Give with Target: Helping Raise Money for Schools

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If you have a child in grades K-12 or even if you just know someone who is in school, there’s a great promotion going on right now with Target to help raise money for education. You can help give up to $5 million in support to schools through Give with Target.

To enter your school, click on this link and then type the name of your school in the box or you can search for your school by entering the city and state or zip. You have to enter this information before you can see a list of schools near you. If your school is not in the database, then you will need to choose a different one. Sorry folks, Target does not give you the option to add your school if its not in the database.

You may vote for one school per week now through 9/21 or when the maximum donation of $5 million is reached, whichever happens first. Target will donate $1 to a school for each vote received, provided the school receives at least 25 votes during the promotion period (maximum donation amount is $10,000).

For example, once your school receives 25 votes, Target will donate $25 to your selected school, plus, each additional vote after that equals $1 more for up to $10,000 per school. You can download promotional materials as well to help promote the event and get more votes for your school.

Promotion ends 9/21 and you must be 13 years of age and older to vote. Limit one vote per person per week. Max of $10,000 awarded per school. You can go HERE for more details.

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  1. If you do not have a school please vote my school JC Nalle Elemt. we are located in Washington, DC. Thanks.

  2. Need a school to vote for a childs best future Mountainview Elementary in Saugus , Ca is the school . Please vote for this school . Thanks!

  3. Please vote for Life Christian Academy in Kissimmee Fl , if you don’t have a school. Thank you and God Bless.

  4. I do not want to give away my personal information which is what FB is requiring. How do I vote without doing that?

  5. Please vote for West Englewood in Kansas City 64118 if you don’t have a school to vote for. We’re trying to raise funds so our students can go on a Paid Admission rather then a Free admission fieldtrip.

  6. If you do not have a school to choose, please select IFTIN Charter High School in San Diego! Please & Thank you!

  7. HI Teresa- as stated in the post above – unfortunately there is no way to add a school if it is not in their database.

  8. Why can you not add a school? My child is going to a brand new school that is just opening and we could sure use the help!!

  9. For promotional materials, after you vote you will see “get the message out” on the right hand side. You can download or email things.

  10. If you don’t have a school…please select my childrens school.
    Goldsboro Elementary in Sanford, FL.

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