Hot! Target: Pantene Products Better Than FREE!


Watch for an awesome new unadvertised offer at your stores for a FREE $10 Gift Card wyb 3 Select Pantene products thru 10/12. There are value size 29.2 oz shampoo and conditioners included at $6.49, and stylers with prices starting at $3.99. Even if you have no insert coupons to work with, there are a couple of nice printable coupons to get you better than FREE Pantene products…

DEAL IDEA: Buy (3) Pantene Pro-V Stylers Mousse ($3.99) = $11.97
-.60 (use 5% Off Pantene Hair Care (ETS & Expert) Target Cartwheel x10/5
$1.00 off ONE Pantene Styler or Treatment Product
$2.00 off TWO Pantene products
= $8.37 – $10 Gift Card for buying 3 select Pantene products thru 10/12
= better than FREE after coupons and gift card!

If you would rather buy a shampoo or conditioner as well and you got that nice B1G1 in your 9-15 SS insert, this deal is also a money maker…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 1 Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner ($6.49 ) & 2 Styler Mousse ($3.99) = $14.47
.72 (use 5% Off Pantene Hair Care (ETS & Expert) Target Cartwheel x10/5

-$3.99 (use FREE Pantene Styler (up to $4.99) wyb Pantene Shampoo 9-15 SS x10/31
$1.00 off ONE Pantene Styler or Treatment Product
= $8.76 – $10 Gift Card for buying 3 select Pantene products thru 10/12
= better than FREE
after coupons and gift card!

Here’s all the details I know of for this deal along with any coupon matchups I could find…

gift-card-small FREE $10 Gift Card wyb (3) Select Pantene Items*
Deal and prices valid thru 10/12.  Deal and prices may be regional.
*Value Size Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner, 29.2 oz $6.49

*Pantene Stylers, Select Varieties PSA $3.99
-5% Off Pantene Hair Care (ETS & Expert) Target Cartwheel x10/5
-$1.50/2 Pantene Products ETS 9-1-13 PG x9/30
-$3/3 Pantene Products ETS 9-1-13 PG x9/30
-FREE Pantene Styler or Conditioner (up to $4.99) wyb Pantene Shampoo ETS 9-15-13 SS x10/31
$1.00 off ONE Pantene Styler or Treatment Product
$2.00 off TWO Pantene products

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  1. Only one of three Targets I went to in the PHX area offered the deal. That was last week. However, the one that did offer the gift cards was out of the $3.99 items. The signs said the offer was good thru 10/12. Went back to that location today. Not only were they still out of the Pantene items, they no longer had the gift card signs up. I inquired at the customer service desk, but they didn’t know for certain why the offer had been pulled. They speculated that it was probably because they wouldn’t be getting any more stock in before the offer expired. While that certainly makes sense, it would have been nice if Target had a sign in the Pantene area indicating the offer had been pulled before the original expiration date and a brief explanation as to why. I’m not impressed with Target’s customer service when trying to find out information. They seem to be striving for the quality of WalMart. Why reach for the stars when it’s easier to land in the gutter.

  2. I just had the most horrific experience with this deal. The manager told the cashier that the items had to be identical to get the gift card. Not true, and the shelves were picked clean. They kept sending me back to the shampoo aisle (which was completely humiliating, since they were getting ready to close, and there were people in line behind me). When I came back, the cashier had somehow managed to put the next guest’s $135 order on MY debit card. Then they sent me to the service desk, and that guy didn’t listen and didn’t ring anything up correctly. I don’t even know what I spent. I was in rage tears by the time I got to my car. Also, when I called to see if the sale was still going, the lazy little girl who answered the phone lied and said it wasn’t on sale. I said that (other nearby store) had it on sale, as did most of the country, but that particular store didn’t? She hung up on me. When I called back, surprise, it WAS on sale. The shelves were picked almost clean. I thought they treated me badly the last time I was there. This one takes the cake. Thank you for charging a large chunk of my rent money that’s due next week. I hope the hold falls off my card by then, or I’m really in trouble. I’m seriously thinking about finding the district manager for that store. It’s insane. 🙁

  3. Can anyone confirm if this deal is dead? I’ve heard lots of speculations that this deal was ending early last night (9/19/13), has anyone else heard or verified? Thanks!

  4. Let’s say I wanted to get (2) 10$ Gift card. Can I purchase all 6 items in one transaction? Or would I need to split it up into 2 different transactions?

  5. Stylers were not included at my store either, but hairspray was. I got 2 bottles of shampoo ($5.51 each) and one hairspray ($4.99). Used a $3 off 3 products coupon and cartwheel. Not free but still a super deal!

  6. I went toTarget yesterday and did this deal 4 times. I purchased 4 bottles of shampoo, 4 bottles of conditioner, and 4 hair sprays. The shampoo and conditioner were on clearance for $5.51 each. So this made for a great deal on these products! Thanks!

  7. bought 3 shampoos and 3 stylers. I received (2) 10 giftcards, but my coupon for B1G1 beeped. All the products were pantene pro-v and triggered giftcard so idk if Target is changing something or what.

  8. @ Reyna- the coupon is valid for a free conditioner or styler wyb shampoo up to $4.99, so if you buy a shampoo for $6.99 you can get up to $4.99 off the conditioner or style. it is not valid for any more than that even if you you pick out a $6.99 conditioner you will only get 4.99 off it. hth

  9. I found several varieties of Pantene value size shampoo and conditioner on clearance for $5.51: Nature Fusion (moisture balance and pure & strong), Everlasting Ends, Ice Shine, Anti-breakage, Beautiful Lengths 2 in1, Smooth 2 in 1. Makes a great deal even better!

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