Nice Deals on Watches w/ B1G1 FREE Mobile Coupon


If you are subscribed to Target Mobile coupons- there is a super nice coupon for B1G1 FREE Accessory item (Sunglasses, Jewelry and Watches up to $58.99!). You can always wait it out to see if an unadvertised sale comes along, but even at regular prices, we have a couple of nice high-value Target Cartwheels on watches to stack it with, making for some good deals on Xhilaration & Merona women’s Watches…

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Xhilaration Watches (PSA $14.99) = $29.98
-$14.99 (use B1G1 FREE Sunglasses, Jewelry, and Watches (up to $58.99) Target Mobile Q x10/4
-$2.98 (use 20% Off Xhilaration Womens Watches Target Cartwheel x10/5
= $12.01 for 2 or right around $6 each after stack

DEAL IDEA: Buy 2 Merona Watches (PSA $16.99) = $33.98
-$16.99 (use B1G1 FREE Sunglasses, Jewelry, and Watches (up to $58.99) Target Mobile Q x10/4
-$4.24 (use 25% Off Merona Womens Watches Target Cartwheel x10/5
= $12.75 for 2 or right around $6.38 each after stack

You can also use the B1G1 coupon on Sunglasses which I believe start in price at around $12.99 and there is also a 15% Off Mens & Womens Sunglasses (excl. clearance, one spot, licensed) Target Cartwheel x10/5, making them as low as around $5.75 per pair.

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  1. This works with the other brand stuff as well. I did this the other day. Bought one pair of Merona women’s sunglasses (16.99)-Cartwheel and one Iron Man sports watch (39.98) I don’t know if it goes in the order it’s rang up but she rang up glasses and then watch and I got the $40 watch for free, which was pretty sweet! So I would get the cashier to ring up the cheaper item first!!! just in case.

  2. Thanks Kerry very much for everything you do to make your facebook awesome, I love it, and always get quick response and comment in case we need you to comment. Thanks again and hope you have a great weekend

  3. I tried to use the mobile coupon with 1 merona sunglasses and 1 timex watch. The mobile coupon doesn’t work 🙁

  4. Agoode, Did you ring it up with other stuff also? I tried to ring mine up with the rest of my stuff and it wouldn’t work, but when we tried it with only the sunglasses and watch, then it worked. I felt kind of bad for the cashier, she was so nice and tried it several times and when the shift leader walked over and we tried it on it’s own, then it worked.

  5. Lisa, thanks for the tip. I wasn’t too gutsy to try for the more expensive watch, although I know I can return it. However, I do want the deal and I only have 1 mobile coupon. Anyways, it worked! I handed over the $14.99 watch first, then the $16.99 watch. The $16.99 watch was free and I paid the $12 for both! 2 presents done.

  6. Is this coupon still working? I tried earlier today and got a 49.99 watch for free but wasn’t sure if it is still working.

  7. Bought earrings for 4.99 and a watch for 39.99 used mobile coupon B1G1 jewelry/watch and coupon took off 39.99!! Yay me!! I only paid $5.xx for earrings and a watch!!

  8. How do i get the mobile coupon texted the nber filled oit form repyee Y and nothing happened please help

  9. The coupon will come through give it a min the deal is good through the 4th of October, and the smaller amount item rings up first and larger item comes off with the coupon. Up to $58.99 value

  10. Amazing! I scored yesterday too and made my boyfriend get me another one!! Love my $50 La Mer watches!!!

  11. I went today and bought a pair of earrings for $2.38 and a $44.99 watch. Cashier was shocked and told me she couldn’t do it…called over a manager. The manager read my phone, and explained Target’s policy is the cheapest item free. I asked to see it in writing and I’m now wearing my free watch! 🙂 She said that they received an email this morning about the glitch but they haven’t been told what exactly to do…they weren’t very happy, but I explained that since they scanned the coupon and it gave my the most expensive I wasn’t doing anything wrong! YIPPY

  12. I went to target today to use the coupon… and just before I checked out one of the team leads came out and declared to everyone that the coupon was invalid and no longer being honored. When I asked why, he did not give me an explanation except “Because Corporate says so.” He then proceeded to tell me (while I was holding a pair of clearance earrings and a watch) that “people are openly abusing their business by buying clearance items and expecting to get the more expensive item for free.” When I showed him the coupon and how there was no fine print to back up what he said, he refused to even look at it.

    I was so incensed that I called Customer Service and filed a complaint. Guess what the lady told me? That the coupon was still being honored and that Target Corporate did NOT revoke the coupon, but made it the store’s discretion to honor it or not. So, not only was the team lead I spoke to rude, he was also not truthful.

    Normally, I’m not bothered by this sort of thing, but the blatant rudeness and utter lack of business etiquette made me unusually angry. I won’t shop at Target from here on out.

  13. I signed up for the mobile coupon but it says there are no mobile coupons available right now and that there won’t be any new ones until next week. Am I just missing something? I want to get in this deal.

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