like lego pieces, except not lego brand) figures, lots of board games like Apples to Apples and Scrabble, etc, Hot Wheels items, Dora items, Crayola stuff, aqua doodle mats, pretty much everything that was at 30% as of yesterday was being marked at 70% while I was there. And if it wasn’t marked, I took the item to an employee with a scanning gun to price check and they would print the correct price right there for me.

  8. Oooops, just noticed your comment, Sabrina! What items did you find being marked to 70 off today? 😉

  9. Just called both of my nearby Targets (Metairie & Kenner, LA) & neither had been doing MDs today, nor did they think they would. One store said they normally do MDs early before the store even opens, so she thought it wouldn’t be til next week.

    So Cleveland looks like the only area down to 70% off! Did they have lots of stock, Seth? 😉 I am interested in the Lego sets as well.

  10. The only toys they had marked down to 70% at my store were Baby Alive dolls. Walk and stand or something. Originally $48 marked to $12.88. They had atleast 12 of them. This was in West Jordan, Utah

  11. Oswego Illinois is in the process or marking down the items! It’s 9:30 am here, 4 employees are tagging items as I type 😉

  12. Btw … I asked him this yesterday as he was marking a few items to 50%. I went to the store this morning and like he said it wasn’t today..so I taking what he said to be the truth. 🙂

  13. I spoke with a CSR at the target in indianapolis, in and he said they would be doing in next Thursday and he said that it would go to 70%. He said the would be moving the toys to a separate section. I asked him if he knew if there would be any additional markdowns today and he provided the info above unprompted, so I believe it to be true what he said.

  14. 30-50% in Smyrna, TN. I have been stalking the toys at my two nearby locations for weeks! Hope they hurry up!

  15. I’m not too impressed with what I’ve seen in the targets near me in upstate ny. very few items seem to be stickered for clearance and there isn’t as much clearanced as there was in the past few years. We’re still sitting at 15 – 50 percent on most items. Some of the items have been marked down at 15 or 20 percent since the beginning of July. It doesn’t seem like they are moving anything out of the regular aisles yet but it also seemed like they’ve been concentrating on setting up the new school supplies section.

  16. I checked two stores in CT, neither had anything marked down further than 50% off. I found really nice employees in both stores. I found the employees doing the mark downs today and I had them scan tons and tons of toys: from end caps, from the aisles, everywhere and I only found 1 toy that was going from 30% to 50%. Most toys were not moving in price at all today. In my second store, I found an employee who told me that they are planning on totally re-doing the toy section in 2 weeks from today. So that would tell me that the big drop will be next Thursday, August 1. I’m so disappointed it wasn’t today!

  17. Still not consolidated and 30%-50% in Richardson, TX. I was there 20 minutes after the store opened, so they may not have had time to move everything. I will check again in a couple of hours.

  18. I am from Chicago, I went last night and the prices were still at 30% off. Will try again today and see if it’s changed.

  19. Chattanooga tn. No drop all the employees were stuck in seasonal stock school supplies and in the office section stocking crayola and things my guess is next week.

  20. No go in Mansfield, OH. Nothing is even consolidated. There are about 5 toys that are at 50%…rest at 30%. Darn.

  21. Nothing marked down more than 50% at my store in VA this morning 🙁 Everything is still in its own aisle or on end caps and is still at 15%, 30% and 50% off. Even scanned a few items to check. Darn!

  22. Be careful when you return. If you use the same credit card and not the receipt they give you the lower priced refund. Watch out!

  23. Yes, Danielle you can return the toys you purchased within the return period,which I believe is 90 days.

  24. Can you return clearance toys? I bought a bunch of toys 50% off last Friday and my Target still has a ton left as of a few days ago. If I go tomorrow and get some of the same items for 70% off can I return the original ones? I know they won’t do a price adjustment on clearance items, but I didn’t know if they give a hard time about returns.

  25. if you are on the east coast please let us know tomorrow! lol. i know for the january sale a reader was kind enough to post that the sale was live, i’d really appreciate it & i’m sure other readers would too. on another note i went by a target before work today & it didn’t look like they were preparing for the sale but i did notice that an isle was kind of empty so they might fix it overnight. after work i stopped at a different target & the guys in the toy section had several carts out filled with clearance toys so maybe they were getting prepped for tomorrow.

  26. I was at mine today. Still lots at 30 to 50% off. I will be there at open tomorrow (before work!) to see if it drops! I’ve got a few items I’m stalking!

  27. I’m betting on tomorrow for Metro-Detroit. Toys have been at mostly 50% for the past week and have been moved to the end caps which usually happens just before going to 70%.

  28. Hey Kay- you will be looking for toys with clearance stickers on them. Not all toys will get marked down. Most will be what you have seen over the weeks- but sometimes others will pop up out of the woodwork and marked as clearance.

  29. My target has a bunch of Lego sets at 15 and 30% off so I will definitely be there tomorrow and will be happy even if they mark those ones to 50% off.

  30. I’m planning to be there bright and early tomorrow morning, just in case. The store I’ve been “staking out” (my regular store) has tons of stuff that’s been marked 30-50% for a while now. The toys aren’t all in one aisle, but there are sections in each aisle where the clearance toys from that aisle have been consolidated to. If I remember correctly, this same store did it this way for the toy clearance back in January. I’m hoping this means they’ve gotten everything ready and in place for the big drop to 70% tomorrow.

  31. In Vegas toys are still on 50% off and most of the good ones are gone. No big drop on lego this time.

  32. This will be my first time attending this sale. Do all the toys get marked down or just the ones that have been on clearance the past few weeks? Thanks!

  33. One of my local stores has always done it some time on the Wednesday immediately before everyone’s typical Thursday. As of noon, there were no consolidated toys and not a hair seen of the mark-down team in toys. But I”ll probably run out this evening to check… just in case. 🙂 They’re done it as late at 3 pm before. And I’ll still probably check tomorrow morning before heading out to work.

  34. I REALLY hope they mark the toys down tomorrow… I’ve been looking forward to this sale since the last one in January. Our toy closet is getting low and we need to restock:)

  35. My Target has a lot of items still at 30% but some are at 50% — and what’s left is really picked over. I wasn’t impressed with the selection — I think a lot of the good toys have already been snatched up.

  36. My local store (Bellingham, WA) has 2 endcaps with 50% off, honestly most of it was odds and ends. I did pick up a 2 laser peg kits at $15 (50% off) each for b-day gifts.

  37. I was at my Target in Central Florida yesterday and they were in the process of stickering and moving all of the toy clearance. However, I am not sure what percentage it was being reduced.

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