Target: FREE & Cheap Venus & Gillette Deals


There were some very nice high-value coupons for Gillette & Venus in yesterday’s Red Plum insert. The Gillette coupon will even manage to get you FREE Men’s Series Shave Gel at Target…

Gillette Series Shave Gel $1.97 (Regular Price)
 -$1/1 Gillette Cartridge, Razor, Shave Prep or Skin (excl Bodywash, Deo. & Hair) 8-11 RP x9/30
-$3/2 Gillette Cartridge, Razor, Shave Prep or Skin (excl Bodywash, Deo. & Hair) 8-11 RP x9/30
-$6/3 Gillette Cartridge, Razor, Shave Prep or Skin (excl Bodywash, Deo. & Hair) 8-11 RP x9/30
= as low as FREE after a $6/3 wyb 3.

If you have the regional Venus Target coupon from last week to stack, you can also grab Venus Razors as low as FREE depending n the price at your store…

Venus Embrace Teen Razor (Handle + 1 cartridge only) $5.99 – $8.99 (Regular price)
-$3/1 Venus Refillable or Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler/Razor Target Q 7-28 RP#1 x8/31
-$3/1 Venus Razor (ETS and Disposables) 8-11-13 RP x9/30
= as low as FREE depending on the price at your store 

Venus Original 3-Blade Razor (Handle + 2 cartridges) $7.99 – $8.99 (Regular price)
-$3/1 Venus Refillable or Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler/Razor Target Q 7-28 RP#1 x8/31
-$3/1 Venus Razor (ETS and Disposables) 8-11-13 RP x9/30
= as low as $1.99 after stack depending on the price at your store

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  1. Have any of you ever tried to ‘school’ them? Show them the target coupons that say ‘$5.00 off purchase of BOTH razor AND cartridge’
    Tried to show the same Gillette coupons that say ‘$2.00 off ONE Gillette Fusion Proglide’ (from the P&G insert)?
    I was willing to MAKE the cashier/manager learn, or correct them on their ability to understand any dumb excuse they threw at me…
    luckily i didn’t have to but I was prepared. Even if I had to hold the line…
    Bottom line is… Target employees are mostly inexperienced on using coupons.

  2. Target in Raleigh NC would not accept TQ $3/1 for Gillette Venus Embrace! They said it only works for Venus Olay even though it did not specifically state that!

  3. P&G 7/28 ain my region (Massachusetts) contained a $2/1 Gillette Shave prep, they are priced at the $1.97…BOOM instant freebie!

  4. I tried to use one $6/3 today at target, as I had used some at giant on Sunday when I did my weekly shopping. The reasons I got for not accepting it were: its had to be the fusion proglide variety. Does not state that in the wording, but its on everything in the picture. Also, the products I had at checkout were not what was in the picture. Then, the manager came and said it actually requires that you purchase one of each item, not 3 of any one, which was the most ridiculous reason. I called target to complain. Not to get anything for free (which I didn’t) but just to let someone know I was unhappy that I had to go to another store today when I was already at target. It’s very poor customer service to say that the item has to be what’s in the picture (unless what’s what it states in writing) and that you have to purchase a combination of the items when the wording says “or” not “and” and they need to make sure store employees give valid reason for not accepting a coupon. At least say something that makes sense, and don’t talk to customers like they can’t read.

  5. Hi Jennifer- unfortunately if a coupon does not scan each store as thee right to refuse a coupon. Youcan try asking for a manager next time in hopes they have a better understanding of coupons and how they work.

  6. I used mine on three 97cent shave gels. It went through fine and I had a 3.09 overage that was applied to the rest of my transaction. No beeps, no messages. Went through without a hitch.

  7. I also tried buying 3 of the gillette satin care and it wouldn’t go through. although he tried telling me it was because it wasn’t exactly what was pictured and wouldn’t give it to me. i took those out along with many other things that he refused to scan because it 1 wasnt exactly as the picture showed, or 2 because i’m “only allowed one coupon per item. manu OR store, not both.” i know both of these are incorrect, and he was so rude. and yes, he was the manager. so needless to say, ill be driving to another target tomorrow to deal with someone who will hopefully be much friendlier!

  8. Wanted to give some heads ups on a deal I found today in case no one has posted this or tried it! I wanted to buy the Gillette Shave Gel/Prep BUT the shelf was completely cleared! So I decided to get the trial to see if it would work & what do you know BAM it did & I got the overage! I believe the Trial sizes were like $1.09 or something!! Hope this helps! 🙂

  9. I bought 6 today and used 2 of the $6/3 coupons. I bought 2 that were $1.99 and 4 that were $2.24. I think the total needs to be over $6 for each 3.

  10. Just FYI – The Target Q from the 7/28 RP beeps on the Venus Embrace Razors, but my cashier pushed it through for me. They are priced $5.99 in West Palm Beach, FL. It was a nice freebie combined with the MQ in the 8/11 RP.

  11. The shave cream deal also didn’t work for me at Target. They scanned the coupon and it said a message on the screen. They didn’t let me read it but they automatically said, “We can’t take the coupon, even if we could push it in, the computer isn’t giving us the option to be able to.” I was so upset. Especially that I got the same freaken shaving cream as the picture -_-* Seriously, I have had 2 horrible trips so far already this past week with my Target…Usually Target is my to go store. Don’t turn into Walmart, Target.

  12. Wouldn’t scan either at mine. Each was 1.49 and well with a little delay she put in a message for a supervisor to come. Well 3 minutes later nothing and I just asked her if she can just adjust down the price and she did it. Luckily this is my favorite cashier that is coupon friendly. If it had been someone I didn’t know they would have probably not let it through.

  13. The $6/3 coupon wouldn’t scan for the shave gel or shave foam at my Target. Cashier’s explanation was that they were “shavING” products, not shave prep. Semantics:-(
    Has anyone gotten this deal to work at their Target?

  14. I picked up three of the shave gels at $1.97 each and the computer did not accept the $6 off coupon. the store manager did not honor it stating something I can’t even explain because it made no sense. She even stated that no target would accept it which obviously isnt the case. And it was suggested that I use the coupon at another retailer. disappointing!

  15. Hi kerry. I went to purchase the shave gel deal you posted and the cashier refused to accept my coupon. She said I needed to purchase every item listed on the picture to make it process. How would you deal with that situation? I told her the coupon states “OR” not and or etc.

  16. Silly question – I know – but I’m trying to start getting into couponing and have no idea how to get the manufacturer’s coupon that you posted. I know I’m probably getting eye rolls with this next question but what are “Red Plum inserts” and how/where can I get them?

  17. My store was out of the Gillette shave gel so got the after shave gels priced at 2.14 instead. Still a great deal at fourteen cents each!

  18. Since the coupon didn’t indicate, used the coupon on 3 Satin Care gels for the wife and got her’s for free as well with the $6/3.

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