Roundup of Printable Coupons for Baby Products

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  1. Perfect timing on this, thanks! I have a question for you Kerry (or readers with experience)…I’m gearing up to make a big shopping trip with my 10% baby registry completion coupon. I’m preparing all my MQ that coincide with things I have left on my registry, as well as keeping an eye on any cartwheel offers I can apply. My question is this: do you know if I can use Target coupons ALONG with the 10% total offer? The TQ’s tend to say “one Target OFFER and one MQ per item”, but I’m not sure if the 10% is included. However, when they sent the 10% completion card, they sent more TQ’s along with it, so I’m just not sure. (This is a big deal when planning this trip because surprisingly, with the 15% offer at Babies R Us paired with MQ’s and some good sales they are having may be a better choice for some items) THANK YOU SO MUCH in advance for anything you might be able to tell me about this…and for EVERYTHING else you do! I wish there was a way to figure out how much money you’ve saved readers combined! 🙂

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