Update on the Target Toy Clearance- Up to 70% Off

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So after getting quite a few messages & comments from readers about some of their stores dropping to 70% yesterday on toys, it sounded very hopeful that today would be the day and many of you have in fact reported finding 70% Off today at your stores too. Not everyone is going to have all clearance toys in one aisle either. Some stores will mark toys to 70% Off right in the regular aisles, so be sure to take a good look around. At one of Kelley’s stores a large percentage of the toys dropped to 70% but they were all mixed in – in the regular aisles.


I am extremely excited at the luck Kelley had in her LEGO aisle at her store that dropped. I RARELY ever manage to find any sets at 70%, so I was thrilled since she picked up 3 Lego sets at 70% Off for me to tuck  away for Austin for Christmas! She found a Creator set down to $7.48 from $24.99, a Galaxy Squad set down to $17.98 from $59.99 and a Disney Lone Ranger set down to $29.98 from $99.99! I can’t wait until Christmas- since Austin always lets me build with him!


If you still have your $5 Off Monsters Inc Roll A Scare Playset Target Coupon (no longer available to print but valid up until 8/3), you may luck out like Jack did. He found the playset 70% Off down to $5.98 at his Arkansas store and paid just .98 cents after coupon! Jo actually found 70% Off at her Carmel, IN store yesterday and found a Laugh and Learn puppy, Baby Alive, a Leap Frog Guitar and more all at 70%. Erin found select beyblades toys at her Target in NJ 70% off in the regular aisle and even used a Target Cartwheel for an additional 5% off. She paid $9.88 for the above set, regularly $34.99.


I also heard some of you were not so lucky – well at least so far today. Brandy had toy markdowns in her Orlando store today, but the team didn’t finish because computers went down. I got the same message from Theresa G about computers being down. And oddly enough while Kelley had great luck at one of her Maryland stores with no issues and working scanners, she found quite the opposite at her other store. She took this above picture with the clearance toys sitting in their own aisle with nothing marked to 70% as of this morning due to PDAs being down and the system being down, with no working scanners or anything. So unfortunately there are some of you who may also be at a standstill today.

But it’s something for each of you to check in at your own stores to see where you are at. Remember everything may not be together either. Cruise the regular aisles, use the scanners to check prices and be sure and check Target Cartwheel for any additional discounts on anything you may find. And good luck to you all! Let us know what you find and thank you so much everyone for all the comments and email updates!

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  1. I’m in SW FL and have been finding some great deals at Target. I got World of Warcraft mega blocks sets several weeks ago for $3.88 each (reg $12.99 each) and matching figures for $2.00 (reg $6.99 each). Also got some micro race Car sets for $5 – $6 (reg $19.99) and extra micro cars for $1 – $2 per pack. Then tonight I went and found Spygear stuff $9.99 down to $2.98 and some bigger Spygear items marked down from $19.99 to $4.88 and $5.88. My son loves Spy Gear Stuff! I picked up a set of two Batman Cars with pieces that you could change out on them… only $6 for my nephew for xmas… down from $19.99. I also found a remote control helicopter, it’s a rescue one that has other working features, regularly $41.99 only $12.48! My son has been telling me since before last xmas that he really wants a remote control helicopter, but I wasn’t going to spend $40-$50 on one!

    So, today I picked up 6 spygear items, 1 batman/joker interchangable cars, the remote control helicopter, a squinkies board game ($4.88), a small lego car $3.48, 18 packs of Brown Gravy (marked at .29), 4 packs of Chicken Gravy .52, 2 – 8 packs of zephyerhills sparkling flavored water .76 each all for $57 after a 5% off coupon from filling rx’s.

    At Kmart a few weeks ago I found Lego Nijago and City sets for 75% off… I can’t believe I’m so close to being done with xmas for my son and it’s only August! And I’ve spent less than $100 for what is easily over $400 worth of toys. Now if I could just find some good deals for a 9 year old girl who likes board games, but isn’t a big fan of toys!

    Oh and the best part! I listed a bunch of the kids old toys on a local yard sale list… so I actually made $57 today after meeting with a few people! So it was like I paid nothing but change for what I bought today:-)

  2. FYI… my husband just pointed out that the Toy Story 3 racing toy orig. $20, on sale for $5.98, with the $5 off coupon… only comes with one character meaning you have to buy another one to actually race them.
    I’ve never even seen these characters for sale!
    Maybe it’s only really worth $1!

  3. You are so lucky to have found that Lone Ranger Train set. The 5 Targets I went to, only 1 had it and it wasn’t even on clerance. Great lego haul!

  4. I found durracell rechargeable 4pk for Reg $12.16 now clearanced at $6.08 and minus the 1.50/1 mq from last sundays paper ! Great price for rechargeable batteries !!

  5. Make sure you all are checking your clearance prices on the toy versus your receipt and what price rang up. I bought 3 different toys tonight and they all rang up wrong. I bought a littlest pet shop toy and the sticker said $2.23 but it rang up $4.07. Had to go to cs to get a price adjustment.

  6. Wow Those who found galaxy squad and lone ranger lego sets were lucky. They were not even on sale in MI.

  7. in NEPA the toys were finally at 70% off but they weren’t many left. & there were quite a few last week as I’ve been checking every week. Not sure if I got there too late or people bought them up at 50%. I did get a little Minnie phone for $2.68 & a RNR Dora for $7.48, so at least not a total bust. Some Legos were included but not many left.

  8. Kerry, I had to laugh when you said you were looking forward to Christmas because you get to build too. I’m the very same way. Legos are like the best toy created in the last 100 years!! And I’m so thrilled that they’ve added the “friends” line for my nieces. Hope your Christmas morning is fun!! So jealous of that Lone Ranger set!

  9. I went last night to look at Lego sets and only saw a few marked down–but they were only marked 15% off. I’ll have to go back and check tonight.

  10. I just went in Springfield, OR last night and scored big! I’m not sure where the person who commented they can never find the deals in OR is, but this is my first year in the area (I’m from WA) and had no problems finding it. The only thing I was bummed about was there was no lego sets marked down at all. I asked the lady that was scanning who worked there and she said she wasn’t sure but it didn’t look like it. So awesome to those who found legos clearanced at all… mine weren’t. But other than that I got the mother load of awesome stuff for 70% off plus coupons, plus cartwheel, plus 5% back. yay! 🙂

  11. I went to Muncie, IN store last night and most were marked to 70% off but I didn’t find many deals. I did get the RideMakerz sets for 70% off for the boys for Christmas but that’s about all I could find.

  12. Patience paid off! Since there was no markdown at my store yesterday after the scanner issues, I went back this morning to check- and found a worker in the middle of marking everything down! She was super friendly and scanned anything I and the other two shoppers in the aisles asked her to scan. I mostly stocked up on Lego and Duplo, Play-Doh, Hot Wheels, board games, puzzles, and arts & crafts stuff. I did find a few Lego Galaxy Squad, Lego Creator, and Duplo sets for 70% off, but most were 50%. I also found the Monsters University Scare-a-Wheel down to $5.98 and used the $5 coupon to get it for $.98.

  13. I went to my target here in dumfries va and while the signs all still said 30 percent off I picked up anything that interested me with a clearance tag and started scanning..got some great board games and some doodle pro pads..perfect for the car!!

  14. I got very lucky in Raleigh, NC yesterday — checked several stores & only one had dropped down to 70% off. I went yesterday afternoon and I had the toy department all to myself! Found lots of awesome toys including Disney Princess and Baby Alive. Ecstatic with my finds!! I set a budget of $100 and didn’t go over! 🙂 Happy mommy!

  15. update on Hanford, Ca. 70% off on a lot of items, but they were mixed in with the regular toys. Legos were not marked down. 🙁

  16. So jealous of the ones who were able to get the Lego lone ranger at 70% off. Its regular price ($99.99) in our store. I got the leapfrog tangled and cars tag book for $4.18, and used $4 off peelie. Will donate these books on Christmas.

  17. Metro Detroit is at 70%, but my 3 stores are a hot mess. This is the first year that the toys were not put into one aisle. Some were on end caps, but mostly mixed in with regular toys. I got legos at 50% which I have never even seen here before! So if you’re in the area be prepared to dig!

  18. Nashville stores were 70% off except Lego brand and Barbie brand, those items were still 50% off. One of my co-workers went to the Smyrna and Murfreesboro stores and they were both still at 50% off even after checking the price scanner.

  19. Went to the Orlando/Winter Park, FL store today, they were having scanner issues as well, employee said that the system was down. The price scanners for customers were working so I loaded up my cart with anything that interested me then scanned away. I was able to find some lego at 50% off, not too much selection there. I did find Littlest Pet Shop kits that are normally 9.99 marked down to 2.08 so I scooped up a few of those for a bday party my son is invited to soon. Will be trying to hit up a few stores tomorrow without my son to see if the selection is better.

  20. Went to target this morning on long island in Hicksville..followed the employee that was marking everything down to get the 70 percent off!! got Dora and Minnie toys for 70 off. Also a playdoh set and discovery kids set. Super happy bc my daughters bday is next week! No luck with Legos maybe will check another store in the AM. No scanner issues at that store.

  21. WOOHOO! I got the mother load at my store in Greenville, NC…
    Girl items:

    Leapfrog TAG Tangled book – $4.18 (was $13.99, but only 18 cents with the $4 off peelie coupon on it!)

    Cloud B Twilight Ladybug – $8.98 (was $29.99)

    Disney Brave wall decals – $2.99 (was $9.99)

    Baby Alive baby doll – $6.58 (was $22.99)

    Baby Alive doll diapers – $2.08 (was $6.99)

    Boy items:

    Soccer ball – $4.12 (was $13.99)

    Iron man 3 Nerf – $2.99 (was $9.99)

    Iron man 3 vehicle & action figure set – $5.99 (was $19.99)

    Iron man 3 wristlet shooter – $2.08 (was $6.99)

    Spiderman wristlet shooter – $2.08 (was $6.99)

    Justice League 100pc puzzle – $1.48 (was $4.99)

    Monsters University Play Dough set – $2.99 (was $9.99)

    Dinosaur Play Dough set – $1.48 (was $4.99)

    Matchbox car police station – $2.98 (was $9.99)

    Hotwheels super claw road set – $6.88 (was $22.99)

    Hotwheels zigzag down the wall – $3.58 (was $11.99)

    LEGOS 476pc Marvel Super Heros – $14.98 (was $49.99)

    – $43.32 on Amazon!

    LEGOS 465pc Star Wars Gungan Sub – $17.99 (was $59.99)

    – $56 on Amazon!

    LEGOS 373pc Star Wars Headhunter – $14.98 (was $49.99)

    – $38.97 on Amazon!

    LEGOS 711pc Galaxy Squad – $23.98 (was $79.99)

    – $59.12 on Amazon!

  22. I had luck in Pinellas Park, FL but my husband checked in Tampa, FL and didn’t. The items were mixed in and I had to hunt. But I found some good deals on a few Imaginex items, Hot Wheels, a Cars die cast car carrier and some Matchbox items. I spent just under $60 and my retail cost after tax was $199. I will be on the look out over the next few days for the other stores in my area to start their clearance shift as well.

  23. I visited one in Mississippi. Was told that the national system was down due to a new version (inventory tracking?) so they were trying go back to the old system. Could be up at any moment ever since this morning. But it was still out of order around 3pm cst. Only the registers could find the prices. Was told no mark downs were available until the system is functional and, of course, markdowns are made.

  24. Andrea in FL….I had okay luck in Sanford, FL, then visited the Lake Mary store…no such luck. Then went to cassellberry and was soo excited to find the aisles stocked, but of course hardly anything was marked down. So, I shared your pain today!

  25. The stores on long Island had system failure all day. I was just told it would not be resolved until at least tomorrow! Bummer! Now I wonder what will be left.

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