New $1/4 Up & Up School Supplies Coupon = Freebies

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There are some great deals to be had on school supplies with the new $1/4 Up & Up School Supplies Target Mobile Coupon. For example, the Up & Up Crayons 24 count are just .25 cents regular price, so four boxes for FREE after coupon. There should be quite a few other free and cheap items like single glue sticks, rulers and more so be sure to take a look around the back to school section at your store to see what deals you can find.

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  1. Victoria, try texting offers, there are great coupons on this one! I didn’t get it either! grrr

  2. This coupon didn’t work for me- I tried with 2 boxes of crayons, 1 pack of glue sticks and a pack of note cards. The cashier couldn’t figure it out so he called the CSM over who couldn’t figure it out, and finally I was told if the mobile coupon doesn’t work there’s nothing they can do about it. (usually customer service will refund the amount for the coupon- but I wasn’t planning to argue that with this lady, she was a bit on the grumpy side.) I think it’s weird that it’s been working for some and not for others? I hope Target sorts this out- sometimes the mobile Qs work great and other times it’s just a pain.

  3. I went to my local Target here in So. CA and grabbed 4 rulers which were $0.25@ and the coupon worked.

  4. With mobile coupons you HAVE to scan paper coupons first THEN the mobile coupons, even though register accepts the mobile coupon, after scanning target/manufacturer coupons, the register sometimes bumps the mobile coupons off. On a side note cartwheel should also be done after mobile coupons. I work Target and see this alot.

  5. Ugh, I also tried mobile coupons for the 1st time today. I bought 4 Up & Up crayons priced at 25cents each. Coupon did not work. Cashier tried again and it said it was already used. Cashier was super nice and manually entered $1 off! Also took my cartwheel so I ended up with a 16cent money maker. But what a terrible first experience with mobile! Don’t think I’ll be using them again!!

  6. I used mobile coupons for the first time today. Did not even try for the Up and Up school supplies after reading all the comments. I purchased a bed pillow and MP bagels. 2.00 came off for the pillow but nothing for the bagels. Cashier was like “oh that happens all the time” and took the 1.00 for the bagels after checking my phone. Guess I should have grabbed those 4 packs of crayons after all!

  7. I just left from the target in chantilly va and i bought 4 of the up & up glue sticks marked at 0.30 and the coupon didn’t work. My cashier was nice enought to take the $1.00 off anyway.

  8. It didn’t work for me either and the cashier looked at me like what do you want me to do about it so I just got her to take them off.

  9. I do not skimp on crayons either, but I got 4 packs to be kept at home for my toddler. They will be broken or lost on day 1.

  10. I just tried to get 4 packs of colored pencils with the mobile coupon and it didn’t work at the register either. Luckily Customer Service gave me the $1.

  11. I bought 3 crayons and 1 protractor… coupon took off $0.00 and cashier tried scaning it again-didn’t work the second time because it said it had already been used. At cs the girl tried to take it off agan then she looked at my receipt and said the protractor was made by Westcott- I pulled it from my bag-clearly it was Up and Up brand. She tried it again and then finally gave me the dollar. I suggested she tell someone because others might have the same issue and she gave me a deer in headlights type look. I really hate the mobile coupons-they always seem to have issues and end up being more trouble than they are worth.

  12. Crayons beeped for me too… but the cashier entered it manually for me! Remember to be kind when couponing and shopping. They are all just doing their jobs as best they can 🙂

  13. Same problem tried to get the crayons but the register rejected my mobile coupon. I didn’t really need them so I had her take them off my bill. I find mobile coupons frustrating. But, when they do work it’s great!

  14. Yeah, I tried 4 crayons and got the beep – but the guy was nice and gave it to me. My best friend was behind me and had two folders and two crayons. She knew she would have to pay .50, but her mobile didn’t work either, but again – he gave it to her. Melissa – what kind of kitchen stuff did you get? 🙂

  15. I tried using it for 4 2-packs of glue sticks that were on sale for 25 cents last week. Register wouldn’t accept it, the cashier said it hadn’t been working on the items that were only 25 cents and there was nothing she could do about it.

  16. There is also a new 15% off Cartwheel discount on up&up crayons, and it would take it off all 4, which would make this a moneymaker!!! I’m not much on skimping on crayons but these would be a great donation.

  17. I’ve had nothing but trouble with mobile coupons at my Target. Every time I use them I get told either “invalid barcode” or “no items available”. I’ve taken to printing my Cartwheel barcode out as well because THAT never scans on my phone either. Only thing that scans properly is my ShopKick gift card barcodes. It’s maddening to know I’m missing out. And my CS has told me they can’t reimburse for mobile qs either. If it was paper they’d reimburse, but not their own dang store coupon. What a joke.

  18. ts Are the Up & Up crayons 25 cents each at all Targets? Because I live in New York and they are 45 cents each???? o_O

  19. no, mobile coupons can only be used once…after you use them you can pull them up and it will say used and the date you used it, so you an tell which ones you have used and which ones you haven’t

  20. Can a mobile coupon be used multiple times and if so can it be used multiple times in one transaction? My Target can be a challenge when it comes to couponing — need to be prepared.

  21. I bought 4 crayons at .25 and the coupon didn’t come off. The cashier was nice and manually entered it for me. Has anyone bought anything other than the crayons and have it come off?

  22. I can never get mobile coupons to work, I’ve pretty much given up on them. Even sometimes it says they work but I never see the money deducted on my receipt.

  23. I tried tonight: rulers, glue and crayons are all $0.25 — the register wouldn’t take the coupon

  24. To Heather: It will work, I tried. When the coupon barcode was scanned, computer system will accept it. However, each coupon code is only valid for one item. If you want to use the same coupon code multiple times, do several transactions.

  25. oh, sorry, it’s a mobile coupon – when they don’t come off, i usually go to the customer service and they give it to me…

  26. I don’t think you could stack the “FREE select 24 ct up and up crayons with purchase of two up & up school supplies” with this as they are both target coupons. 🙂

  27. Yes, for some reason my $1 school supply coupon rejected at the register too. My cashier just manually entered it in. On a related note, using some of the other mobile coupons, I purchased a bed pillow for $2.04, a bath towel for $.75, and three kitchen utensils for $.90. 🙂 Didn’t do too bad today.

  28. I tried 4 up & up crayons but the register rejected it. Luckily I had a lax cashier so he just entered it manually.

  29. I dont have a phone with internet access, but I can get the link, and bring it up on my computer. If I print the coupon list off my computer, will Target accept that?

  30. Can probably stack the “FREE Select 24-ct. up & up crayons with purchase of two up & up school supplies” Coupon too, right? So Buy 4 boxes of crayons, get 2 free with printed coupon. Then the $1 off mobile coupons makes the 4 you paid for free too. So 6 free boxes of crayons!

  31. Some supplies you just shouldn’t cheap out on – and crayons are at the top of that list for me! Crayola or nothin’!

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