Ibotta: $10 Welcome Bonuses for New Users

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Update: Users who sign up by Wednesday, January 15th will have until Wednesday, January 22nd to earn up to $10 with the Hello, Howdy, and Bonjour bonuses.

Ibotta_WelcomeProgram_GraphicIbotta’s new user bonus is back and better than ever! If you are new to ibotta, a fun & easy way to earn extra money while shopping at over 40 different retailers, you can earn up to $10 for redeeming a total of 10 offers within 2 weeks of registering.

With this new bonus, you can earn the first $2.50 after redeeming any two offers. After that, once you’ve reached 5 offers, you’ll add another $2.50, and then when you’ve redeemed 10 offers total, you’ll have earned a total of $10.

This limited time offer is available to new ibotta users only. New users can find Welcome Bonus details under Bonuses from the Main Menu of the Ibotta app. Ibotta is a FREE app available for both iPhone and Android users. If you are new to ibotta and would like to know more, you can read all about it on my post HERE.

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  1. Thank you for the update. I signed up months ago and never knew how it worked (so I won’t be able to get the 10.00), but now I am ready to go and save $$ !!!

  2. I like how they switched from needing 5 offers to needing 10 offers for the same $10 and claim that it’s somehow better. It was easy to get people to sign up before with only needing to complete 5 offers but, not going to be so easy now. Hoping when the registration of new users declines, they will just bring back Share the Love. After their debacle with the Pick up the Values offer and changing the expiration date, one would think they would try harder to get new people and keep current users.

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