New $1/1 Clearasil Daily Cleanser Coupon to Stack

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Right now you can grab a new coupon valid for $1.00 Off any Clearasil® Daily Clear® Refreshing Superfruit Cleanser. Even though this coupon mentions Walmart on the screen, mine printed without any mention of Walmart at all and is a regular manufacturer’s coupon that you can use anywhere. It also has a super-long expiration date of 12/31.

You can also stack this coupon with the $1/1 Clearasil Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Cleanser Target Coupon x8/25 that is still available to print to get a total of $2.00 off one. The Superfruit Scrubs & Wash sell for $4.99 regular price at Target so $2.99 after stacking both coupons or like getting 40% Off the regular price.

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  1. Thanks for the info!! It’s hard to keep track of coupons, target coupons and cartwheel. Oh well, I still got a great deal. : )

  2. At the customer service desk, they’ve given me those “$3 off any purchase” Target Coupons when there has been missed coupons, such as cartwheel. That way they don’t have to re-ring the whole transaction. I’ve had it happen twice now. Doh! I’m trying to be less forgetful.

  3. I did this once as well and they did the same thing, opened the receipt back up, but unfortunately the computer froze in the middle of the transaction so he had to manually type my entire receipt back in the system to recharge it. It was too late for them to just skip it because they were already in the middle of the transaction. I felt so bad and waited a long time too. I saved another $3 bucks, but I probably would never do it again! lol

  4. HI Seth- It might be. This happened to me once too. The one time I forgot to do a cartwheel and they opened my receipt back up like they would do with a missed coupon, they tried to scan and it didn’t work- it was only off by a few cents so I just skipped it and didn’t pursue and chalked it up to a fluke. But hearing you say that- there may not be a way short of returning an item and repurchasing so you can use the cartwheel.

  5. I just have a question…what happens if you for get to use the cartwheel discount? I just asked CS and they said there was nothing they could do. Is this correct? Thanks!!

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