Update on the Target Toy Clearance- Up to 70% Off

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So after getting quite a few messages & comments from readers about some of their stores dropping to 70% yesterday on toys, it sounded very hopeful that today would be the day and many of you have in fact reported finding 70% Off today at your stores too. Not everyone is going to have all clearance toys in one aisle either. Some stores will mark toys to 70% Off right in the regular aisles, so be sure to take a good look around. At one of Kelley’s stores a large percentage of the toys dropped to 70% but they were all mixed in – in the regular aisles.


I am extremely excited at the luck Kelley had in her LEGO aisle at her store that dropped. I RARELY ever manage to find any sets at 70%, so I was thrilled since she picked up 3 Lego sets at 70% Off for me to tuckΒ  away for Austin for Christmas! She found a Creator set down to $7.48 from $24.99, a Galaxy Squad set down to $17.98 from $59.99 and a Disney Lone Ranger set down to $29.98 from $99.99! I can’t wait until Christmas- since Austin always lets me build with him!


If you still have your $5 Off Monsters Inc Roll A Scare Playset Target Coupon (no longer available to print but valid up until 8/3), you may luck out like Jack did. He found the playset 70% Off down to $5.98 at his Arkansas store and paid just .98 cents after coupon! Jo actually found 70% Off at her Carmel, IN store yesterday and found a Laugh and Learn puppy, Baby Alive, a Leap Frog Guitar and more all at 70%. Erin found select beyblades toys at her Target in NJ 70% off in the regular aisle and even used a Target CartwheelΒ for an additional 5% off. She paid $9.88 for the above set, regularly $34.99.


I also heard some of you were not so lucky – well at least so far today. Brandy had toy markdowns in her Orlando store today, but the team didn’t finish because computers went down. I got the same message from Theresa G about computers being down. And oddly enough while Kelley had great luck at one of her Maryland stores with no issues and working scanners, she found quite the opposite at her other store. She took this above picture with the clearance toys sitting in their own aisle with nothing marked to 70% as of this morning due to PDAs being down and the system being down, with no working scanners or anything. So unfortunately there are some of you who may also be at a standstill today.

But it’s something for each of you to check in at your own stores to see where you are at. Remember everything may not be together either. Cruise the regular aisles, use the scanners to check prices and be sure and check Target CartwheelΒ for any additional discounts on anything you may find. And good luck to you all! Let us know what you find and thank you so much everyone for all the comments and email updates!

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  1. 70% In Connecticut! i paid just over $80, saved over $200! i was so happy because i asked yesterday and they had NO clue when it was happening, but i went this morning for another reason and i checked and it was all 70 except some disney princess toys and lego duplo. still SO happy with my christmas shopping that i have done so far πŸ™‚

  2. Nice finds. At my stores you would be lucky to find Lego sets at 30% off. I only found 1 Duplo set at 50% off hidden behind a regular priced Duplo set. All other Lego sets have been gone for a while.

  3. Sorry Crystal I did not get back to you until now. I went to the target in Novi and west Livoina and they were down.

  4. Any news on Kissimmee fl stores ! Last I checked 3 days ago everything was still 30% and I asked the team members and they said they had no schedule yet for mark downs, ill be heading back tomorrow.

  5. This year the Targets by me marked very few toys down. The 70% drop happened for us today, but they only marked the legos down to 50%, but I still though that was a good deal and bought some. Otherwise, clearance was slim pickings.

  6. Went to Target in Anaheim, CA this morning around 11 and they were just scanning and putting clearance stickers on toys. Got a cart full of stuff around 70% off. Most Legos were 50, but a few were at 70%. We were literally following the employees down the aisles as they scanned the items.

  7. i misplaced my monster inc coupon along with others a week or so ago D: im so mad at myself πŸ™ we are having a monsters inc party and they play set would be perfect prizes T_T

  8. I have been going to my Target for the past 2 weeks and my Target does not have the toy isles marked like in this picture. My store only has like 20 toys on markdown and they’re only 50%. Nothing to special at my store at all. My store also didn’t have the summer clearance isle like everyone has been claiming their store to have, my store still has the multipack sunscreen on normal price and the summer items I have seen pictures of and heard of have all been at normal prices. I know things are regional and individual store difference between markdowns, but my store has nothing great going on for the past 2 weeks. I even asked at customer service and they looked at me like I was crazy when I asked if they have any summer clearance items. I walked the whole store also to find nothing markdown. Very sad for me, especially when I see these kind of posts πŸ™ I wish I had stores like most of you guys! You all are so lucky!

  9. I wasn’t really planning on shopping the toy sale because my kids have WAY to many toys already. But, I did still have the Monsters Inc car set coupon for $5 off and had to go to Target anyways. I was lucky to find the last set marked down to $5.98, so I paid only $.98 after coupon and will be saving this for Christmas! Didn’t get a chance to look at anything else, and since I will be out of town this weekend I guess I will just browse what they have left next Tuesday when I go grocery shopping.

  10. My hubby and I went to 2 targets in Evansville, In. Many things were 70% off (even some legos!). Other toys such as power ranger items were sitting at 30%still πŸ™ We did find some great things and thank you to a nice lady who gave me the last Hello Kitty megablock set out of her cart. There were some nice people which is always a plus!

  11. I went to a Target here in Tucson, az and no problem with the scanners. Found lots of deals on games and Imaginex toys. Disney princess polly pocket size toys. Then I went to our super Target in town and the same toy I bought at the other store wasn’t even on clearence at all. It was really strange.

  12. I’m in Alabama, but the scanners were still down when I was there about an hour ago.

  13. Went to Target today and scanners were down, couldn’t scan items to see if they would ring up less, most items were still marked 30-50% off in cedar rapids iowa. Anyone know if the system issues are resolved yet? I’d like to stop after work to see if the issue is resolved and possibly find stuff ringing up 70%…just don’t want to make the trip if it’s not resovled yet!!!

  14. I was at my store at 8 a.m. this morning- no luck, scanners down and nothing ringing out above 50%. I went back at 3 p.m. and the scanners are working again- but the toys are still stuck at 50%. Sad.

  15. Went to my target in West Covina and only some toys were down to 70%. The employee said that not all toys were being marked down today as I had her double check some items(she was doing markdowns). I am going to check another location tomorrow though.

  16. No drop yet here in Tall, FL. I just remember at the last toy sale there was a flatbed truck pulled up at the front of the store and Target employees bringing all the toys out on pallets. There was nothing left and I was there at 8:05am. Turns out my friend who works at Target says that sometimes Target will call the resellers and sell all the items before the store even opens. She actually had to help them load up a truck like this. I hope this is not the case again for this sale. πŸ™

  17. Went bright and early this morning here in Colorado- missed all the computer/scanning issues. One Target was marking things down to 70% and the other one was still at 30%. Major disappointment in the selection this year- got a few things for birthday gifts but not the major shopping that I did in January or last July. I got LeapFrog guitars, Iron Man shooters, Superhero board game and VTech vacuum.

  18. Went to Target in downtown Mpls, MN this morning. Majority of toys were marked down to 70%. Legos and Nerf stuff still at 50%.

  19. Had scanner issues in MI as well…maybe try again tomorrow? I hope the problem will be fixed

  20. So if I just bought something for full price (shocker, I know) and its not on clearance, will Target adjust the price if I bring the item back with the receipt?

  21. Anyone know about California? I called my Hanford store & they said everything was still at 30-50% off.

  22. My closest store was still at 50% this morning. Sending hubby to another after work. If they didn’t go today do you think it will wait another week or drop on a different day (like tomorrow)? It has always been Thursday here.

  23. Went to my favorite target in the morning and found many other shoppers waiting with empty carts in the toy isles to find the computer glitch. The guy told me they would mark down tomorrow. I went to another target about 20 minutes away and found super deals!!! Legos 70% off that never happens at my store and several other great toys. I don’t need to go back to my store because my boys are going to be so thrilled with my lego find! (our store has them at 15%) It is so crazy the difference between stores.

  24. I am soo frustrated. The Target in Cassleberry Fl had a system problem and went down after they did two isles. Scanners were not working even after checking back at 12. The frustrating thing is I spoke with the manager who told me it was a nationwide issue and not to bother with other stores as they would be experiencing the same problem. So I did not run to another targets. At 1pm I went to the Target in Lake Mary Fl to pick up and item and found they had not experienced any issues. Price Scanners never went down and they had no problems with the employee scanners either. They were done marking all items that were supposed to be 70% off when the doors opened at 8 am. Of course at 1 pm the store was picked clean. Another fail for target. LM store told me I should have called. I did call last year and that store (LM) told me they were not doing markdowns-which turned out to be wrong.

  25. Boardman, OH is 70% off. The sign says 30, but when you really look they are marked down farther! Got a few good things but I bought a few things at 50% off two weeks ago because I knew they wouldn’t be there.

  26. Report from Waukesha WI Target–nothing marked down or moved. Scanned a bunch of items and still at 30-50% off. I heard two employees talking about the “system having problems” today, so my guess is that it was down for a while too.

  27. I went to 3 Targets today and all three has scanner issues. The first store had nothing marked 70% off, stickers were still at 30-50%. The associate told me that there was nothing they could do and that no additional markdowns would happen until the scanners were up and running, no idea when they would be fixed she said. The second store had very little stickered at 70%, the remainder was mostly 50% off. This store had the same comment about nothing will progress with markdowns until the system gets fixed. At this store I spoke with a manager who was around the toy department and expressed my frustration (with a cart full of toys) and asked him if the store would consider giving an additional 10% off of the already reduced toys that were marked 50%. Even though I could have saved a bit more, once he agreed to do that and honor the additional 10% off I felt that I better buy what I am interested in now or risk there be slim pickings once the scanners do indeed get fixed (who knows when that will be) plus I didn’t feel like making the drive back out since that was the furthest of the three stores. So, the toys that were already marked 70% off rang up fine and the 50% toys (I separated them at the register to make it easier on the cashier) were given an additional 10% off that the cashier manually typed in. The third store I went to had scanner issues as well but to my surprise they had already done their markdowns and the toys were correctly stickered and rang up at the 70% off price. Needless to say, this is my second time buying at the 70% off clearance event and call me crazy but the sale in January was much better! The toys were better, this sale I felt like little things were clearanced out as opposed to last year when I snagged toy kitchens, ride on toys, bikes, etc. I am not complaining, just surprised by the difference. Hope you all find some great stuff!!

  28. My Orlando area store was still at 15-30% today. Going tomorrow to check again. Hoping for at least 50%.

  29. Scanners were down in Dallas, TX. Signs still marked 30%, some individual items tagged 50%. πŸ™ I didn’t take anything to the register b/c of fussy kids. Good luck.

  30. I’m leaving now for the Kenner, LA, store. Will report back w/ my (hopefully) wonderful deals later! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for all the comments & descriptions of what to look for! πŸ˜€

  31. Melissa – could you please mention which Target that was, where you found 70% off and no system problem?…. thanks

  32. I went last night to super target and majority of toys were 15-30 off, legos were at 15, i may try another target today.

  33. @Amelia,

    The item has to be physically scanned by the price change team, so if their scanners are down, it would still ring up the stickered price.

  34. I found a lot of stuff at 70% this morning. Some Lego and board games. I didn’t experience the computer down issue. Sorry people had that problem. I will be hitting another target soon.

  35. I went to 2 Targets in St. Charles, MO. The first was at 70% and the second was still just at 50%. Neither store had dedicated aisles – it was all mixed in. No great Lego clearance in either… I always check for that!

  36. I got Tag books for .18 with the $4 coupons on them. Most of our stuff was 70% off except Legos.

  37. So, if the scanners are down, can you get the Current and correct price at the register?

  38. Our system must have been down too. Even though I heard an employee say that most of the toys went to 70% off today, they put a lot of the clearance into buggy’s and took them to the back. All the scanners in the store said temporarily out of order. I was pretty bummed, but I did find 2 things that had already been marked.

  39. Anyone in Hawaii? Checked it out over the weekend and selection was sad sad sad. Picked up a power rangers mask set at 50%. Wish there was more for my ds. Contemplating a lunch break run.

  40. I’m in Orlando too…and the scanners thing seems to me like a weird coincidence…either very poor planning or an attempt to get us to bring stuff to the register to be checked and then just decide to purchase it anyway? It held the line behind me up this morning and made one person pretty mad. :/ I hope they fix it soon! I’m happy though I at least was able to get most of what I wanted. I just need to find the Disney princess doll furniture and some games and puzzles now and I’ll be done!

  41. I went to the Salt Lake City Target and they were pulling all of the toys off the shelves that were marked 50% off and were boxing them up. Kind of disappointing!

  42. Our system was down too! With 3 young kids in tow I decided not to hang around. So sad. Everything was still all mixed together as well… making me wonder if they were going to mark items down today or not. Better luck next year I guess. Good thing I still have things hanging around that I could use for Christmas gifts. This was the West Valley Target in UT

  43. Legos were down to just 50% at my store, but I still picked up a few sets. I’m lucky to find them at 50! No computer problems at my store in Iowa, and I was the only one there. Didn’t buy much besides Legos and Playdoh – there’s an extra 10% on PlayDoh using Cartwheel!

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