Hot New $4/1 Schick Women’s Razor Coupon for a Triple Stack & Awesome Target Deal thru 9/21!

schick-couponWoohoo for a hot new coupon to Save $4.00 on any one (1) Schick® Women’s Razor or Refill! Hurry and grab this one before it disappears. We have a nice high-value $5/2 Target Coupon AND a 10% Off Schick Hydro Silk (Razors & Blades) Target Cartwheel for a triple stack!

Even better the Schick Hydro Silk products are on sale this week at Target for 15% Off thru 9/21. Schick Razors are one of those products that are just all over the place in price from store to store- so your final deal may vary, but for example- this is what my deal would look like…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Schick Hydro Silk Razors ($8.06) = $16.12
-$5/2 Schick Hydro 4 ct Cartridge or Razor items Target Coupon
-$1.11 (use 10% Off Schick Hydro Silk Target Cartwheel x10/5
-$8.00 (use two $4/1 Schick® Women’s Razor or Refill
= $2.01 for TWO or around $1 each after triple stack!

Check your binders also as there was an even better $4/1 Schick Hydro Silk Refill or razor ETS Target Coupon that is no Longer Available to print, but still valid thru 9/18.

This savings program introduced by Target allows you to save even more when shopping in-store. Even better- these offers can be used with Target Coupons AND Manufacturer coupons for up to a triple stack! You can see my post HERE to help get you started.

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  1. Michelle H – I also did the exact same thing in the scenario and on my receipt it shows the exact same thing you described. But I calculated my entire receipt and I really did get my 2 razors for $2.01. I know it’s kind of confusing. What I do sometimes to make things easier is put the items in it’s own transaction so I won’t be so confused.

  2. These razors were only $5.09 at my Target, so I used the $4 coupons and got two free and overage, so it was a money maker. I am going back today and get two more with the $5/2 coupons, too!

    Michelle H. – They do it that way on the receipt because it lets them know how much of a refund you can get if you return something. You will get the money back that you saved when you use a manufacturer coupon, because they are sending that in and getting the money for it from the manufacturer. (When you go back to get a refund, they can’t give the coupon back to you. It is already sent to a big sorting place to be submitted for Target to get the money back plus a little extra for handling.) You don’t get the money back that you saved using a Target coupon, of course. That was savings that they offered you for buying the product. That was money out of Target’s pocket. Same thing with earned Target gift cards, and that is why they are listed as a charge and then subtracted on there. It all makes perfect sense when you break down the receipt and look at it. It took me awhile to figure that out, LOL! Hope that helps.

  3. Michelle, If you are seeing the coupons subtracted, it is correct. The package subtotal is without the vendor coupons. I see this all the time on my receipts…and have it figured out, I think. Just check that all your coupons came off and you should be good.

  4. I did the exact Deal Senario listed here at my Target. On the receipt it lists each Schick seperatly with the -$4.00 under each one. Then it lists the Package Subtotal as being $16.12 under that it took off the $5.00 coupon and $1.12 from Cartwheel. So I still paid $10.00 total. I think Target is on to us using these coupons. Can I take this back and tell them it is wrong. Kind of frustrated!!

  5. You may even be able to use the $3 off Schick Hydro Razor target coupon while it shows mens razors it doesn’t exclude hydro silk.. Worth a shot i’ll report back if it works 🙂

  6. These are only $5.09 here in Kansas! I bought 2 Schick Hydro & 2 Edge Shave Gels… Completely free + nearly $4.00 MM! 🙂 Happy Dance…

  7. Awesome heads up on the target $4/1 coupon. Ran to target to do this deal and my second pantene deal. Thanks for saving (and adding to) my wallet!

  8. @Angie- Yes, you are only allowed one unique target coupon per purchase. Mine has limited this every time I’ve tried to use two like coupons.

  9. Question about the $5/2 TQ- Why would it not be better to use two of the $3/1 Schick Hydro Razor TQ that is also on Target’s site?

  10. I have a better one for this. I have 2 $4.00 off any Schick razor or refill (MC) and 2 $4.00 off Target so I would get both for .16 cents plus tax. Thought I would share the Target $4.00 off expires today.

  11. Hey CHristine- yes as I mentioned prices will be all over the place and very different for people- that’s awesome for you- will only pay .24 cents each after all is said and done 🙂

  12. im pretty sure these razors were on price cut for 7.21 at my target on sunday. i didnt have a good enough deal to do the razors, but i got the refills for around $3.84 after $5/2 tq, 2 $6/1 mqs, cartwheel they were also on price cut for $12.XX.

  13. Thank you so much for posting this! I checked my binder for the $4/1 coupon and I have 3! But.. they expire today… looks like I’ll be stopping by Target after work 🙂

  14. Thanks so much for sharing! I got a great deal on the refills this week, and I was hoping for a good razor sale to pop up! I’m putting together a care package for a friend in college and this is the kind of thing that college students always need and can’t really afford. :o)

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