*Expired* 50% Off Kids Costumes Target Cartwheel


UPDATE: So today along with many of you – this offer still shows in my cartwheel but as “limit reached”. And from what I hear those who did not load it can no longer add it. Target states on their facebook page that if you already have it loaded you should still be able to use it today 9/27. Amanda left a comment that she used hers today with no issues- so I hope that everyone else who has this offer in their cartwheel already gets to take advantage!

There is a new Target Cartwheel Offer to save 50% Off Kids Halloween Costumes. That’s a pretty steep discount if you are looking to get your costume shopping done early!

This is a short term offer valid today & tomorrow only (September 26th & 27th). The details state that it is valid in kids, toddler and infant halloween sizes and that accessories are included. 🙂

This savings program introduced by Target allows you to save even more when shopping in-store. Even better- these offers can be used with Target Coupons AND Manufacturer coupons for up to a triple stack! You can see my post HERE to help get you started.

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  1. Erin it only comes off of 4 items. You can make 6 purchases a day with a limit of like I said 4 items per purchase. Anything additional won’t receive the discount.

  2. Just scored! Went and bought a Dorothy custom with Toto in basket for $17.50!!! It was going to cost me $35 for both which is a bit much for just one day.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this Kerry! I got quite a deal and would have never known without your post! The guy ringing me out said wow what a great coupon 🙂

  4. target cartwheel offers can only be used in store right? I just started using cartwheel so I’m not sure of the details. TIA

  5. yw Jessica! I think Target has lost their mind with this offer! But I am super happy too- going to go tomorrow and hopefully get Austin all squared away. 🙂

  6. Kerry I personally think she should do more two days with deeper discounts. I’d be happier if the inventory was huge but it’s not really all out it seems. Thinking about buying what I can and doing an even exchange later when they have what I want in stock.

  7. I know you can purchase 4 items and get this price but can you use this cartwheel on different days? Like if I got one costume today and then decided to get another tomorrow? New to cartwheel. Thanks.

  8. Kerry I think this is a different offer because I went to the store today and bought just one costume as inventory was limited and now my cartwheel is showing that the limit has been reached for the coupon?! I’ve never seen that before with any cartwheel coupon. Does anyone who used the coupon have the same thing coming up on theirs? This sucks because I would’ve saved it and gone to another store to use the coupon on several costumes, not just one 🙁

  9. Odd, I used my coupon only twice yesterday on a total of 5 costumes and now CW says my coupon has “limit reached”. Boo.

  10. Teri: I think that means limit reached for it to be loaded. I’ve been reading on other blogs that the cartwheel is no longer available for people to load. So they must have put a limit on how many people can load this one. If you didn’t load before the limit was reached, you may be out of luck. I think you can still use it. I have that same message on mine and I haven’t used it yet. Gonna try it today.

  11. so excited! go my little guy an AWESOME Spiderman costume , and my daughter a new set of cat ears and tail $11 for the two (; i am one happy momma

  12. I havent used my yet either, its loaded on my CW but havent made it to the store yet and it says limt reached? Can I still use it today?

  13. I loaded it to my cartwheel last night and it still didn’t work today. It said limit reached. I hate to sound old, but I hate electronic coupons. That would have honored a paper one!!

  14. HI Dawn- can you tell me what happened at the register? ie did they scan it and the register said limit reached too? or did it not scan? ty!

  15. I loaded it to my cartwheel yesterday and used it at the store this morning with no problems. It said limit reached on mine too, but it still took 50% off.

  16. Kerry,
    I loaded it last night and it said added, but today it did not show up in my cartwheel and said expired. They tried to scan it at register, but nothing came off. I told them what happened, but they would not manually override it. I kind of thought it would not work when it did not show up with my other offers. Sorry I spent so much time picking one out and trying to get it. Love your site by the way! I tell everyone about it!

  17. Hey Dawn- that really stinks & I’m sorry. 🙁 I could swear when I went to view my cartwheel on the computer today I saw it said offer removed but then when I refreshed it is still there as limit reached. Hoping nothing funky happens before I can go tonight.

  18. I added mine to my Cartwheel last night. This morning when I went to Target it said “limit reached” but still showed up in my cartwheel. Bought 4 costumes (so my boys could decide!) and it worked for all 4.

  19. Went to 3 different Targets (Had to find different sizes/costumes) and the cartwheel coupon worked at 2 of the stores, but at the 3rd did not. Luckily they honored it anyway & even gave me 50% off my dollar spot purchases. As long as it was halloween stuff they discounted it. 😀

  20. I got off of work super late last night, I was so tired but I drug myself to the 24 hour target and took advantage of this deal. Thank you so much for the tip totally target, now my little girl has the angel costume she wanted. With wings and halo $10.74!!

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